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    The Vegetables Paella unites perfectly the knowhow and the fresh and native ingredients from Valenica. Enjoy a tasty, like homemade dish the easy and fast way. 2 portions rice: 150 gr  broth and vegetables: 850 gr.

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    Just a few more.The Fried Giant Corn is one of the most popular snacks in Spain. The Toasted Seeds are great in the morning, in the evening, together with a soda or beer, in the park, in front of the TV, in the pub or at home.130 gr.bag

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  • 2,08 €

    Tasty and soft chickpeas for the best dishes.The Chickpeas are dry and one of the most important ingredients of the traditional Spanish kitchen. Enjoy the soft and tasty chickpeas the way you like them best.500 grpacked

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  • 2,17 €

    Like sardines in a can.The Sardines in Olive Oil are a high quality product. The Sardines have a great, slightly salty taste, they are well cleaned and of small-medium size.8 - 12 pieces120 gr.can

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  • 3,63 €

    Prepare a hot chocolate in an instant with our Paladin Hot Chocolate. Enjoy the authentic taste of our Paladin Hot Chocolate.350 grs.pot

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  • 1,99 €

    The Grelos Leafy Vegetables, with IGP*, are a typical vegetable from Galicia. The green leafs have a great taste and they are essential for dishes like the Galician stew.410 gr.can

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  • 2,72 €

    The English Cod Crumbs stay out because of their great quality and because of their fine taste. The English Cod Crums are perfect for preparing fish meals.100 grpacked

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  • 99,91 €

    The certified Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulder Ham air dries 24 months. Our Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham has the characteristic taste of the Andalusian Ham.4,5 kgwhole leg

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  • 3,35 €

    The Asturian way, tasty and with sauce to dip.The Mini Chorizos with Cider, a typical recipe from Asturias, are cooked in cider and preserved within their own sauce.8 units210 gr.can

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  • 2,45 €

    THE afternoon snack. The Buns with Cocoa Butter, called Bollycao, are soft and sweet buns filled with tasty cocoa butter. The buns are a popular Spanish afternoon snack but they are good any time of day. 4 units 240 gr. (4 x 60 gr) vacuum packed

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  • 1,45 €

    There are as many ways of preparation as there are kitchens, ours are made with peas.The Meatballs, with tomato sauce and peas, are a traditional Spanish dish. Enjoy the tasty Meatballs wherever you are.2 portions415 grcan

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