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    The Venison Pate, with Pedro Ximenez wine, is a product of great quality with a fine and characteristic taste. The pate has a creamy texture that makes him ideal as spread. 100 grjar

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  • 1,99 €

    The Maria Cookies are golden, crunchy and sweet cookies. Enjoy the Maria Cookies as breakfast, their nice buttery taste is just delicious.675 gr3 x 225 grpacked

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  • 2,39 €

    Like sardines in a can.The Sardines in Olive Oil are a high quality product. The Sardines have a great, slightly salty taste, they are well cleaned and of small-medium size.8 - 12 pieces120 gr.can

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  • 3,69 €

    The Potted Black Pudding is a very popular delicacy from Castile la Mancha. The tender and tasty black pudding with onion is fried and preserved in olive oil.3 units350 gr., 250 gr. netcan

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  • 219,99 €

    The certified Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham air dries 24 months. Our Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham has the characteristic taste of the Andalusian Hams.aprox. 7 kgwhole leg

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    200 gr.

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    The traditional tomato sauce with an extra touch.The Fried Tomato Sauce Extra is homemade style, tasty and delicious. It is an essential of the Spanish cuisine that brings taste to your dishes.340 gr.jar

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  • 1,29 €

    The Lupins, naturally preserved, are a typical and tasty snack. Our Lupins are one of the favourite Spanish kill-times and they are going to make you feel like you are in this typical Spanish bar.313 grs.150 grs. drain weightjar

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  • 7,49 €

    Our Dry Fabes Beans, a variety of the white beans, are of high quality. They are dry and perfect to prepare a traditional Fabada Beanstew. 500 grvacuum packed

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  • 10,49 €

    The certified Iberian Acorn Ham air dries 24 months. Our Iberian Acorn Ham has the characteristic taste of the Andalusian Hams. 100 gr.sliced and vacum packed

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  • 13,99 €

    The Oven Paella is traditionaly made with the best meat and vegetables from Valencia. Enjoy the original taste of this popular meal. 2 portions rice: 150 gr.  broth, meat and vegetables: 830 gr.

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