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Spanish sausages are a common Spanish product in our refrigerators and pantries. This is the commercial sausage, it is the one that we can find in supermarkets. On the other hand, the artisan sausage, known as town sausage. Without a doubt the most valued of the two. In general, Spanish sausages are the most valued in the world, being highly demanded and coveted by tourists and residents abroad. Check our entire catalog here.

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Origin of the spanish sausage

Spanish sausages are a type of culinary elaboration obtained from different parts of the pig, which consisted in the curing and dehydration of a fatty meat inside the pig guts. It is a Spanish product with a lot of history, since it was a way to preserve and extend the life of food, at a time in history when refrigerators and freezers did not exist. Blessed sausages, to this day we continue to consume these Spanish products on a regular basis, which together with Serrano ham are one of the hallmarks of Spanish gastronomy. A leading Spanish meal in bars and homes and highly demanded by tourists visiting Spain.

Types of sausages

As we have said, all those foods that are put and cured inside the pig's gut are considered sausages. It is important to differentiate between the breed of the pig and the diet of the pig, two of the main characteristics of the pig that will influence its flavor and the sale price. Since there are white and Iberian pork sausages, cured sausages and Iberian sausages:


Chorizo ​​is the king of sausages, we find it in every house and after ham it is the most international Spanish product. We can identify countless types of chorizo: such as spicy chorizo ​​or sweet chorizo. It is part of the main dishes of our gastronomy such as: macaroni with chorizo, lentils with chorizo ​​or chorizo ​​with cider.

Salchichón and longaniza

The salchichón and the longaniza are differentiated by the spices that are used in each one of them and the curing time. While the salchichón tends to have a long curing period and a differentiation is usually made between the extra salchichón and the Iberian salchichón. The sausage has a lower curing, having a softer texture, as is the case of the fresh sausage. reaching the case of a reduced curing to be able to cook it and make fried sausage.

Blood sausage

Blood sausage is one of those sausages that you either love or you don't like at all. Depending on the part of Spain where you are, blood sausage is made in one way or another. We can find three types of blood sausage: cooked rice sausage such as Burgos blood sausage, onion blood sausage and meat sausage. In general, unlike the rest of sausages, black pudding has a short cure and is usually cooked. There are chorizo ​​sausages that are well cured and are eaten cut like a chorizo ​​or salami. One of the most popular preparations is scrambled eggs with blood sausage. Although it is present in different dishes and stews such as stews and legumes.

Pork loin

The pork loin is the most noble piece of this animal. Unlike the rest of the sausages that we have defined previously, which are a mixture of lean pork, fat and different spices. The loin is a sausage that is cured in a single piece, spicy, but without mixing with other ingredients. We can differentiate between Iberian loin and stuffed loin. Both are considered cured loin, the difference is the breed of the pig.


Sobrasada from Mallorca is the most peculiar sausage, since it can be spread. It is originally from Mallorca, but its production has spread to all of Spain. Although in the peninsula we tend to rummage for sobrasada. In the Balearic Islands it is consumed as a traditional sausage and is cut into slices that are later to be spread.

There are other types of "sausages" such as cecina de León, marinated bacon, which have been cured and are eaten raw without the need to cook. Smoked pork belly, sobrasada with honey and baked bacon are some of the most popular Spanish dishes.

Types of homemade white pork sausage

The curing of the sausage consists of the drying time that the sausage itself has. We can differentiate between cured and dried sausages.

Cured sausages

They are those sausages that have had a sufficient cure so that they can be eaten raw without the need to cook them. I want to clarify that curing is a way of cooking.

Aired sausages

They are those sausages with a short cure. Which have partially lost water, but have to be cooked for consumption.

Vegan sausages

New behaviors and social ideology, caring for the environment and animalism are leading to a greater number of people who do not eat meat. These people do not want to give up some traditional products of our Spanish gastronomy, such as cheese and sausages, that is why they develop products that, although their composition is totally different and 100% vegetable, their flavor is very similar to that of traditional sausages. Some of the most popular vegan sausages are vegan chorizo ​​and vegan sobrasada.