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There is always a can of tuna in any house of any country and you know that. Canned tuna is a must in our lives.

Whoever eats tuna doesn't just like it, but really loves it. Canned tuna is suitable for any meal, from tuna toast for breakfast to a salad with tuna seasoning.

Canned tuna is ideal for any occasion. Quick and simple: straight to the plate! Perfect for picnics with friends in the park, at the beach or even for a quick snack at home. If you are looking for other types of canned fish and/or seafood, you can find our entire catalogue right here.


White Tuna In Olive Sunflower Calvo

Price €4.54
80 gr

Tuna In Oli Pack 3

Price €3.54
240 gr

White Tuna In Olive Oil

Price €5.08
220 gr

Atún Claro En Escabeche Albo

Price €4.26
112 g.

White Bonito Tuna

Price €6.08
220 gr

Ventresca Of Tunfish

Price €2.99
110 gr.

Light Tuna In Olive Oil Ortiz

Price €3.54
112 g.

Pickled White Tuna

Price €4.08
112 gr.

White Tuna In Olive Oil

Price €3.81
110 g.

Natural Calvo Tuna

Price €4.63
80 gr. (x3)

Light Tuna In Olive Oil

Price €5.45
240 g.