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Paprika cheese wedge

250 gr
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Cheese with paprika is a type of cheese made with raw sheep's milk and sweet paprika, smoked inside as a crust. The paprika cheese is aged for 3 and 4 months at the Finca in Tembleque.

Enjoy this incredible paprika cheese, a different cheese but just as delicious.

Delicious Cheese wedge with Paprika from Buenalba with shipments throughout Europe

Paprika cheese is a peculiar type of cheese: made with sweet paprika.

The cheese with paprika belongs to the Buenalba cheeses, a category of spicy cheeses from the Artequeso.

Buenalba combines raw sheep's milk pressed pasta cheeses with flavors of typical products of Spanish gastronomy, such as cheese with red wine or cheese with rosemary. Buenalba makes cheeses with quality ingredients that provide attractive flavors and colors, although the main product always predominates: artisan sheep's cheese.

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Characteristics of paprika cheese wedge

Buenalba paprika cheese wedge is a type of artisan cheese made with raw sheep's milk and sweet paprika. Both its interior and rind are smoked and it matures between 3 and 4 months.

In addition, the cheese with paprika is characterized by being a pressed paste cheese, with marks on the rind of the flower and pleita.

It is a type of cheese that stands out for its milky flavor, smooth and with a persistent aftertaste.


As previously mentioned, its main ingredient is raw sheep's milk, but it is also added with salt, paprika, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and dairy ferments. cheese wedge Buenalba.

How to preserve the paprika cheese wedge Buenalba

First, the container must be removed and the cheese must reach an ambient temperature of approximately 20ºC. Next, the cheese is cut to the consumer's taste and later it is advisable to spread in olive oil in the cut to wrap before refrigerating.

It should be kept at a temperature between 4º and 12º C.

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250 gr
Raw sheep's milk, salt, paprika, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments.
Contains egg and lactic ferments
vacuum packed
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Artequeso Buenalba

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Paprika cheese wedge