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Chorizo sausage is the most popular and most international Spanish cold meat. It's a Spanish product that doesn't need translation. If we open our fridge, we will almost certainly find several different types of chorizo sausage or Spanish dishes that contain chorizo sausage. If it is not your case, that's what Gastronomic Spain is for.

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Composition of pork chorizo sausage

Spanish chorizo sausage is a Spanish cold meat prepared from pork, pork fat and spices such as paprika and, in some cases, garlic. The characteristic red colour of pork chorizo sausage is given by paprika. The use of these certain spices is the only difference between chorizo sausage and salchichón and other sausages.

Chorizo sausage, regardless of breed, is the most versatile cold meat. The raw material determinates the quality and the price. If you see a very cheap chorizo sausage, it's probably because a higher proportion of fat has been used. While if you see a more expensive chorizo sausage, it is because a lower proportion of lard has been used.

Chorizo sausage with natural casing or artificial casing.

Quality chorizo sausage are usually made from natural casing. The natural casing is obtained from the pig's own intestine. However, in an attempt to make the product cheaper, an artificial but edible casing has been created to replace natural casing. It is used in fresh chorizos sausages in which the skin of the chorizo does not play a special role.

Curing of pork chorizo sausage

Chorizo sausages are the most versatile cold meat, as, apart from having a wide variety, we can find them with degrees of curing.

On the one hand, we consider cured chorizo to be those that have dried so much that they have lost all their water, while we consider fresh or soft chorizo sausage to be that

which has been stuffed and is ready for consumption. Sometimes it can be a slightly aired chorizo sausage. These chorizo sausages, both fresh one and the aired one must be cooked to be able to consume them. The case of fried chorizo sausage.

Sweet and Spicy Chorizo Sausage

When choosing a chorizo sausage, the first thing we have to do is determine its taste, that is, we want a sweet or a spicy chorizo. The taste that the chorizo sausages gives us is fundamental. Sweet chorizo sausage is obtained from the sweet paprika that is used in its preparation. While the hot paprika gives the spicy chorizo sausage that taste.

White chorizo and Iberico chorizo, it's not just the breed of pig.

One of the aspects that will most determine the quality and taste of a chorizo sausage is the feeding and the breed of pig it comes from. We are going to differentiate between two main breeds, the white pig chorizo sausage and the Iberico pig chorizo sausage.

White Chorizo Sausage

Although within this type of chorizo we are including all breeds that are not Iberian. White chorizo sausage is from Duroc breeed pig. It is a breed pig that is bred in captivity and fed on natural feeds. The white breed makes it a cheap chorizo sausage compared to the Iberico chorizo sausage.

Iberico Chorizo Sausage

We consider Iberico chorizo sausage to be all sausages obtained from pigs of the Iberico breed with at least 50% Iberico. They are considered the best Spanish chorizos, among which the acorn-fed Iberico chorizo sausage and the Pata Negra chorizo sausage are the best. The taste is due to the breed of pig itself and the natural foods it has been fed on, such as acorn and natural grasses. These are pigs that usually live in the wild, except for the Iberico fattening pig, which is usually bred in captivity.

Types of chorizo sausage

There is a wide variety of pork sausages. Each region contributes some distinctions, this is the case of the chorizo sausage from Leon or the Asturian chorizo sausage. These are geographical areas where the chorizo sausage has obtained special recognition.

Grilled Chorizo Sausage

It is the undisputed main character in all barbecues. Grilled chorizo sausage or a barbecue chorizo sausage can be fried on a grill or in a pan. It is also used for other Spanish recipes, such as macaroni with chorizo sausage, potatoes with chorizo, lentils with chorizo, chickpeas with chorizo, chorizo sausage in white wine, etc.

Our grilled chorizo sausage is the star of any barbecue. Grilled chorizo sausage, also known as "chorizo criollo" In Latin America, is a barbecue chorizo sausage exclusively to be fried on a grill or in a pan.

There are many recipes that involve this type of white pork chorizo sausage: macaroni with chorizo, chickpeas with chorizo or chorizo in wine, among many others.

Do not hesitate to enjoy a good barbecue with your friends and with our grilled chorizo sausage. Delightful and exquisite, grilled and ready.

Cantimpalo Chorizo Sausage

Our Cantimpalo chorizo sausage is made in the province of Segovia and belongs to the family of Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) of this community. The IGP designates the origin of the product, as well as the strict guidelines for its preparation, in this case of the Cantimpalo chorizo.

Cantimpalo chorizo sausage comes from white pig breed, specifically from Duroc, Large White or Landrace breed. Cantimpalo chorizo sausage is made exclusively in registered industries following a specific procedure. And it has a curing period of 21 days, at least, depending on the format that is going to be prepared. They can be three: string, achorised and cular (large format).

Taste our cured Cantimpalo chorizo sausage, it is a high-quality chorizo sausage and at a good price. From the province of Segovia straight to the plate.

Chorizo Sausage from Pamplona

Pamplona chorizo sausage, originally from Pamplona, it is a chorizo sausage with its own name. Comes in thick format, and the fat is shown as small shiny spots. It is ideal for machine slicing. One of the most popular snacks among children and adults. Sandwich of chorizo from Pamplona.


Chistorra is a type of cold meat from Navarra, which is produced from fresh lean minced pork. In addition, in its preparation it is added garlic, salt and, specially, paprika, which usually gives it that red colour that characterises the chistorra, and the chorizo sausage.

Chistorra is differentiate from chorizo sausage due to its size, as chistorra is thinner and longer. It is also distinguished by the spices used, as well as the curing and drying period Chistorra, as is smaller, has a shorter curing and drying period.

Normally, chistorra is eaten roasted or fried, combined with other dishes as an aperitif. Among the most popular recipes we can find, chistorra with wine, chistorra with cider or eggs with chistorra, the sandwich or the tortilla of chistorra are also in high demand.

Cured Chorizo Sausage

The cured chorizo or chorizo in string format is the most common chorizo sausage. Many times, it comes with the appearance of a horseshoe chorizo sausage and in other cases it is a candle chorizo sausage. We have them of both breeds, white and Iberico chorizo sausage. It is the pork chorizo sausage that we usually cut with a knife and eat with bread.

Homemade chorizo sausage

Village chorizo or homemade chorizo sausage is a very large category, many books could be written about it and we still wouldn't cover everything. These chorizos are made with love, you can find cured chorizos like the one from Leon or you can find aired chorizo like the Asturian chorizo, to eat "palo seco" (to eat it alone) or in stews like the fabada with Asturian chorizo or the chorizos a la sidra.

Hunting Chorizo Sausage

The most popular hunting chorizo sausages are wild boar chorizo sausage and deer chorizo sausage. They are chorizo sausages with a very intense flavour. They are usually mixed with some pork lard, as the hunting meat is very low in fat and needs a certain juiciness.

Chorizo sausage from León

When we talk about cured chorizo sausages in the shape of a horseshoe, we are talking about chorizo sausage from León. One of the best chorizos in Spain, ideal for eating "a palo seco" (alone), in one of those sandwiches with a lot of breadcrumbs. In Gastronomic Spain you can find spicy or sweet chorizo sausage from León. You will repeat.

Chorizo sausage and calories

One of the aspects that most influence the customer when buying pork sausage is the fat. The sausage with the most calories is chorizo. That is why people who are concerned about their line usually avoid it. We recommend consuming Spanish chorizo sausage as well as other foods, what is important is to have a balanced diet and not to abuse a food..

A trick: one way to make a light chorizo sausage is to prick it and put it in boiling water for 1 minute. During this time the pork chorizo sausage will sweat out a large part of the fat. When making fried chorizo sausage, we are not going to add oil or butter, it is going to be fried with its own fat. In this way it has less calories.

New types of vegan and low-fat chorizo sausage

Due to the new social behaviors, different Spanish chorizo sausages are made, this is the case of the vegan chorizo and the turkey chorizo sausage.

Calabizo Chorizo Sausage

The vegan chorizo sausage, also known as calabizo chorizo is a 100% vegetable chorizo sausage but it maintains the typical taste of chorizo. It is spreading widely among the vegan community. It tastes very good. It is a pumpkin-based sausage with a synthetic skin, which is not edible. It gives a lot of flavour to your dishes and both texture and taste are similar to traditional chorizo sausage.

Turkey Chorizo Sausage

The turkey sausage is made with the aim of minimizing the calories of the pork chorizo sausage. It has a mild flavour. It also has a very different texture

As you can see, pork sausages are very popular. In Gastronomic Spain we have a wide variety of Spanish chorizo sausages. Remember that you have free shipping (check the conditions to obtain it).