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Buy Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham

Sale of acorn-fed Iberian hams. Certified hams from Guijuelo, Andalusia and Extremadura. We offer you different formats: Whole leg, boneless, tacos and sliced. Exquisite hams, 50% and 75% breed fed on natural pastures and acorns.

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Are you looking for an Acorn-fed Iberico ham for a special location?

If you are looking for an Acorn-fed Iberico ham for a special location, you are in the right hams shop. A great variety of Iberian hams for you to find your Acorn-fed Iberico ham that best suits your needs. The Acorn-fed Iberico ham is synonymous with excellence. This is a very coveted ham everywhere in the world. It comes from the Iberian acorn pork and it is a real declaration of intentions when it is given as a gift at a dinner or event.

Gastronomic Spain sends the Acorn-fed Iberico ham you chose to wherever you want in Europe and for FREE, so you can enjoy it with your family or friends. Or either be kind to a friend or to your boss and give it as a gift. Giving an Acorn-fed Iberico ham leg makes a difference and is certainly a genuine declaration of intent

What should you take into account when buying an Acorn-fed Iberico ham?

There are several aspects that you have bear in mind when buying an Acorn-fed Iberico ham. First you have to notice that it has the red certified seal. This indicates that the ham is certified as Iberian Acorn ham. We advise you to never buy an Iberian ham that it is not certified, since it is very likely that you are being given bait and switch.

Another factor to consider is the breed. The Acorn-fed Iberico ham can be of 50% Iberian breed or 75% Iberian breed, usually the more percentage of Iberian breed has the ham, the higher its price. That doesn't mean that one is better than the other, since some people like both tastes. Usually, an Acorn-fed Iberico ham with a 75% breed usually has a little more fat. This is a determining fact when buying a ham since many people, especially foreigners do not eat the fat of the ham.

How has the pork where the Acorn-fed Iberico ham comes lived?

Iberian Acorn porks live in pastures where they are in freedom. They are feed with natural feeds and acorn. The farms are large extensions where pigs graze at ease. The season during they are fed more with acorn than grass is the hunting season, it is a period that goes from November to March.

How much should I pay for an Acorn-fed Iberico ham?

If the price is a determining factor for you when buying an Acorn-fed Iberico ham, we recommend you to go to certified sites such as Gastronomic Spain. We will provide advise on which Iberian ham is the best for you. We usually have some offers of >Acorn-fed Iberico ham.

In Gastronomic Spain you will find products with the best value for money. We offer the best 100% certified Acorn-fed Iberico ham produced by local dryers. It used to be common to buy Iberian hams depending on the brand they were, such as Jabugo ham or Joselito ham. While now, with the new certifications, we can find acorn hams at very reasonable prices, 100% certified and totally reliable. The certification is what guarantees that the ham is a high quality ham.