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At Gastronomic Spain we are masters in creating unique and unrepeatable moments. Moments when happiness and pleasure go hand in hand. How do we get to create these states of happiness? It’s very easy. By offering all over Europe what people miss the most apart from their family: SPANISH FOOD.

Snacks a major part of our gastronomy. In Europe they don’t really understand what these moments mean to us. Snacks don’t have a fixed and determined time, you fancy them when you fancy them. From a few mid-morning rosquilletas (bread sticks) to some peanuts accompanying the Sunday beer. It’s always good.

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Cheetos Sticks - Red Cheetos

Price €1.90
96 gr.

Bread Sticks With Sunflower Seeds

Price €0.90
80 gr

Cheetos Favoritos

Price €1.90
115 gr.

Bread Sticks With Salt

Price €0.90
70 gr

Grape Must Greip

Price €2.72

Fried Peeled Seeds

Price €0.90
125 g.

Gazpacho Alvalle Plastic Bottle

Price €3.81
0.9 kg.

Tomato Snacks

Price €1.59
110 gr

Cheetos Gustosines - Cheetos Yellow

Price €1.52 Regular price €1.90
96 gr.
  • -20%
  • -20%

Bread Sticks XL

Price €1.08
90 gr

Cheetos Balls - Green Cheetos

Price €1.45 Regular price €1.81
130 gr
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  • -20%

Peanuts With Salt

Price €1.26
250 g.

Cheetos Rizos - Cheetos Puff

Price €1.52 Regular price €1.90
96 gr.
  • -20%
  • -20%

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds With Salt

Price €1.35
125 g.


Price €1.45
250 g.

Gazpacho Mini Plastic Bottle

Price €1.81
250 ml.

Offer of Spanish snacks at a good price

Wide variety of Spanish snacks with free-shipping to all Europe

At Gastronomic Spain, we offer a wide variety of typical Spanish snacks. From the most traditional ones to the main brands. The snacks are a type of product linked to the culture of each country. It is true that the main fabricators of this type of products used to be multinationals, so they used to elaborate a product type differentiated by country.

As you will see, Gastronomic Spain offers you a wide variety of Spanish snacks at an amazing price and with free-shipping for orders superior to 89.99 €.

Types of snacks that Gastronomic Spain offers you

The snacks are a type of food that is used to be consumed between hours. It is already prepared and on many occasions it can be eaten from its own packaging.

At Gastronomic Spain, you are going to find more than 100 different types of snacks. a very broad category that could be differentiated among: nuts, traditional appetizers and chips - extruded.

Nuts from Spanish origin:

Nuts are a very popular type of snacks. It is considered a healthy appetizer and it used to be consumed between hours to obtain an energy boost.

Among the most popular snacks we find: nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, sultanas, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and the mixtures and mixtures between them.

We can find these nuts packed raw, roasted and fried. They usually come in medium-sized packets, to be eaten in one sitting, and are usually eaten from the bag.

They are considered a healthy snack as they are natural seeds with a high energy boost. However, the taste and properties will depend on whether they are roasted, raw and fried. Raw nuts are the most natural and are very healthy, with no additives. Roasted nuts, although they have only been lightly roasted, have some salt added and have a greater aroma and flavor, as roasting and salting enhance their flavor. Finally, fried nuts and dried fruit have an increase in fat due to the frying they have undergone.

Salted seeds and Grefusa:

Seeds is a very popular nut in Spain, but abroad it is mainly used to feed pets and rodents. It is a snack that usually comes with the shell, which is roasted and salted. The seed is peeled with the mouth.

Although there are many manufacturers of seeds in Spain, one of the most popular is Grefusa, which has among its brands Pipas G and Piponazo.

Traditional Spanish appetizers:

Like seeds, there are other types of snacks that are only consumed in Spain. These snacks have been consumed in Spain for generations and are part of the identity of some regions.

These traditional snacks include torreznos (bacon rashers), pork rind, fried fat, lupins, tiger nuts and the famous rosquilletas and picos.

The torreznos, rinds and fried fat come from the pork, exactly from the skin of this animal, depending on the part of the body from which it is obtained and whether it is only fat or also lean, it will be called one way or another. They are snacks that are considered to be offal, or from the supply kitchen. As well as they can be found to eat hot or already packaged and in small pieces to eat as if they were chips.

Lupins, also called altramusos or chochos, are a seed that is put in brine until it is soft. They are very typical of the South, in the part of Andalusia where they are commonly consumed.

Tigernuts are a mini tuber used to make horchata. Although its main use is to make this drink, it is very common to eat them in the Levante area. To do this, they need to be covered in water for a couple of hours to soften them.

Another of the most typical Spanish snacks are the rosquilletas, which can be defined as salty and very thin breadsticks, toasted in the oven and may contain some nuts such as seeds and peanuts. They usually come in small, individual packets weighing between 70 and 100 g. They are eaten straight from the bag. It is a "hunger killer" as it is usually eaten between meals to "trick" the stomach.

Chips and corn snacks (extruded)

Potato chips and corn snacks are the most popular ones. Of all the manufacturers, at Gastronomic Spain, we work with the most representative ones. These are multinationals or brands with a great weight at a national level.

Unlike the other snacks that we have mentioned previously, these are processed products based on potato or corn.

Among the main brands, it should be highlighted:


Cheetos is a brand of the Pepsi group that produces corn-based snacks. Despite being a multinational, it produces specific snacks for each country. For this reason, the Cheetos that we find in Spain and Portugal, we are unlikely to find in other countries in the rest of Europe.

Among the most popular Cheetos in Spain, we find: Pelotazos, Pandilla, Gustosines, Los Favoritos, Sticks and Rizos. The first two are snacks aimed at a more adult public, as their consistency is somewhat harder, while the rest are aimed at a younger public, as they are soft gummy snacks.


Matutano is also another international brand of the Pepsi group. It also specializes in corn snacks. It is aimed at a more adult public. They are crunchy snacks, with a greater consistency. They include: Fritos, 3Ds and Bocabits.


Lays is another of the Pepsi group's brands, specializing in the production of potato crisps in different flavors. Although it is also multinational, it produces specific snacks for each country. In Spain, some of the most popular potato crisps of this brand are: Ham potatoes, country potatoes and Mediterranean potatoes.

They are aimed at an adult public, as they are more spicy and with a touch of salt.


Risi is a Spanish snack brand that has been producing different types of snacks for more than 50 years. Although it includes chips, corn snacks and dried fruits and nuts.

The snacks they are best known for are Risketos, Triskis, gusanitos and match balls. Risketos and Triskis are aimed at a more adult audience, while gusanitos are aimed at children.


Takis are extra spicy snacks of Mexican origin, produced by the Bimbo group and recently started to be produced in Spain.

They are snacks made from corn and are seasoned with very hot spices. The consistency of these snacks and their high spiciness means that they are aimed at an adult public. Their snack range includes snacks with more or less spiciness, flavors and even extra spicy potatoes in addition to wheat snacks.

Vidal chips:

Patatas Vidal is a brand that belongs to the Apex group. It produces high quality potato crisps with a wide variety of flavors. It is also a brand with a high degree of innovation as it has developed chips based on traditional Spanish products, such as chorizo, fried egg and Serrano ham flavored potatoes and cured cheese.

Despite belonging to a large Spanish group, they only operate in Spain. Gastronomic Spain is one of their suppliers abroad.


It is a snack brand of the Apex group. It makes extruded corn-based snacks aimed at a younger audience. They have a soft consistency and a smaller size. In addition, the most popular format for these snacks is the small bag, with packs of up to 6g.

Among the most outstanding products are the aspitos. One of their main characteristics are Disney snacks, such as Mooskys (Mickey Mouse faces) and princess hearts.


Jumpers is another snack brand belonging to the Apex group. A type of wheat-based snack. It has a harder consistency and is aimed at a young - adolescent audience. They have been making these snacks for generations and have recently developed new variants such as Jumpers fuegotes, which have a slightly spicy touch.

As you can see, at Gastronomic Spain you will find the widest variety of Spanish snacks. Those that are only produced in Spain and that are appealing not only because they are delicious, but also because of the feeling of nostalgia that comes from being able to eat them outside Spain.