Black Pudding

Black Puddig

Fried, air dried, as spread, even peppers stuffed with black pudding or Spanish t...

Black Puddig

Fried, air dried, as spread, even peppers stuffed with black pudding or Spanish tortilla with black pudding. What else could you ask for?

If there is a particular sausage in Spain, it is without a doubt the blood sausage. The black pudding is one of those sausages that you fall in love with or hate even the deepest part of your being. Although it is true that most of the population is in love with them, there are a number of detractors who have not yet succumbed to their taste and texture.

In Gastronomic Spain you can find different types of blood sausages, whether it is onion sausage, such as rice sausage popularly known as "blood sausage of Burgos", onion sausage in orza, cream sausage and pine nuts, sausage Iberian sausage or Discreet and delicious deer blood sausage.

Unlike serrano ham, Iberian chorizo ​​or sangria, black pudding is a food that is quite difficult to find outside of Spain. There are some regions in Germany and France where they make a type of blood sausage very different from what we are used to in Spain. So Spanish blood sausages become one of the most sought-after and desired Spanish foods by Spaniards living in Europe.

We have a black pudding for every occasion. While it is true, onion sausage is one of the most popular, they are used in dishes as popular as fabada and baked rice. They bring a distinctive and characteristic touch to the dish. They can also be eaten in the classic barbecues or Torrá, or in scrambled and tapas of all kinds. One of the most popular are eggs with black pudding and gluttons. A very popular elaboration is that of black pudding in orza. They are confit in olive or sunflower oil to keep them longer. It comes in glass jar

Rice pudding is another delight that is part of Spanish cuisine. Originally from the Burgos area, you can enjoy it only grilled, or integrated into other dishes. One of the favorites of the Gastronomic Spain team is that of the potato omelette with black pudding from Burgos.

Cured blood sausages are also common, which can be eaten raw and lightly orated. This is the case of black pudding cream with pine nuts, a spicy black pudding, very useful for snacks and pintxos. The Iberian mountain blood sausage, made with pork lean a snack that likes and much! and that has a slight spicy aftertaste. As with the venison chorizo ​​sausage, black pudding we can find deer, hunting sausage, which although not as widespread as other morcillas, if the tests, repeat.

Enjoy with Spanish black pudding, buy onion black pudding or buy black pudding from Burgos and enjoy Spanish cuisine at Gastronomic Spain

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