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Flor de Esgueva Old Cured 3,4 kg. Whole Piece

3.4 kg.
In stock

Buy a whole piece of Flor de Esgueva Old Cured cheese

Flor de Esgueva old cured cheese is a spectacular cheese in every aspect. This type of old cheese is made from raw sheep’s milk, it is matured for a minimum of 7 months and it has a natural rind. Flor de Esgueva Old is the most appropriate cheese for lovers of strong emotions.

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Whole piece of Flor de Esgueva Old Cured Cheese: made from sheep’s milk and with a minimum maturing process of 7 months

Our Flor de Esgueva cheese is a Spanish cheese with a very important role in Spanish gastronomy. This cheese has an intense flavour, an elastic and almost melting texture, with all the flavour and a long-lasting aftertaste.

Flor de Esgueva is made from raw sheep’s milk and is characterised by its intense and long lasting flavour, as well as its pleasant mouthfeel. It is matured on natural rind for a minimum of 7 months. Undoubtedly, an amazing cheese. 

This piece of Flor de Esgueva is a whole cheese of approximately 3.4 kg. It is vacuum-packed and perfect for sharing with family and friends. In Gastronomic Spain, we also have Flor de Esgueva Old half piece, click here to find out about it.

Whole piece of Flor de Esgueva Old Cured Cheese ingredients

Raw sheep’s milk, salt, preservative (E-252), animal rennet, calcium chloride and lactic ferments. Origin of milk: Spain.

Rind: inedible. Contains preservatives E-200, E-235 and colouring agents E-171 and E-172.

Tips for storing Flor de Esgueva 3.4 kg.

It is recommended to keep the Flor de Esgueva at a temperature between 2ºC and 6ºC. It should be taken out of the fridge between fifteen and thirty minutes before consumption. 

It should preferably be consumed as soon as possible so that it does not lose its main organoleptic qualities.

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3.4 kg. net weight (approx.)

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Flor de Esgueva

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3.4 kg.
Raw sheep milk, salt, calcium chloride, lysozyme, rennet, lactic ferments
Contains lactose, eggs and/or derivates
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flor de esgueva

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