Mild Cabrales Cheese Cream

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A different cream cheese.

The Mild Cabrales Cheese Cream is made of blue cabrales cheese from Asturias. The blue cheese cream with the characteristic but mild taste is a real delight.

180 gr.

The Mild Cabrales Cheese Cream is a different cream cheese. The great taste of the blue cheese turns it into a real delight.

Our Mild Cabrales Cheese Cream is crafted with cabrales cheese, a blue cheese from Asturias. The cabrales cheese is made with milk of three types: cow, goat and sheep and it matures in caves where the fungus that turns it blue cheese can proliferate well. Mixed with milk and butter the cabrales cheese turns into a spectacular mild cream.

Enjoy a distinct delicacy with our Mild Cabrales Cheese Cream. It is perfect to dip or to spread.

180 gr.

  • Ingredients: cabrales cheese, water, skim milk powder, butter, milk protein, fluxing salt (polyphosphates, sodium citrates), preservatives (sorbic acid, potassium sorbate)
  • Allergens: contains lactose, eggs and/or derivates

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