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Offer of hams from the Alpujarra at a good price. The hams from Granada have a recognised prestige, we offer them in these formats: whole leg, taco and sliced.


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Gran Reserva Ham Alpujarra

Price €120.90
7.5 kg

Serrano Ham Jamón Alpujarra Sliced

Price €3.90

Piece Alpujarra Serrano Ham

Price €13.20
670 gr

Buy Alpujarra Ham Online

If you're looking for quality Alpujarra ham, at Gastronomic Spain we offer the finest quality Juvilés Alpujarra hams. A wide variety of cuts are available, including: the whole ham leg, the peeled and polished block, and the 150g sliced pack.

Characteristics of Alpujarra Hams:

La Alpujarra is a mountainous region that extends across the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, in the provinces of Granada and Almería, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. In this region, a delicious serrano ham is produced, known for its characteristic flavor and the influence of the geographical and climatic conditions of the area. Let me tell you about Alpujarra ham:

Flavor and Texture:

Alpujarra ham is characterized by its balanced flavor and juicy texture. The combination of meat quality, curing process, and geographical conditions contributes to a final product with tasty notes and intense aromas.

Presentation and Consumption:

Alpujarra ham is generally presented as a shoulder or whole leg. To enjoy it, it's sliced thinly and served at room temperature. It's common to enjoy it on its own or accompanied by bread and other complements.

Culture and Tradition:

The production of ham in La Alpujarra is an integral part of the local culture and tradition. Producers often follow artisanal methods passed down from generation to generation, contributing to the authenticity and quality of the product.

Alpujarra ham is a regional delicacy that reflects the richness of the natural environment and the dedication of local producers. Its unique flavor and its connection to the land and tradition make this ham a cherished choice for gastronomy enthusiasts.

What is the Breed of Pig in Alpujarra:

In La Alpujarra, pigs of different breeds are raised, such as Duroc, Landrace, and Large White, for the production of serrano ham. These breeds contribute to the quality of the meat and the distribution of fat in the ham. They are pigs raised and cured in Sierra Nevada, fed with plant-based feeds, and kept in captivity.

What is the Price of an Alpujarra Ham?

The price of an Alpujarra ham can vary according to various factors, such as the quality of the ham, the curing time, the presentation (whole leg or deboned), the brand, the supplier, and the place of purchase. Additionally, the designation of origin and quality certifications can also influence the price.

It's important to note that Alpujarra ham is considered a gourmet product, and its price may be higher compared to other types of hams. Some factors that can affect the price include:

- Curing Time: Hams that have spent more time in the curing process usually have a higher price due to intensified flavors and resulting quality.

- Ham Quality: Meat quality, fat infiltration, and other sensory attributes can influence the price. Higher quality hams tend to have higher prices.

- Presentation: The presentation of the ham, whether whole or deboned, as well as how it's presented (whole leg, sliced, etc.), can also affect the price.

- Supplier and Brand: The reputation of the supplier and brand can also influence the price. Recognized brands and trusted suppliers may offer hams at higher prices due to their reputation for quality and authenticity.

Where is Alpujarra Ham Cured?

Natural Dryers:

La Alpujarra, being located on the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada, has a mountain climate that includes cool winters and dry summers. These climatic conditions are ideal for the ham curing process, as the dry air contributes to the natural drying of the meat.

Appropriate Cellars:

Wineries and drying rooms are equipped to control temperature and humidity, crucial factors during the curing process. Traditional and modern techniques are used to ensure an optimal environment that allows for the gradual formation of the characteristic flavors and texture of the ham.

The Altitude of Sierra Nevada Beneficial for Curing:

The altitude of the region can also be a positive factor in the curing process. La Alpujarra is at a high altitude, which contributes to the preservation and development of flavors in the ham.

Perfect Natural Conditions for Ham Curing:

The choice of location for the drying rooms takes into account exposure to wind and other natural factors that influence the curing process. The combination of natural conditions and artisanal techniques contributes to the quality of Alpujarra ham.

In summary, Alpujarra ham is cured in specially adapted facilities in the region itself, taking advantage of natural conditions and the experience of local producers. This process is essential for developing the unique characteristics that make this ham a gastronomic delight.

Denomination of Origin of Alpujarra Hams:

Some Alpujarra hams may have the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which means they meet certain quality and authenticity standards established by the competent authorities. This is the case with Trevelez PGI hams, which we also offer at Gastronomic Spain. Specific controls of the Trevelez PGI may include the place and conditions of curing.

How to Eat Alpujarra Ham:

Alpujarra ham is a delicious delicacy that is best enjoyed when served and consumed properly. Here are some recommendations on how to enjoy Alpujarra ham:

Thin Slicing of the Ham Slice:

Just like with any ham, slice Alpujarra ham thinly. Use a sharp knife to get translucent slices that highlight its flavor and texture.

Consume at Room Temperature:

Take the Alpujarra ham out of the refrigerator in advance, at least 20-30 minutes before serving. Ham is best served at room temperature to allow its flavors to fully express.

Attractive Presentation:

Arrange the slices of Alpujarra ham on a plate or serving board attractively. Careful presentation not only enhances the visual experience but also makes it easier to access the ham.

Simple Accompaniments:

Enjoy the ham with simple accompaniments. Fresh or toasted bread, breadsticks (crispy rolls), or even toast with tomato are classic options. Avoid strong accompaniments that may overshadow the flavor of the ham.

Wine Pairing:

Alpujarra ham pairs well with a variety of wines. Try dry white wines, light reds, or even a good sparkling wine or cava to enhance the experience.

Gradual Tasting:

Experiment with gradual tasting of the ham. Start with the leanest slices and work your way towards the fattier areas to appreciate the complexity of flavors.