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Buy Squid and Octopus, heaven in a plate

What would tapas be without some squid in its ink or a cooked octopus? Indeed, squid and octopus are exceptional appetizers of Spanish gastronomy that transport us to heaven.

Have you heard of the typical Madrid squid or the Galician octopus? At Gastronomic Spain we are sure that you do. And it is no wonder, because they are the richest tapas that you will find in our entire peninsula. 

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Types of Calamares (squid) in Gastronomic Spain

At Gastronomic Spain we are aware of the importance and value of squid. In fact, wherever you go, whatever bar it is, you will find the different types of squid on the menu.

But we are also aware that if you live outside of Spain, your search for squid will be much more difficult. For this, we have selected the best squid at an exceptional price so you don’t have to look any further and enjoy the typical Spanish flavour.

Squid in ink (Calamares en su tinta)

Squid in its ink is one of the most traditional dishes of our gastronomic culture. Rich, tasty and a delight for our palate. Thanks to its cuttlefish ink, or also known as squid ink, squid in its ink will be a pure gastronomic spectacle. Break with the traditional Roman squid, and immerse yourself with the squid in its ink. Your palate will thank you. You will find our calamares en su tinta in two formats: small squid in its ink and squid in its ink of 600 grams.

Squid in American sauce (Calamares Rellenos en Salsa Americana)

If you really want to innovate in the kitchen, the calamares rellenos en salsa americana will be your greatest discovery of the year. Unlike squid in its ink, calamares rellenos en salsa americana stands out for their sauce, made with tomato, onion, spices and salt.

They are to die for!

Stuffed squid in its ink

Stuffed squid in its ink are squid, but of a smaller size. Specifically, stuffed squid in its ink, is a classical dish in our cuisine. They are known as the squid of La Ría, from which shiny and translucent specimens come out, full of squid ink and with an impressive flavour.

Stuffed Squid in American sauce

Like the calamares rellenos en salsa americna, you can also find the stuffed squid in American sauce. For this specific dish, the smaller species of squid are used. The American sauce of these stuffed squid is other-worldly. It is made with sunflower oil, tomato, rice, onion, spices and salt. Rich and tasty to give the perfect touch to the stuffed squid. Forget the typical fried squid and captivate your palate with the stuffed squid in American sauce.

Pulpo and its variants

Another of the gastronomic pearls of our country is the octopus (pulpo), or also known as Galician octopus. Although the Galician octopus is one of the many ways that you can find this brilliant appetizer.

As we know that outside of Spain it is much more difficult to find quality octopus, like squid or any other typical product of the Spanish gastronomy, we want to facilitate your search and offer you the best variety of Spanish appetizers at a god price and the best quality, of which, the octopus is one.

Pulpo cocido

Cooked octopus can be found at the top of all seafood. Or cooked octopus is a spectacular product, with its perfect cooking point that makes it melt in your mouth. Unlike other seafood, such as squid, cooked octopus is considered one of the most selective animals, and is why it is so highly valued in the market. Cooked octopus is a very traditional dish, of the highest quality and at an affordable price.

Galician Style Pacific Pulpo Tentacles

The Galician Pacific squid tentacles are made with dosidicus gigas tentacles, sunflower oil and salt. It is a perfect marine snack, 100% natural, with added colorant or preservatives. Thanks to the quality of the octopus, its dressing and the characteristics of its preparation make the Galician Style Pacific Pulpo tentacles an ideal preserve as an appetizer or tapa.

Potón in American Sauce

The squid in American sauce is made up of delicious strips of squid in sauce. This American sauce is the same as that of the stuffed squid. It is made up of tomato, sunflower oil, onion, corn starch, spices and salt.

Rejos de Calamar in Sunflower Oil

The squid rejos is sunflower oil, or also known as squid legs, are a treasure of our beloved sea. The squid rejos come from the upper portion of the potón tenacles’ body.

The most traditional consumption is fried squid rejos or cooked squid. At Gastronomic Spain we offer you cooked and packaged squid rejos. Perfect for consumption.

Cuttlefish ink and black seafood sauce

We have seen products such as squid in its ink or stuffed squid in its ink, but what we ink are we talking about?

Cuttlefish ink is a kind of dark pigment that some cephalopods give off. Seafood such as squid or octopus are some of the cephalopods that give off this ink. In fact, it is perfect for seasoning dishes such as fish, rice, pasta, bread, croquettes, etc.

The black seafood sauce is an already-made sauce, prepared to be served in dishes such as pasta, rice or fish. The black seafood sauce, made from cuttlefish ink, is packaged in a glass jar, ready to help you discover its perfect flavour.