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Tender Albarracín Cheese

350 gr.
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Tender Albarracín Cheese:

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Tender Albarracín Cheese ingredients:

Tender Albarracín Cheese is made with natural ingredients: pasteurised sheep’s milk, rennet, preservative E-1105, lactic ferments and salt. As it is matured for two months, it has the characteristics of slightly matured milk.

It is a cheese made with pasteurised milk and does not contain gluten, it is suitable for coeliacs.

Tender Albarracín Cheese characteristics:

Tender Albarracín Cheese is a typical cheese of the Aragonese gastronomy. It is a type of pressed sheep’s cheese made with pasteurised milk. It is a cheese that is cured for a short period of time, barely two months. This is why the cheese retains the pleasant taste and aroma of slightly matured milk.

We offer you a vacuum-packed cheese wedge of 350 gr. Its natural rind has an ivory-white colour, while its interior is pale white. It is a very tender cheese, an easy bite that provides a light aroma and a pleasant taste that lingers in the mouth after a few minutes.

Moreover, this cheese has won several gold medals at the World Cheese Awards.

This cheese has been made in a traditional way, by hand and with high quality ingredients. The cheese factory in Albarracín has its own sheep farm, from which it obtains part of the milk used to make the cheese. This is simply a perfect cheese.

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If you are not satisfied with any cheese and are looking for a renowned product, we recommend you to buy the Tender Albarracín Cheese. It is made by a young cheese factory that has earned international recognition for its quality cheeses and for the countless prizes it has won in its short life.

Tender Albarracín Cheese is a typical cheese of the Aragonese cuisine. It is a type of pressed sheep’s cheese made with pasteurised milk.
Ingredients: sheep’s milk, lactic ferments and salt.

350 gr. net weight (approximately)

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Sierra de Albarracín Cheese

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350 gr.
sheep's milk, dairy ferments and salt
Inedible rind, conservative (E-202 and E-235)
vacuum packed
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Craftsman Cheese

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Tender Albarracín Cheese