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Bacon y cecina from León

It is very likely that it will be easier for us to find hams, loins or chorizo outside of Spain, but what about cecina from León and bacon?

It is not so easy to find and especially in European countries, but Gastronomic Spain has come to suit your needs and to end your huge desires to eat  some kind of bacon. We offer you whole catalogue of cold meat and other Spanish foods that for sure interests you if you live outside Spain.

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Pork Panceta

Depending on which region of Spain you come from, it is common to find these foods in the pantry. When we speak of panceta, we refer to the well-known term ''bacon''. In fact, they are different things since the process of elaboration is different, as well as both have the same raw material from which they come.

It can be found both in Gastronomic Spain in chunky and filleted format, marinated bacon or smoked bacon. It is a very versatile product that goes beyond simple frying or stir-frying, it tastes so good!

Panceta can be used in stews, with vegetables, as well as with rice and other prepared dishes.

The truth is that there is nothing like the pork panceta. Abroad they will call it bacon, but it isn't like it. Our marinated bacon or a our cured filleted panceta are excellent products. Ideal for eating on a sandwich, alone or as an ingredient in dishes. It is certainly a fatty product, but you must not give up on it. If you do not have a balanced diet and do not exercise, pork panceta makes you put on weight. I'm not saying you eat it every day, but there are some tips you can do to reduce its calories. The first one is that, if you are going to fry, don't use oil. Let it fry in its own fat, then drain it on kitchen paper. On the other hand, you can cook it in the oven at a low temperature and you will see that they are just as tasty and juicy as if you fry them.

Cecina de León

Another star in this category is the cecina from León. It is like ham from the beef. Unlike pork ham, the smoked meat from León has a darker colour, stronger flavour and less fat. People who has tasted it know that it has no reason to envy the Iberico ham. You can find it in 700 gr. blocks or sliced in 100 gr. Like ham, the cecina from León can be eaten both raw and cooked. A slice of Cecina de León on a toast with a dash of extra virgin olive oil will make your lunches delicious.

The Asturian compango

The Asturian compango is a selection of meats and cold meats of the highest quality. It is composed of panceta, a chorizo and a black pudding. Our compango for fabada is made with high quality meats.

Panceta, cecina de León and Asturian compango in Gastronomic Spain.

Both the panceta, and the sobrasada from Mallorca, can be found in this online shop, and we take care of the delivery completely.

If you buy the stuffed sobrasada, I advise you to consume it sliced in order to make it easier to eat. A recipe that everyone likes is a slice of grilled sobrasada on toast with a little honey. Delightful!

The marinated bacon in chunks format you can find in this online market, it can be eaten even raw. It has a very good taste and aroma.

Therefore, the cecina from León and the Asturian compango, both vacuum packed, will surprise you as well.

These cold meats complete the list of many other cold meats of Gastronomic Spain. If there is any sausage that you do not find in our catalogue, write us and we will get it for you.