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Mahon Mild Cheese 3 kg.

3 kg.
In stock


Mahon Mild Cheese 3 kg., Minorcan flavour at an excellent price

Our Mahon mild cheese comes from Menorca and has the island's own Denomination of Origin. A truly traditional cheese, special and unique to the palate. It is made of raw milk from the farm itself and moulded on a cotton canvas known as ''fogasser''.

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What is Mahon Mild Cheese 3kg.?

Our cheese from Mahón (Minorca) is a typical Spanish cheese, with pressed paste, rectangular shape with rounded edges, and with the own distinction of the Protected Designation of Origin of Mahon.

It is a whole piece cheese (3 kg. Approximate), with a peculiar, intense and unmistakable flavour.

The Mahón cheese that we have at Gastronomic Spain, both in whole piece and half piece format, is an artisan product. This cheese is made with raw milk from Minorca's own livestock and the ''fogasser'' (cotton cloths) are used to give it its peculiar shape.

What does cheese with Protected Designation of Origin of Mahon mean?

When it comes to a product with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), we refer to a product linked to the geographical area where it is produced. In this case, the Mahón cheese belongs to the island of Menorca.

It is a cheese that is part of the culture and traditions of the Minorcan island, and both geoclimatic and human factors determine the final characteristics: aroma, texture and taste of the Mahón-Menorca PDO cheese.

How to preserve Mahon Mild Cheese 3 kg. 

When we preserve a cheese, we must take special care to maintain the correct temperature and humidity so that it does not lose its organoleptic properties.

Mahón cheese can be kept in the least cold part of our fridge, but it must be wrapped in film or a damp cloth to avoid dryness. While the perfect temperature for consumption ranges between 18 and 20º C, it is therefore important to remove it a few minutes before the refrigerator.

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3 kg. net weight (approximate)

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Protected Designation of Origin of Mahon (Minorca)


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3 kg.
Raw sheep milk, salt, calcium chloride, lysozyme, rennet, lactic ferments
Contains lactose, eggs and/or derivates
vacuum packed
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Mahon Mild Cheese 3 kg.