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Many experts consider the process by which salt fish is produced to be “as old as the world”. Over the years, this process has changed with new techniques, but the essence remains the same.

Cleaning, stacking, resting, washing and airing are the steps to make a good salt fish.

We have to bear in mind that not only exists salt fish, also other foods such as meat are subjected to the salting process. However, the best known foods that go through this salting process are: cod, tuna mojama, ling roe and dried blue whiting, four of the products that we offer in our online shop at Gastronomic Spain. If you are looking for other types of seafood, Gastronomic Spain has the largest variety of Spanish products with FREE shipping across Europe, you can see them here.


English Cod Crumbs

Price €3.26
100 gr

Cod Loin

Price €15.81
650 gr

Ling Roe

Price €7.99
90 gr

Tuna Jerky

Price €7.08
150 gr

Filleted Tuna Jerky

Price €4.08
50 gr

Cured Capellan

Price €15.08

Cod Fish Sticks

Price €3.54
75 g.