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If you don't know where to buy a good Teruel ham online, the Gastronomic Spain shop will be your best ally. Gastronomic Spain is an online shop that offers the best products of the Spanish cuisine, in other words, all those traditional foods that are used in Spanish meals.

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Sliced Teruel Ham

Price €4.54
80 gr

Piece Teruel Ham DO

Price €32.17
1.000 gr

Teruel Ham Leg

Price €136.90
8.000 gr

Teruel Ham Knife-cut

Price €5.45
80 gr

Teruel Shoulder Ham

Price €61.45
5,7 kg


Gastronomic Spain is above all a company from Teruel. We know at first hand the product and we cooperate with Teruel ham drying rooms, who produce the greatest hams and pork shoulders with Denomination of Origin. We offer them in different formats including ham leg, piece, and sliced by machine and knife. In addition, for orders over 79,99€ or 89,99€, you get free shipping to all Europe. You can also complete your order by adding some of our 1.500 Spanish products.

Teruel ham is a product that stands out for the care and attention with which it has been produced. At Gastronomic Spain we offer you certified Teruel hams right from the drying room.


If you’re considering ordering D.O. Teruel ham online, keep in mind that Gastronomic Spain’s TERUEL HAM is top quality and is available at a price that is beyond unbelievable. It travels directly from the Teruel factories to your house. For Spanish nationals who reside abroad, a true luxury.

Then, we’ll show you the different available formats of Teruel ham in the Gastronomic Spain online store.


Do you imagine having a ham leg in your kitchen? Your dreams will come true if you buy a Teruel ham leg in Gastronomic Spain. Forget about complications, shipping, and transport. It will be easy, simple, and affordable to purchase Teruel ham from our online shop.


Sliced Teruel ham will be the ideal option if you are one of those people who don’t have time or are too lazy to cut the ham leg from the hag holder. For those who are more selective, you can also enjoy the knife-sliced ham format. Both options will be perfect because it is the best Teruel ham on the market.


Finally, you can also have Teruel’s finest ham in a piece, where the hind leg has the most meat. It is the core part of the ham, and it is also the richest and juiciest. In fact, it has the highest content of lean. Enjoy boneless Teruel ham and in one piece.


An excellent Teruel PDO shoulder ham that weighs 5 kg and has been aged for at least 10 months. It comes in whole leg, with hoof and certified.


On October 24th, 1984, the Teruel Ham Designation of Origin was created. All ham producers who are located in municipalities that are more than 800 metres above sea level and who want to produce a ham that meets the minimum conditions required by the Denomination of Origin Jamón de Teruel are grouped together under the D.O.

The first Serrano ham in Spain to have its own Denomination of Origin was TERUEL HAM. It is the first certified ham, even before the Iberian ham certifications of origin. Due to its manufacturing, processing, and preparation taking place in a certain geographic area, in this case Teruel, this certification ensures the product’s exceptional quality and exclusivity due to specific, recognised, and proven knowledge.

As a result, Teruel ham was added to the list of high-quality goods from Europe in March 1997. In fact, D.O. Teruel ham is considered to be the best Serrano ham.


We need to consider different properties of this kind of cured ham in order to understand how to recognise a PDO Teruel ham.

The main characteristics of Teruel ham are:

1. A minimum of 14 months of curing time is required, however all Teruel hams that you are going to find at Gastronomic Spain have a minimum curing period of 18 months.

2. A minimum weight of at least 7 kg.

3. Because of the way they are cured during the stacking process, they’ve a low salt content.

4. Curing process at a height of no less than 800 metres. The hams and shoulders you may purchase from our online store are from Jamones Carbó in the Calamocha region and Jamones Don Jate in the Teruel region. Both are located in the Teruel province.

5. Teruel ham has an extended shape with rounded ends that preserve the hoof. It is red in colour and has fat streaks in some parts. When cut, the colour is bright.

6. It has a pleasant taste that is agreeable to the mouth and it's not overly salty. The fat feels unctuous to the touch and is dazzling white and yellowish in colour.

7. It has the recognisable star marked by fire, together with the recognisable white seal certifying the indication of origin. It can be found with the whole rind or in a V-shaped cut.

8. Duroc, landrace, largue white, or crossbred pigs from these breeds provide the selected hams and shoulders for Teruel ham.


The Ham Control Board from Teruel, an organisation that protects and promotes PDO Teruel ham and PDO ham shoulder, establishes the minimum curing duration for Teruel ham and that a Teruel ham may not weigh less than 7 kg and be cured for less than 14 months. In addition, the curing of a Teruel hind leg must always take place within the province of Teruel and at an elevation of more than 800 metres above sea level.

Its production area is only found in the province of Teruel, at an elevation of no less than 800 metres above sea level, in a cold, dry, pure environment: free from fog, humidity and any contamination. These aspects determine the type of curing. In Teruel it is called ‘cold-marked curing process’.

This place determines its distinctive aroma and flavour of a Teruel ham. This would be one of the key distinctions with Serrano hams, which are left to mature without temperature control and altitude quotas for drying.

Pig breeds used to make Teruel PDO ham

On the other side, crossbred pigs are used to produce Teruel ham. In terms of the mother line, these comprise the Landrace breed (standard type) and the Large White breed pig. The father line would be the Duroc breed. These breeds allow for the production of white hind legs that are high in nutritional value and low in cholesterol.

Breeding and feeding of pigs used in the production of Teruel ham

As previously mentioned, crossbreeds of white pigs are employed, which are sustained for the majority of their lifespan on feed prepared from cereals produced in the same province. Even though there is no overpopulation, these pigs are kept in cages.

How do you know it is a Teruel ham?

- White label: The Teruel ham has a seal just below the hoof, like the Iberian Cebo hams. On it, the denomination of origin’s mark is visible.

- Star-marked with fire: all Teruel hams are branded with the distinctive Mudejar star of the region. It should be indicated that this mark is only applied when they’re no longer alive. It is located on a section of skin close to the shank.

- Traceability number: All Teruel hams are numbered with a personal code.

- Pig’s hoof: One feature of Teruel hams is that they keep the pig’s white hoof. Without a label of origin, Teruel-produced hams are not permitted to have the hoof.


New certifications have been created based on WEIGHT AND THE CURING PERIOD to emphasise the importance of Teruel ham and the value of the curing procedure of this ham leg compared to the rest.

The current white certification will be kept, and the red and black certifications will be added. These certifications serve as a consumer-facing indicator of Teruel ham leg’s qualities, and they don’t imply a modification to the production or curing process.


Both the Teruel ham and the Teruel ham shoulder will be covered by this new certification. Ham drying rooms are not required to apply and integrate for them. The new labels that will come into effect in June will now be explained:

Teruel ham certifications:

Blue label: it specifies that Teruel ham must have a minimum of 14 months of curing and weigh at least 7 kg. These are the minimum requirements for a Teruel ham to be given the Denomination of Origin. The seal is blue.

Red label: In addition to being a D.O. Teruel ham, this new certification states that the ham’s minimum curing period is 18 months, and its minimum weight is 8 kg. This information is noted on the red seal of this ham.

Black label: This is the highest certification for Teruel ham, indicating that it has a minimum weight of 9 kg and a minimum curing period of 22 months. The seal is black.

These new certifications are optional and serve as a minimum standard, which doesn’t mean that a Teruel ham with this certification cannot have a weight of 9 kg and a maturing period of 24 months. The normal white certification, which is regarded as a general certification that covers all of them, will remain in effect.

Teruel ham shoulder certifications:

Blue label: it specifies that Teruel ham shoulder must have a minimum of 9 months of curing and weigh at least 4.5 kg. These are the minimum requirements for a Teruel ham shoulder to be given the Denomination of Origin. The seal is blue and weight and curing period information is indicated.

Red label: In addition to being a D.O. Teruel ham shoulder, this new certification states that the ham's minimum curing period is 10 months, and its minimum weight is 5 kg. The seal is red.

Black label: As in hams, this is the highest certification for a PDO Teruel ham shoulder, indicating that it has a minimum weight of 5.5 kg and a minimum curing period of 11 months. The seal is black.

As with Teruel PDO ham, this also applies to Teruel PDO shoulder ham. These new certifications are optional and serve as a minimum standard, which doesn’t mean that a Teruel shoulder ham with a white label cannot have a weight of 5.5 kg and a maturing period of 11 months. The normal white certification, which is regarded as a general certification that covers all of them, will remain in effect.


Calamocha is a Spanish municipality located in the northwest of the province of Teruel, just 70km away. Calamocha is located on the banks of the river Jiloca and on the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Road Corridor, one of the main transport axes in Spain, linking Valencia, Zaragoza, and Bilbao.

It is the most important town in the north-western third of the province, known for its agri-food sector but unquestionably renowned as one of the primary Teruel ham producers.

Teruel ham from Calamocha has an intense smell as well as a distinctive flavour. Due to its raw material and the climate of Calamocha, the result is an exquisite product for any palate. Therefore, Jamones Calamocha takes part in the Denomination of Origin.


We have an entire section devoted to ham holders and different knives if you’re searching for a ham holder to slice your Teruel ham to perfection.

Depending on the occasion, you will buy a specific ham holder. Find out which ham holder and knife are best for you by clicking on this link.