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Cheese with Herbs

250 gr.
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Cheese with herbs, a delicious appetizer

Two of the most basic and necessary products of the gastronomy come together to give rise to the excellent cheese with herbs, elaborated with raw sheep’s milk. Our cheese with herbs from Buenalba, with Rosemary, with a soft scent and with notes of fine herbs. A true delicatessen!

Maturation between 3 and 4 months at Finca La Prudenciana, in Tembleque (Toledo).

Buy Cheese with herbs at an excellent price

A different cheese, a spiced cheese, a delicious cheese… that is how it is the cheese with herbs from Buenalba. A true show for the palate!

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Gastronomic Spain offers you the opportunity to taste a piece of Spain with the best products, just as the cheese with herbs. Do not miss out this opportunity!

Cheese with herbs characteristics

The Rosemary cheese is a mix between a sheep cheese and Rosemary inside of it. It comes from Buenalba, the brand created by Artequeso for those who love spiced cheeses. Highlighted characteristics:

• Made from raw sheep’s milk.

• Contains rosemary inside.

• Matured between 3 and 4 months in Finca La Prudenciana, in Tembleque (Toledo).

• Made of pressed paste, with marks on the bark of the flower and the pleita.

• It has a lactic flavour, soft and to rosemary. It has a persistent aftertaste and fine herbs notes.

• The aroma and intensity of the cheese are achieved adding natural ingredients to an artisanal product.

• Does not contain any kind of additives or food colourings.

• Wedge format of 250gr. and vacuum packed.

Cheese with herbs ingredients

Raw sheep’s milk, salt, Rosemary, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments.

Tips: it is recommended to preserve at a temperature between 4º and 12º. Before its consume, it is important to take off its packaging and maintain it in ambient temperature (20º). Once it is cut, it is recommended to spread the cheese with some olive oil in the part that is being cut, wrap and refrigerate.

Cheese with herbs from Buenalba cheeses

Our cheese with herbs belongs to the brand Buenalba, recognised as spiced sheep cheeses elaborated at the Finca La Prudenciana, an agricultural and livestock farm. Finca La Prudenciana is located in Tembleque, near Toledo.

Buenalba cheeses is a brand born with the mix of the traditional, like the Artequeso cheeses, with innovation, fuse with the base product (cheese) and with Spanish ingredients such as paprika, red wine, or in this case, rosemary.

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How to consume cheese with herbs

The cheese is a Spanish product very versatile because it can be combined into different forms and in different recipes. Specially, our cheese with herbs it can be eaten:

1. Paired with a good wine.

2. Combined with Cherry tomato, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

3. Cut into small pieces adding a delicious fresh pasta.

4. Even as a condiment in a Mediterranean salad.

What is very clear is that the cheese with herbs is a delicious, innovative and perfect product to surprise any palate.

250gr. net weight

Format: wedge

Vacuum packed

Raw milk


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Data sheet

250 gr.
Raw sheep's milk, salt, rosemary, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments
Contains lactose and egg.
vacuum packed
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Artequeso Buenalba

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Cheese with Herbs