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Pate spread is always a good option for any occasion.  They are usually common at Christmas time, but in Spain they are eaten all year round.

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Quail Pate

Price €2.81
100 gr

Iberian "Secreto" Pate

Price €2.81
100 gr

Foie Gras Mousse

Price €7.45
130 gr.

Black Pudding Pate

Price €2.72
100 gr

Iberian Pork Liver Pate

Price €2.26
125 gr

Green Olive Tapenade

Price €2.54
120 gr.

Arbequina Olive Spread

Price €2.54
220 gr

Tuna Spread

Price €2.72
100 gr

Pate With Cayenne From La Vera

Price €2.72
100 gr

Lobster Mousse

Price €2.72
110 gr.

Boletus Mousse

Price €2.72
100 gr

Mussels Spread

Price €2.72
100 gr.

Spanish pâté shop with good prices

At Gastronomic Spain we offer a great variety of gourmet pâté made in Spain

Characteristics of the pâté

When talking about traditional pâté what it’s said is that is a product mainly made with mincemeat or liver. In it making the meat of animals such as pig, deer, wild boar, rabbit or other bovine animals such as the calf and birds organ meat, as well as chicken, partridge or duck can be used.

Besides the mincemeat, the pâté can have as common ingredients a bit of fat, as well as spices and condiments to make its taste shine. The most common ingredients found in the pâté are salt, onion and garlic, although there’s people that add a bit of milk or flour in the process.

Nevertheless, the appearance of similar dishes made with fish, seafood or even vegetables and pickles have made the term pâté to be extended to all those products that can be spread in a toast or a loaf of bread.

The pâté is with no doubt a quite typical Spanish snack, as it is its consumption. The spreadable pâté is always a good choice for any occasion. It tends to be really common at Christmas time, yet in Spain is common during the whole year.

Difference between pâté and foie gras

Although pâté and foie gras are two products visually similar there are many differences between them.

It is a common mistake to confuse the pâté with foie gras yet it must be stated that these are two completely different foods. The pâté and the foie gras seem similar due to their consistency but the foie gras is made only with goose or duck’s liver.

Also, whereas the pâté is a mix of meats, fishes or even vegetables, the foie gras is a goose or duck’s liver carefully deveined and seasoned, and later cooked.

The foie gras comes exclusively from the bird’s liver, so to get big ones the animals are overfed which will make the product a fatty and spreadable one.

Pâtés perfect for any occasion

The pâté is one of the foods that is easily adapted in our diet. It is the perfect snack to save any meal, or even afternoon snack.

The pâté is a Christmas must, especially the Iberian pork pâté or the deer pâté with Pedro Ximénez. It’s part of those big meals shared with our loved ones during that time of the year, yet it is not only eaten those days, it is fairly common in fresh snacks in which you can spread it in some bread or even crakers.

If you are ever in charge of a friends dinners don’t forget to offer a good pâté as a snack along with some toasts or breadsticks, as well as a good Manchego cheese assortment or Iberian ham, all available at Gastronomic Spain’s online shop.

Types of pâtés one may find at Gastronomic Spain

At Gastronomic Spain we have a broad catalogue of Spanish food and the pâté section is no different. Various pâtés perfect for any tastebuds so no one will be left without any of Spanish most famous pâtés. The different offer offered in our online shop can be classified in 4 categories: Foie gras and duck pâté, meat pâté, fish pâté and vegan pâté.

Spanish foie gras and duck pâté

At Gastronomic Spain we offer foie gras and duck pâté of the best quality. The target audience for those is the client that looks for the best quality spreadable, made with a traditional recipe. In that reference you may find: the foie gras, the foie gras mousse and the creamy duck pâté.

Meat pâté

The meat pâtés are made with liver and other organ meat from these animals. Different pâtés can be differenciated: pork pâtés and quarry pâtés. These are creamy pâtés, easy to spread and with a delicious taste.

Regarding meat pâtés we can differenciate between various famous brands such as Pamplonica and Lapiara, besides our trusted supplier Sacesa which operates under the brand name La Ribereña.

From the quarry meat pâtés ones to be mentioned are the deer pâté with Pedro Ximénez and the partridge pâté. These are delicious pâtés that along with the secreto ibérico (highly-marbled cut of pork from behind the shoulder blade) pâté, the black pudding pâté and the foie ones are a perfect option for Christmas dinners and lunches.

Fish pâté

It getting more and more common to find fish pâtés. The most common of these is the tuna pâté, although we also offer some traditional ones such as the large-scaled scorpion fish pâté, the lobster pâté and other specialties such as the salmon pâté and the mussels in pickled sauce pâté.

The brand Lapiara makes one of the most popular and children-friendly tuna pâté that comes in 75 gr cans.

Whereas the La Ribereña pâtés that come in 100 gr jars, are creamier and are directed to a more demanding audience. They also offer more innovating flavours that surprise the consumers.

Vegan pâté

There is a modality of vegan spreadable food in which no product of animal origin is used in it. To fill the demand of this type of consumers, we offer a great variety of tapenades or olive pâtés handmade by the brand La Marchenica. Some of the different tapenades we have are: empeltre black olives’ tapenade, green olives’ tapenade, arbequinas olives’ tapenade and empeltre ecological olives’ tapenade.

This type of pâté, although suitable for vegans, is a product liked by all, it is the perfect complement to some bread, it is perfect in an anchovy sandwich or even mixed with some oil makes the perfect salad seasoning.

The olive pâtés we offer are handmade by the brand La Marchenica, a company located in Bajo Aragón and that has great experience in making oils with a great quality guarantee of origin.