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Spanish Manchego cheeses for sale at good price


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What is Manchego cheese?

Manchego cheese is the Spanish cheese par excellence. It is a Manchego cheese made from sheep's milk and combines flavours such as sour, sweet, buttery and nutty.

It takes its name from the region where it is made and from the type of sheep that produce the milk from which it is made. The Manchego sheep.

Who doesn't like a good sliced Manchego cheese accompanied by a wine like Ramón Bilbao Crianza?

Benefits of buying Manchego cheese

It is obvious that Manchego cheese is a spectacle for our palate, but even more so if it is beneficial for our health. And Manchego cheese is.

The variety of benefits that Manchego cheese brings to our organism are very positive.

Among the benefits we can highlight that it is a very important source of calcium, which is very necessary for the development of bones, especially in children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Another of the benefits of Manchego cheese is its high energy and protein content, as well as its high mineral and vitamin content.

Furthermore, Manchego cheese works as a digestive and balanced food.

Where to buy the best Manchego cheese?

At Gastronomic Spain we offer you a wide variety of Manchego cheeses, all of them of the best quality at a unique price. We only work with cheese dairies of recognised prestige that produce an excellent product.

Shop for cheeses with the Manchego denomination of origin. Pasteurised cheeses from La Mancha and also made with raw milk. Organic and with different maturities: Semi-cured, cured and aged.

Undoubtedly, Manchego cheese is one of the most demanded and representative Spanish cheeses of the Iberian Peninsula.

We are also the only online shop of Spanish products that offers free shipping throughout Europe for orders over 79,99€ or 89,99€ depending on the country.

Which Manchego cheese to buy in our shop?

Manchego cheese has a number of characteristics that make it unique. These are determined by the milk used and the curing process used for the cheeses.

Depending on the type of curing, Manchego cheese is classified into different types. They must be cured for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of two years.

There are three types of Manchego cheese within this curing range: semi-cured, cured and aged.

Buy hard Manchego cheese

Hard Manchego cheese is another type of cheese with a minimum maturity of 6 months and a maximum maturity of 6 months.

The characteristics of cured Manchego cheese vary slightly. Its colour is darker than semi-cured Manchego cheese, its flavour persists longer, as well as a spicy touch on the finish.

It is worth noting that cured Manchego cheese was the winner of the World Cheese Awards in 2019.

Buy Mild Manchego cheese

Semi-cured Manchego cheese is matured for a minimum of approximately 2 months. This semi-cured Manchego cheese is characterised by a buttery and elastic texture, a milky aroma and a grassy flavour with a hint of salt.

It is the type of Manchego cheese with the shortest curing period of the three existing varieties.

Buy old Manchego cheese

Finally, Old Manchego cheese is the most mature of the three types of Manchego cheese, being aged for more than 12 months.

It is also known as reserve or aged Manchego cheese. It is a type of cheese that is characterised by the loss of all moisture, which gives it an intense flavour with a certain piquancy.

How to buy Manchego cheese with Designation of Origin?

The Denomination of Origin of Manchego cheese is the guarantee and authenticity of the product itself, in which there is a process from the origin to the final consumer that is governed by specific guidelines so that each piece is unique.

When buying a Manchego cheese with Designation of Origin, we have to take into account

two fundamental aspects:

  • Firstly, to identify that it is a 100% Manchego cheese, we will look at its label. The word ''Manchego'' must appear on the label, as well as specifying that it has been made entirely from Manchego sheep's milk. The Manchego cheese certification is reflected with the distinctive seal of the Denomination of Origin.
  • Secondly, we will be able to determine that a cheese is Manchego cheese by a mark on the base of the cheese. This is a stamp that is applied before the cheese is cured and forms part of the rind. When it is cut into wedges, each wedge has a small part of this stamp. It is like a watermark that identifies that the cheese has the 'Manchego' designation of origin.
  • Attached to the commercial label, we can find the back label belonging to the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin with its own logo, numbered and serialised. This guarantees its denomination and that it has passed the required quality controls.

It should also be noted that the Designation of Origin of Manchego cheese covers parts of the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo. 

Manchego cheese brands of Gastronomic Spain

All the cheese dairies we work with are within the Denomination of Origin and their cheeses are certified.

We work with the 3 best brands of Manchego cheese with Denomination of Origin:

Quesos manchegos de La Huz

Since our origins in 2016, we have relied on the cheese factory De La Huz. A Manchego cheese factory, located in the province of Cuenca, which has a great tradition and prestige as far as cheese is concerned.

The La Huz cheese factory produces the Don Cayo brand of Manchego cheese, cheeses that are characterised by being made with pasteurised Manchego sheep's milk. They are therefore suitable for pregnant women.

Artequeso Manchego Cheese:

The BuenAlba - Artequeso cheese factory is a cheese factory that is characterised by making Manchego cheeses with raw milk.

We also offer other singular cheeses that are outside the D.O. Manchego cheese, but which are unique: red wine cheese and cheese with paprika. They are cheeses that attract attention because of their visual colours and their pleasant flavour.

Organic Manchego cheese Fuentillezjos:

To complete the range of Manchego cheeses and to satisfy the most demanding consumers, who are concerned about the origin of the raw materials used to make the cheeses.

We have introduced Fuentillezjos organic cheeses, cheeses made with organic milk from La Mancha. They are raw milk cheeses.

In our shop you can find hard organic Manchego cheese and mild organic Manchego cheese.

Buy Spanish cheese together with other products from our shop.