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Buy pickled mussels

In Gastronomic Spain we are sure you have ever tasted canned mussels, either pickled mussels, natural mussels, steamed mussels, or some other types.

And we are also sure that you have loved them, because for some reason you’ve come this far. Well, thanks to our wide variety of mussels, you can enjoy this typical Spanish appetizer wherever you are: England, Italy, France, Holland, or any European country. From now on, look no further in supermarkets, because you have found the perfect place. From Gastronomic Spain we will bring you this Spanish delicacy.

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Mussels In Galician Sauce Dani

Price €2.63
106 gr.

Spicy Pickled Mussels

Price €2.63
111 gr.

Pickled Mussels

Price €2.81
115 gr.

Natural Mussels

Price €2.81
111 gr.

Canned Pickled Mussels Calvo DOP

Price €3.63
115 gr.

Organic Pickled Mussels

Price €4.26
110 gr

Pickled Mussels Pack 3

Price €4.07 Regular price €5.08
Pack 3
  • -20%
  • -20%

Pickled Mussels From The Galician Rias

Price €5.63
115 g.

Mussels Spread

Price €2.72
100 gr.

Mussels In Vinaigrette Sauce Dani

Price €2.63
106 gr.

Mussels In Vieira Sauce

Price €2.63
106 gr.

Small Pickled Mussels

Price €2.45
111 gr

Discover the different types of canned mussels through Gastronomic Spain

For us there is no "best Spanish tapa" but the best one for each occasion. Certainly, canned mussels are always a good fit for any palate.

Dou you doubt it?

Don’t overthink it and step into the world of Rías Baixas mussels. In Gastronomic Spain we have a great variety to suit the requirements of each of our consumers. Below we will show you the different types of canned mussels that you can find on our website.

Mejillones en escabeche

One of the typical and traditional appetizers of our country. Canned mejillones en escabeche can be found in any bar, but also in Gastronomic Spain.

Pickled mussels are of Galician origin, but they have been spread throughout the peninsula. They have rich nutritional characteristics, just like its taste. A real treat for our exquisite palate.

Within this wonderful snack, Gastronomic Spain offers you 4 varieties of pickled mussels, either varying the format or adding one more ingredient, such as spicy. In Gastronomic Spain you will find the best quality Galician mussels in different sizes and pickles.

Calvo pickled mussels pack 3: Tired of having no food in the pantry? We have the solution for you, this pack of mejillones en escabeche is made up of three cans of approximately 14 and 18 pieces each.

Forget going to the supermarket at the last minute!

Extra pickled mussels: Extra pickled mussels are for the ones who like to take a piece of bread and soak in sauces or condiments.

Small pickled mussels: If you prefer smaller size, small pickled mussels will be your best choice. With their bright orangey seasoning, they are perfect for an aperitif.

Spicy pickled mussels: If you are a pickled mussel’s lover, and you also enjoy the spiciness… spicy mejillones en escabeche will be your undoing, and Grastronomic Spain will provide its distribution.

Mussels in their own juice:

In addition to pickled mussels, we also offer another type: natural mussels. Mussels in their own juice are perfect for a healthy and balanced diet. They are perfect to take as a snack and they do not have any seasoning, just water and salt.

Natural mussels are authentic, they have a high protein content of high biological value. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, its high potassium content makes it beneficial for those with hypertension or fluid retention.

A real luxury!

Moules marinières:

Last but not least, we introduce you the moules marinières. They are so named for their sea smell presence and they have a light and soft taste and texture.

Furthermore, moules marinières have a high content of proteins of great biological value, which is why they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Its high potassium content makes it beneficial for those with hypertension or fluid retention.

Buy more appetizers in Gastronomic Spain

If you have read this far, it’s probably because you’re a big fan of mussels or either, you wanted to become an expert on this traditional Spanish tapa.

In Gastronomic Spain we not only have Galician mussels, but also, we offer endless varied tapas. From the typical appetizers of the sea, such as mussels or cockles, to all kinds of cheeses, olives, pates or even snacks.