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General Conditions is a service in property and administration of Gastronomic Spain Food Company S.L., from here on Gastronomic Spain, with V.A.T. No. B44262293, direction Calle Joaquín Arnau 10 4C, 44001 Teruel, Spain. With inscription in the commercial register of Teruel on the page TE-5978, volume 260, page 4 with the entrance number 1/2016/51, seat 1/41/36. 

These general conditions are valid exclusively for the sale of the products presented by Gastronomic Spain on its website and the products offered on are mainly reserved for private persons.

The confirmation of an order of a product offered on the website implicates the expressive acceptation of the present general conditions by the user, without being necessary the signature of the user to confirm the acceptation.

By accepting the present contract, you are declaring that:

1. You are an adult (18 years or older) person and capable to engage a contract. Gastronomic Spain only sells goods to adult (18 years or older) persons. In case of doubt we reserve the right to ask for a copy of a valid ID.
2. You have read and accepted the present general conditions.


1.1 – The prices of our products are stated in Euros (€) with all the taxes included, shipping costs and possible administrative costs are not included, the amount is going to be indicated at the moment of the final confirmation of every order.

1.2 – Gastronomic Spain reserves the right to modify the prices in any moment; the products are billed according to rates valid in the moment when the order is registered.

1.3 – The products are property of Gastronomic Spain until the whole price is paid to Gastronomic Spain.


Gastronomic Spain offers two different forms of placing an order: a) by internet on or b) by telephone calling +34 96 011 060.

a) Orders placed in internet on entail some contract data between the client and Gastronomic Spain and they are going to be object of confirmation and recompilation before the shipping is realized.

b) Orders can be placed by phone calling +34 96 206 8591 on workdays, monday to friday between 09:00 am and 07:00 pm. Orders placed by phone entail some contract data between the client and Gastronomic Spain and they are going to be object of confirmation and recompilation before the shipping is realized. The costs of the call are payed by the client and they depend on the rates of the clients phone company. The client has the posibility to ask for a free call back using this contact form, the cost of the call is paid by Gastronomic Spain.

Gastronomic Spain reserves the right to cancel or reject any order of a client who maintains a litigation regarding payment of a former order.

We commit ourselves to accept order according to the terms of the general conditions exposed here.

The client declares to know and accept the present general conditions before confirming its order.

The confirmation of an order implicates the acceptation of the present general conditions. If not demonstrated the contrary the data registered by Gastronomic Spain is a prove of the set of transactions realized between Gastronomic Spain and his clients.

Gastronomic Spain is going to do always everything possible to manage all the orders.


Our offers of products and prices are valid while exposed on the website and always in functions of the stock available.

For products which are not in stock our offers and prices are valid with the condition that our providers have availability.

Within this frame indications about the availability of the products are issued in the moment of every order.

If a product is out of stock after the order was processed the client is going to be informed by email or phone of the shipment of just one part of the order or the cancelation of the same. The client is going to receive the complete or partial amount of his order within 30 days maximum starting the day the order was placed.



The payment of any order on can be made by credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electrón and/or other analog cards), by bank wire to the account number ES07 0182 7710 4102 0867 8103 or by PayPal.

The charge is going to be effective in the clients account after the confirmation of the agreement between the two payment centers.

All the purchase transactions on are developed within strict frames of confidentiality and ciphered with SSL protocols. In the moment the client pushes the “valid” button or similar during the confirmation of the order, our bank verifies the validity of the credit/debit card number and checks that it is not blocked.

Gastronomic Spain do not have in any case access to the bank data of the client or member nor saves them on its servers. For this motive the client has to introduce them every time a order is placed in our online shop. This way a double protection of fraud and abuse is granted.


According to our commitment to security of payments we inform our clients that Gastronomic Spain can verify the reliability of the data issued during the process of an order. This procedure forms part of our fight against the fraud in payments on internet and to protect the consumer union.

Gastronomic Spain is using a process of verification with the goal to prevent the fraudulent use of the bank data of our clients or members. For this reason Gastronomic Spain reserves the right to demand (by email or post mail) a copy of their national document of identification (both sides) as well as a written proof not older than three months of their direction. No order is going to be sent before Gastronomic Spain receives and checks the mentioned documents. The demanded documents should be sent within 6 days. Gastronomic Spain reserves the right to return the amount of the order if we do not receive the demanded documents or if those are not valid.


Consult our Shipping Policies to know the shipping terms and shipping costs


The client has the right to cancel the order completely or partical. For further information please consult our Right to Cancel and Return Policies.


 If you have received the wrong product or if the product arrived damaged we are very sorry. Please contact our customer service here or by email We are going to indicate how to proceed to change the wrong or damaged products easily and without any extra cost at all.


The products offered by Gastronomic Spain adapt to the valid Spanish legislation and the norms applicable in Spain.

Gastronomic Spain is going to do everything possible to ensure that the photos representing its products as accurate as possible. Every product goes along with a exact description of its prime characteristics.


According to the current Spanish regulations for the sale of alcoholic beverages the age restriction is 18 years.

Gastronomic Spain only sells goods to adult (18 years or older) persons. The customer declares to be an adult (18 years or older) person and able to engage a contract by accepting the General Terms and Conditions. Accepting the General Terms and Conditions is necessary to register and shop on Gastronomic Spain reserves the right to ask for a copy of a valid ID in case of doubt.


The information exposed on is the valid one by the date of the last update. Gastronomic Spain reserves the right to update, change or remove the information on

It is not possible to change, modify, adapt or alter this website. Anyway Gastronomic Spain reserves the capacity to realize, in any moment, the changes and modifications that seem convenient, having the possibility to make use of this capacity in any moment, without notice, referring to the availability of its products and campaigns.

Gastronomic Spain reserves the capacity to modify, one-sided, the general conditions of sales as well as the conditions and terms of use of this website. Any modification is going to be announced as convenient. The modifications are going to be valid from the moment they are published on this website.


Consult our Privacy Policies.