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Squid and Octopus, heaven in a plate

What would tapas be without some squid in its ink or a cooked octopus? Indeed, squid and octopus are exceptional appetizers of Spanish gastronomy that transport us to heaven.


Squid In Its Ink

Price €12.08
600 gr

Squid In Its Ink Small

Price €2.00
115 gr

Tentacles Galician Style

Price €2.99
111 gr

Tentacles With Sunflower Oil

Price €3.08
115 gr

Stuffed Squid In Ink Sauce

Price €3.63
111 gr

Tentacle Of Cooked Octopus

Price €16.08
300 gr

Squid In American Sauce

Price €2.00
115 gr

Stuffed Squid

Price €3.08
111 gr

Black Sea Sauce

Price €2.81
180 gr

Cuttlefish Ink

Price €1.63
16 gr

Squid Stuffed In Sunflower Oil

Price €2.72
115 gr.