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Mahon Semi-Curado 3 kg.

3.000 gr
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Mahon cheese, unmistakable and traditional with the Protected Designation of Origin of Menorca

Our Mahón cheese comes from Menorca and contains the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the island itself. A traditional, peculiar and unmistakable cheese for the palate.

It is a type of Spanish cheese linked exlcusivamente to the geographical area in which it is produced and elaborated: Island of Menorca. When we refer to Mahón cheese, we are not referring to the gastronomic culture of the island itself. The same applies to the typical ensaimadas and sobrasada of Mallorca.

Mahón cheese is firm and easy to cut. It also has an unmistakable flavor and aroma.

Go ahead and buy your Mahón cheese with P.D.O. from Menorca. Consult our entire catalog of typical products of Spanish gastronomy: any type of cheese, a great variety of ham, both Iberian and Serrano ham and an infinity of snacks, as well as soft drinks and typical wines from Spanish wineries.

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3. kg. net weight (approximately)

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PDO Menorca

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Data sheet

3.000 gr
raw sheep milk, salt, calcium chloride, lysozyme, rennet, lactic ferments
contains lactose, eggs and/or derivates
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vacuum packed
net weight
3.000 gr

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Mahon Semi-Curado 3 kg.