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Sharp Manchego Cheese Artequeso

250 gr.
In stock

Sharp Manchego Cheese Artequeso with PDO

If you are looking for an Aged Manchego cheese with Protected Designation of Origin and made from raw sheep milk, this is the perfect cheese for you!

Aged Manchego cheese with its own PDO that has been ripened for six to eight months at Finca La Prudencia (Toledo) under the Artequeso brand. Strong flavour, lingering aftertaste, and natural rind.

Available in Gastronomic Spain with delivery throughout Europe.

Artequeso Cured Manchego Cheese Characteristics

Artequeso Aged Manchego cheese has a Protected Designation of Origin. Along with its PDO, it has the following features:

- Manchegan sheep’s raw milk is used to make it.

- It takes between 6 and 8 months for it to mature.

- At Finca la Prudencia in Tembleque (Toledo), the Artequeso Manchego cheese-making process is carried out.

- It is pressed paste.

- It has a natural rind with marks.

- Strong flavour, lingering aftertaste and a texture that makes it simple to cut.

- It comes vacuum-packed in a 250gr. wedge shape.

Artequeso Aged Manchego Cheese with raw sheep milk

It should be noted that, unlike the other types of Manchego cheese that we have at Gastronomic Spain, Artequeso aged Manchego cheese stands out because it is made from raw milk.

This means that raw milk cheese, in this case from Manchegan sheep milk, has not previously undergone a pasteurisation process, so it preserves the action of some bacteria. This indicates that the product is going to be genuine, with distinct personality and unique flavour.

Raw milk benefits

Due to ignorance, in the past, raw milk was formerly categorised as harmful to human health because it is in a much more natural state.

The primary distinction between a raw milk cheese and a pasteurised milk cheese is the temperature to which it is subjected. Raw milk cheeses are only heated to a maximum temperature of 40°C, which favours a better flavour. Raw milk cheese has the following advantages:

- Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K are present.

- It can be good for the intestinal flora and contains a lot of digestive enzymes.

- Source of natural fats, amino acids, and proteins.

- High levels of calcium and magnesium, which encourage bone growth.

Artequeso Aged Manchego cheese ingredients

Raw milk from Manchegan sheep, salt, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments. Non edible rind.

Tips: keep at a temperature between 4º and 12ºC, according to advice. Take the package off before eating and place it at 20°C room temperature. It is advised to spread olive oil on the cut side of the cheese after slicing. Then, wrap it and refrigerate it.

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Net weight: 250gr.

Format: wedge


Raw milk

Protected Designation of Origin


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Data sheet

250 gr.
Raw milk from Manchega sheep, salt, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments. Non edible rind.
Contains lactose and egg
vacuum packed
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Artequeso Buenalba

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