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Shipping to Europe

Why pay shipping fees if you can get the shipping of your order FOR FREE? For any order superior to 89,99€ we ship your order anywhere in the European Union, from Sofia to Riga, without any cost.

If your order is lower than 89,99€ the shipping fee is 24.46€.

Delivery Time Delivery Shipments to UK: Northern Ireland

WE ARE SHIPPING TO NORTHERN IRELAND WITH TOTAL NORMALITY, YOU CAN ORDER EVERYTHING, since Northern Ireland is within the trade agreements of the European Union.  We encourage you to order. You have FREE shipping to Northern Ireland for orders over € 89.99.

IMPORTANT: at the time of ordering, you have to put that the country of delivery is IRELAND, and the address is in Northern Ireland. We will make the country changes on the shipping label. If you already have an account with us and you have a previously created Northern Ireland address, you have to create a new one, indicating IRELAND as the country.

It's that easy, in nothing you will have your Spanish food that you like the most.

Delivery Time Delivery Shipments to UK: England, Wales and Scotland


Delivery times are variable, since they do not depend only on us and the transport company. Shipping takes up to 7 - 10 work days.

Now the orders, as we send products of animal origin, we have to obtain the permits for each shipment from the Ministry of Agriculture, secondly, they have to be cleared in Spanish customs and then in UK Customs.

IMPORTANT: the UK Government is charging additional import fees for alcoholic beverage. Besids it is only permited to import 9 liters of alcoholic beverage with a graduation lower than 22% vol.

Delivery Time

If you have placed your order until December 11, 2020 included, it will arrive before Christmas. If you have placed your order until December 15, 2020 included, it will arrive before New Year's Eve. If you have placed your order included on December 18, it will arrive before kings.

 If you want to send or receive an order to the United Kingdom. As of January 1, you will not pay tariffs of any kind and you also have FREE shipping for orders over € 89.99, regardless of weight.

Delivery times may be altered due to the current situation due to COVID-19 and the increase in shipments for Christmas. The delivery guarantee is temporarily revoked.

Orders placed will leave our facilities within 3 to 5 business days *. Delivery times for the Peninsula and Balearic Islands ** are 2 - 3 business days. For international shipments the delivery is made between 4 - 5 business days. If you purchase the EXPRESS SHIPPING service, your order will leave our warehouse in less than 24 hours.

Orders placed as "express delivery" or "premium account" leave our facilities the next business day *. Delivery times for Peninsula and Balearic Islands ** are 2 - 3 business days. For international shipments, delivery takes place between 4 - 5 business days.

The delivery times given here are not a guarantee and we assume no liability for delays beyond our control.

Delivery Address

The order is going to be delivered to the indicated address. We recommend to detail as much as possible the address to ensure a correct delivery. However, the delivery service will contact you in the case that the delivery is not possible due to reasons like you haven't been at the indicated address in the moment of delivery or there was no one to sign the delivery.


If you are not satisfied with your order you have the possibility of refund, always within the legal times marked by the Spanish law. For more information check our refund politics.

Shipping Fares

CountryCost (€)TimeCountryCost (€)Time
Spain 6.59 2/3 workdays  Germany 15.00 4/5 workdays
Austria 15.00 4/5 workdays  Belgium 14.44 4/5 workdays
Bulgaria 24.46 4/5 workdays Croatia 24.46 4/5 workdays
Czech Republic 19.44 3/4 workdays Denmark 18.50 4/5 workdays
Estonia 24.46 4/5 workdays Finland 18.50 4/5 workdays
France 14.44 4/5 workdays Greece 19.99 4/5 workdays
Hungary 19.99 4/5 workdays Ireland 18.99 4/5 workdays
Italy 15.00 4/5 workdays Latvia 24.46 4/5 workdays
Lithuania 24.46 4/5 workdays Luxemburg 14.99 4/5 workdays
Balearic Islands 6.59 2/3 workdays The Netherlands 14.99 4/5 workdays
Poland 19.44 3/4 workdays Portugal 9.33 2/3 workdays
Romania 24.46 4/5 workdays Slovaquia 24.46 4/5 workdays
Slovenia 24.46 4/5 workdays United Kingdom 20,00 7/10 workdays
Sweden 18.50 4/5 workdays Switzerland 22.00 4/5 workdays

All our fares include 21% VAT

* Bankholydays for our company:

January 1, 6 and 22

March 17 and 19

April 13, 14, 17 and 24

May 1

August 15

October 9 and 12
November 1

December 6, 8 and 25

** We don't ship to Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla by now. We apologize for the inconvenience.