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Aged Manchego Cheese Don Cayo

200 gr
In stock

The best Don Cayo Manchego Aged Cheese with shipping throughout Europe

Don Cayo aged Manchego cheese is an exceptional cheese, aged for at least 9 months. Our Manchego cheese wedge has an intense and delicious flavor. Don Cayo Manchego cheese is certified, it is a sheep cheese without equal.

Prepare a good appetizer of typical Spanish cheeses and delight your guests with a good aged Manchego cheese. You will leave them with their mouths open.

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Enjoy good Spanish food far from Spain thanks to Gastronomic Spain and savor the good taste of old Manchego cheese: irresistible and unmistakable. This old Manchego cheese has a slow cure, which makes it obtain that flavor, texture and appearance. Without a doubt, Manchego cheese is the most international Spanish cheese, a type of cheese that crosses borders and is well known, as well as appreciated throughout the world.

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Savor the aged Manchego Cheese from anywhere in Europe

The best Aged Manchego Cheese is available in the Gastronomic Spain online store. It is a type of Manchego cheese with Denomination of Origin, produced in the region of La Mancha and is made from pasteurized milk from La Mancha breed sheep.

Characteristics of Don Cayo aged manchego cheese - queso manchego viejo

Old Manchego cheese, or also known as aged cheese or reserve cheese of the Manchego type, has a minimum aging of 9 months, even exceeding 12 months.

It is the most intense type of Manchego cheese since it is characterized by the loss of all moisture, a fact that causes a more powerful, delicious flavor with a spicy touch in the aftertaste.

Another characteristic of old Manchego cheese is its origin. It is only produced in La Mancha, the native province of Manchego cheese, with the La Mancha sheep themselves. In addition, it has its own Denomination of Origin that regulates its production and distribution throughout Spain and Europe.

A wonderful Spanish cheese!

Description of Añejo Manchego cheese

Aged Manchego cheese conquers any palate, even the most exquisite palates.

It has a firm and consistent texture, with a very personalized character. It has a powerful balanced aroma and the nuances of La Mancha sheep's milk undergoing maturation provoke the personalized and distinctive character of the old Manchego cheese.

Don Cayo aged manchego cheese tasting:

  • Flavor: Strong, intense flavor, pleasant to the palate
  • Aroma: The typical smell that an old Manchego cheese gives off
  • Texture: hard texture, very firm
  • Color: White with a slight yellowish hue.

200 gr. net weight (approx)

wedge of Manchego cheese

vacuum packed

Don Cayo

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Data sheet

200 gr
Pasteurized milk from La Mancha sheep, salt, calcium chloride, lysozyme (egg-derived preservative), rennet and lactic ferments. In bark: coating agent based on fatty acids. Polyvinyl acetate and dyes E-150 and E-160b. Inedible rind.
Contains lactose and egg
vacuum packed
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net weight
200 gr
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Aged Manchego Cheese Don Cayo