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Idiazabal Cheese Piece

1,3 kg.
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Idiazabal Cheese is a type of Spanish cheese with incredible characteristics. It is made from raw Latxa sheep's milk in the Basque Country.

An ideal cheese for aperitif time, accompanied by a good red wine. Discover the variety of Spanish cheeses available at Gastronomic Spain and enjoy them from anywhere in Europe.

What is Idiazabal cheese?

Idiazabal cheese piece format is a high quality product of recognized value since it is within the Protected Designation of Origin.

It comes from the area of Euskal Herria, a region of the Basque Country. Idiazabal cheese is made using raw milk from Latxa and Carranzana sheep, two native breeds of the territory.

Characteristics of Idiazabal cheese piece

As it belongs to the Idiazabal Cheese Protected Designation of Origin, the Regulatory Council establishes specific controls to guarantee that it complies with the certified quality. In addition, it has a cure time of approximately 2 months.

Among the characteristics of the Idiazabal cheese wedge we highlight:

Shape: it has a proportionate shape, with a height between 8 and 12 cm. Their faces are noticeably flat and their heels are slightly convex.

Bark: it is usually hard and smooth. If the Idiazabal cheese is smoked it will present a dark brown color, while if it is not smoked its color will be whitish gray or pale yellow.

Color: Idiazabal cheese is characterized by its ivory white / matte straw yellow color.

Aroma: the aroma presented by this type of cheese is intense and penetrating with notations of evolved sheep's milk and a little smoke if it is a smoked Idiazabal.

Flavor: it is a very intense and balanced cheese with a touch of natural rennet and a bit salty (medium intensity).

Aftertaste: the aftertaste of Idiazabal is long and persistent, but at the same time pleasant.

It makes our mouths water just thinking how delicious it is!

An Idiazabal cheese with the Protected Designation of Origin

To identify that Idiazabal cheese belongs to the Protected Designation of Origin, several factors must be taken into account.

First of all, it must have a holographic back label, that is, a back label that is identified by the assigned number. On the other hand, you must also have a registered casein plate to know the traceability of the piece. And finally, the Idiazabal logo. The logo of the Denomination of Origin in which it indicates the authenticity of the Idiazabal cheese.

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1,3 kg. net weight (approx)

format: piece

vacuum packed


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Data sheet

1,3 kg.
raw latxa sheep milk, rennet, milk enzymes, lysozyme of egg white, salt
contains lactose, egg and/or derivates
vaccuum packed
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Idiazabal Cheese Piece