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Both surimi and La Gula del Norte are two of the products available in the online shop of Gastronomic Spain. Surimi and La Gula del Norte are products made with minced fish meat. This is a technique with Japanese origin, but its production and elaboration has spread all around the world. . It makes reference to the product originated from white meat fishes. From this surimi comes La Gula del Norte, the most popular product within this category.

If you are looking for any other kind of seafood appetizer, Gastronomic Spain offers a wide variety of mussels, tuna, cockels, etc. You can see them right here.

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Surimi, also known as '' white fish muscle '', is a processed food made with white fish meat and seafood.

In its translation, surimi means minced meat. And so it is, minced meat from white fish in which a paste is formed to the point of imitating shellfish. Some of the most successful and successful products have been crab sticks and La Gula del Norte.

La Gula del Norte is the brand of one of the most exquisite and special delicacies of Spanish gastronomy. And you can enjoy it from anywhere in Europe thanks to Gastronomic Spain and its free shipping.


In order to explain and contextualize the meaning of gulas (imitation elvers), it is necessary to make reference to angulas (elvers). These elvers are the fries of freshwater eels. For many people, when we are talking about elvers, we are making reference to a gastronomic jewel, such a feast because they are hard to fish, which increases their market cost.

Therefore, the increasing demand and the possible reduction of specimens aimed the start of research with the aim of creating a substitute able to cover that demand: gulas (imitation elvers).

This is how gulas were created, obtained from surimi or fish paste which is given a shape imitating elvers. But let’s not just say that they are an imitation because gulas also have positive aspects, such as their high nutritional value.


There are different products made with surimi, but in Gastronomic Spain we focus in four: frayulas, mix of gulas and prawns, crab sticks, surimi elvers or seafood sticks and the famous Gula del Norte.

These are four of the most typical fish surimi products. That is why Gastronomic Spain wants to help you remember the wonderful taste of surimi with FREE shipping all around Europe.

Gulas del Norte

In addition to gulas or frayulas of La Fragua, we also have available the well-known Gula del Norte, with the firm stamp of maximum quality in their products, as well as in their elaboration processes.

Delicious and tasty for any meal that comes our way. You can use it as a starter or as the accompaniment of a main course. What is undeniable is that its use has become widespread since its inception and Gastronomic Spain is here to serve you.


Other of the products which you can find in our online shop is the mix of gulas and prawns. Scrambled eggs with mixed gulas and prawns is one of the most typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

It is prepared with quality ingredients, peeled and fried prawns. Whereas gulas are made from white fish surimi, garlic sprouts, about 4 cm long, are boiled and tender.

Scrambled eggs with mixed gulas and prawns is one of the most versatile dishes. We can find it in restaurants, prepare them in a tupper to eat out or, if we are at home, we can add it to a plate of vegetables. Combinations like tastes, always on the consumer's side.


Crab sticks, also known as seafood sticks or kanikama are a kind of processed product elaborated from surimi or white fish meat, finely minced and matured.

Their uses are very, very varied. Usually, they are used in seafood salads, accompanied by tuna, corn, lettuce and tomato. One of the most typical salads of our country. But this product is also employed in Russian cuisine in many salads. Whereas in Japan it is one of the main ingredients of the famous sushi called California roll. This sushi roll is made with crab sticks, avocado and, sometimes, cucumber rolled with sesame seeds on the exterior.


Besides previously mentioned surimi products, in Gastronomic Spain you can also find other kind of appetizers.

We have two categories at your disposition. Firstly, a whole category of seafood appetizers, which encloses canned fish (mussels, canned tuna, squid, etc.), salting and surimi. Whereas the other category includes olives, snacks, cheeses and pâtés. Thus, if you are looking for other appetizers such as the mentioned above, do not hesitate to check this link.

But if you want to fill your pantry with iberico hams, cold meats or some premium wines, consult our website and enjoy our complete catalogue, as well as the FREE shipping all around Europe.