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It is evident that Pata Negra ham, as it hurts to say, is the jewel of Spanish gastronomy. This 100% pure bellota Iberico ham is the best ham on the market.

If you want to enjoy a spectacular ham, do not hesitate to consult the Gastronomis Spain online store. Experts in hams and in making people happy. With our shipments available throughout Europe, you won't have to worry about going to the supermarket, queuing or carrying a thousand bags.

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Pata Negra Bellota Ham Guijuelo Cut With Knife

Price €15.45
80 gr.

Iberico 100% Ham Pata Negra Guijuelo

Price €356.92 Regular price €419.90
7,5 kg.
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Pata Negra Ham Cut By Knife

Price €18.81
100 gr.

Pata Negra Iberico Ham

Price €490.26
7.5 kg aprox.


Gastronomic Spain provides you with a huge selection of pata negra hams from several denominations of Origin, with free shipping all throughout Europe.


The most visual difference between an Iberian ham and a white pig ham is that the Iberian one has a black hoof while the other, its colour is white. Because of this, the Iberian ham is usually called pata negra, especially abroad, and it is related to a 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham: purebred fed on acorns, fruit, and natural pasture.

For this reason, in Gastronomic Spain, when we speak of a pata negra ham, we refer to the Iberian ham of the finest quality.

Pata Negra Iberian ham is obtained from 100% Iberian breed pigs. The Iberian pig is a breed that is most common in the Iberian Peninsula and is distinguished by its perfect adaptation to its habitat, particularly in the meadows.

Specifically, these types of 100% Iberian pigs live in the wild and feed on natural pasture and acorns throughout their lives. This is the ultimate expression of the Iberian ham, a product with a minimum curing time of 36 to 48 months.

It is obvious that the Pata Negra ham is the jewel of Spanish gastronomy. The greatest ham available on the market is this Iberian ham, which is 100% pure acorn-fed.

If you wish to enjoy the experience of a magnificent ham, visit the Gastronomic Spain online store. We are experts in hams and making people happy! You won’t have to bother about going to the store, waiting in long queues, or carrying a thousand bags because our deliveries are available all over Europe.


Hams that are 100% Iberian and are raised free-range in meadows and fed on natural pasture, fruit, and acorns, which gives the meat its distinctive flavour and aroma, are granted the black label. In other words, the black label serves as the assurance that the ham in question satisfies the standards and qualifies as a 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham.

The seal, which in this case is black, will allow you to identify black label hams. Therefore, this band ensures that the ham is entirely fed with acorns.

The black label frequently also states whether the product comes from a particular denomination of origin.


An Iberian Pata Negra is a 100% Iberian breed ham, and it has not undergone breed-crossing. Because it is a ham made from purebred pigs, the Iberian breed’s genetics mean that it has a higher level of unsaturated fats and more oleic acid than other hams, qualities that make it particularly really healthy.

It appears to be a fattier ham than the others at first glance, but when cut, its texture is consistent. It has more pronounced fat marbling and a deeper colour. When compared to the other Iberian hams, this one has a more distinctive and preserved flavour. It also leaves a long-lasting good taste in the mouth.

The curing period is typically at least 36 months, although it may vary on how much the Iberian leg of ham weighs. The size and the fat content of the ham leg will determine this.

It should be mentioned that the cane's thickness, which is noticeably narrower than those of other crossbred Iberian hams, will also indicate it’s 100% Iberian.


It is important to bear in mind that pata negra ham is a product that requires special handling techniques. It is better to purchase it sliced or in knife-cut packets if you don't have knife skills. If the ham is not properly cut, you won’t get the most out of it and if the slices are thick, it won’t have the same taste.

On the other hand, you can purchase it in packets if you want to enjoy this type of ham but don’t have enough budget to buy the entire leg. We provide you packets of pata negra ham from Andalucía and Guijuelo. Unquestionably true delicacies.


We are aware that cutting pata negra ham is not that simple, but we’ll provide you a short guideline so that you can do it perfectly:

Firstly, before starting, we must consider the utensils that will be used:

- Boning knife: a long, wide-bladed knife that is 20 to 30 cm long. Necessary for deboning and cleaning the ham.

- Ham knife: essential for slicing pata negra ham.

- Paring knife: about 8-12 cm long narrow blade, used to mark and separate the bones of the ham.

- Ham holder: utensil where the pata negra ham is placed. It can be rotating or static.

Here is a step-by-step explanation on how to make the cut:

1. Initial cut: begin slicing the ham with the hoof up.

2. Clean the ham: this means removing the outer layer from the portion that will be eaten right away. It is advisable to clean both sides of the ham as you cut it to prevent drying out.

3. Save fat slices: these slices of bacon should be kept for later conservation and to avoid oxidation.

4. Slicing: it’s crucial to always cut the ham parallel to its main axis, which runs from the hoof to the tip. The knife must be facing our side and you should be cautious.

5. Separate the bone: with a boning knife, separate the meat from the bone on both sides. After that, it will easily come off.

6. Flip it over: you will do this when it is impossible to cut slices of an appropriate size with a horizontal and flat cut. The ham’s femur, patella, and tibia bones will serve as indicators.

7. Repeat the same process from the starting point.


When it comes to preserving a product of this calibre, we must be precise and careful. It is important that the pata negra acorn-fed ham must remain juicy and in ideal condition.

Once the ham has been opened, it must be covered with bacon or fat that has already been cut. This way, it won’t dry out or oxidise.


You are a sophisticated customer if you are seeking for Pata Negra acorn-fed ham. Someone who knows what he wants, who looks for exclusive products and who values quality over price.

Do you want to reward yourself? Do you want to impress a relative? Or put the finishing touch to the end of a business?

You are in the right online ham store if the response to these questions is YES. Gastronomic Spain makes it quite simple to get acorn-fed pata negra ham: available in whole piece or knife-cut. You also have FREE shipping to anywhere in Europe.

Take advantage of this chance to enjoy good Spanish gastronomy from any city. Check out our catalogue if you’re interested in more Spanish food products.

Gastronomic Spain offers you the best Spanish cuisine, but you should especially try the best Pata Negra ham we have on hand. Impress your friends with an exceptional ham, the signature item of Spanish food.

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