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Medium Torta del Casar

350 gr
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Buy Medium Torta del Casar Online, a true delight for the whole family

Buy Torta del Casar and enjoy a typical Spanish cheese with your family thanks to Gastronomic Spain.

Our wedding cake of about 350-400 gr. It is made from raw sheep's milk, vegetable rennet and salt. It consists of a light, thin crust, and a creamy ivory-white cheese. Enjoy its dairy and vegetable aromas, but especially its intense flavor and very rich on the palate.

What is the Medium Torta del Casar?

Medium Torta del Casar It is a creamy cheese with Protected Designation of Origin that is made in the north of the Sierra de San Pedro, specifically in the province of Cáceres.

Torta del Casar is made from raw sheep's milk, vegetable rennet and salt. It has an intense flavor but very delicious on the palate.

It is a type of cheese that is consumed in a special way. Normally the upper crust is sliced (it will serve as a lid later) and the cream inside it is spread with bread.

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Characteristics of Medium Torta del Casar Protected Designation of Origin

Our Torta del Casar of 350-400 gr. (approximate) is made from raw sheep's milk, vegetable rennet and salt. It has dairy and vegetable aromas, but above all it has an intense and very rich flavor on the palate.

It has a cylindrical shape, with substantially flat faces and round edges. It is composed of a semi-hard, yellowish, soft and unctuous crust.

The texture is the differential point of the rest of Spanish cheeses. Torta del Casar is creamy and fatty in character.

La Torta del Casar of 350-400 gr. It is characterized by being a natural cheese made using traditional methods based on raw sheep's milk from controlled farms.

In addition, this delicious creamy cheese known as Torta del Casar is from the Protected Designation of Origin in Spain. A taste of the Spanish gastronomic culture itself.

This Protected Designation of Origin is European in scope and is regulated by the Regulation (EC) of the European Commission. This means that Torta del Casar complies with the requirements stipulated by legislation, in addition to having top quality material.

Preparation of the Medium Torta del Casar by Pastoralia

Pastoralia's Torta del Casar is made with the best between-fine sheep's milk and fed in a traditional way. This soft cheese following all the necessary guidelines to achieve a perfect Torta del Casar:

  1. Raw material: Merino and entrefina sheep are raised in the open air and in the pastures of Extremadura. They are milked twice a day and it is a mechanized process so that the milk does not have any impurities.
  2. Natural rennet: consists of separating milk into its solid and liquid elements. The milk is transferred to the rennet tank and heated to a temperature between 26º and 32ºC. Subsequently, the rennet (made by macerating the Cynara Cardunculus thistle flower in water) is added. After an hour approx. the thistle curdles the milk.
  3. Cutting, shaping and salting the cheese: The whey is removed and the cheese is molded. The curd is placed in molds to obtain the characteristic round shape of the Torta del Casar. Once filled, they are put in a press to eliminate the remains of whey and retain the curd. Once the cheese is well pressed, it is removed and the salt is added.
  4. Maturation: this process has a minimum time of two months in which the cheese must be turned every day. It will keep in low temperature and high humidity. In this way, it acquires its own characteristics.
  5. Consume and enjoy.

* Keep refrigerated. Open and temper 2 hours before consumption.

Torta del Casar Pastoralia

Pastoralia is the manufacturer of our Tortas del Casar. It is the brand that makes up this Spanish cheese with Denomination of Origin and is part of Pastovelia, the main producers of Extremadura sheep and goat cheeses.

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350-400 gr. net weight (approx)

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350 gr
Raw sheep's milk, natural rennet and salt
contains raw sheep milk, lisozyme
vacuum packed
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Medium Torta del Casar