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Red Wine cheese wedge

250 gr
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Buy Red Wine Cheese in wedge format

Red wine cheese is a very traditional type of cheese in Spain. Red wine cheese is made from raw goat's milk and Merlot wine.

It is cured for between 3 and 4 months. It is a delicious cheese, with a very peculiar purple rind and mass.

Buy Red wine cheese wedge online in wedge format from anywhere in Europe

Red wine cheese wedge is a very traditional type of cheese in Spain. Red wine cheese is made from sheep goat's milk and Merlot wine.

Our cheese with red wine has a wedge shape and belongs to Buenalba, a category of its own spiced cheeses from Artequeso. This Toledo company was born in the 80s and to date they make artisan Manchego cheeses with raw milk, spicy cheeses such as cheese with wine and many other types of Manchego cheese.

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Characteristics of the Red wine cheese wedge from Buenalba

Buenalba red wine cheese wedge is born from the fusion of two of the most desired elements of Spanish gastronomy: cheese and wine.

Cheese with wine is a type of artisan cheese that does not belong to the Denomination of Origin and is made from raw sheep's milk and red wine from the Merlot grape variety. This production is carried out without sulphites and with a maturation of between 3 and 4 months.

Buenalba cheese is a peculiar cheese. It is a purple cheese, both in rind and inside. The wine used for your bath is from Samuel Cano, a natural wine without sulphites.

On the palate it has dairy nuances acidified with red wine, as well as its smell and aftertaste, marked by quality raw sheep's milk.

Cheese with wine, best combinations

Cheese has always had Spanish red wine as a good companion. Now you can enjoy the fusion of both with the Buenalba wine cheese.

But still, combining a good cheese with a wine like Borsao, Marques de Riscal or a Coto de Haya ... is priceless!

In Gastronomic Spain, in addition to being able to enjoy the largest variety of Spanish cheese, you can also find companions such as red wine, white wine and Spanish foods that go where they go, triumph: Iberico ham.

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250 grams net weight (approximate)

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250 gr
Raw sheep's milk, salt, red wine, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments.
Contains egg and cheese cultures, non edible rind
vacuum packed
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Artequeso Buenalba

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Red Wine cheese wedge