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Patamulo Cheese

200 gr
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What is Patamulo Cheese?

Patamulo Cheese is a semi-cured signature cheese, made with pasteurised sheep’s and cow’s milk. It is an artisan cheese without additives or preservatives. It is considered to be of medium maturity, as it is aged for 2 to 4 months. One of the main characteristics of this sheep is its shape, which is obtained by hanging it in a cloth bag during the ripening process.

It is important to point out that this is the “Authentic” Patamulo Cheese, although there are other cheeses that have received this name, they are not originals, and their manufacturing is different.

Queso Patamulo characteristics

Patamulo Cheese is an artisan cheese produced by Fanbar. It is a semi-cured cheese made from pasteurised cow’s and sheep’s milk and is ripened for 2 to 4 months.

This dairy product is elaborated in a traditional way. It is matured in a very peculiar way, as in the “olden days”, the milk and rennet are placed in a cloth bag and left hanging, where the whey is released, and the cheese is aged for 2-4 months. Once removed from the cloth bag, the cheese is spread with olive oil.

Through this method, we obtain a cheese of about 2kg. with an elongated rectangular shape and rounded tips, due to the bag in which it has been ripened. At Gastronomic Spain we offer this cheese in a 200 gr. vacuum-packed format. As you can see in the picture, unlike the usual, this cheese is cut in slices.

This cheese has a more powerful taste, pleasant in the mouth. The rind obtained is natural and can be eaten if desired. It is ideal to accompany with a little olive oil, honey or simply bread.

Patamulo Cheese ingredients

Ingredients: pasteurised sheep’s and cow’s milk, lactic ferments, E-1105, lysozyme (extracted from egg whites), rennet and salt.

It is and artisanal cheese, with no additives or preservatives. Its natural ferments last over time, which is why it is considered a living cheese.
It is gluten-free. Suitable for coeliacs.

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We introduce you to another unconventional cheese, one that is clearly handmade, in a natural way. As it is made with pasteurised milk, it is suitable for most consumers. It has a stronger flavour than the rest of the cheeses produced by the Fanbar family.

200 gr. net weight (approximately)

Cheese wrapped in fat

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Data sheet

Pasteurized sheep's milk, dairy ferments, E-1105, lysozyme (extracted from egg white), rennet and salt.
Lactose and lysozyme (derived from egg).
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vacuum packed
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0.2 kg.
Craftsman Cheese
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Patamulo Cheese