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90% of Spanish people love cheese. It does not matter which kind of cheese it is: cured, semi-cured, aged, blue cheese, goat cheese, parmesan, grated and so on. And we could mention many other types of cheese that will surely ring a bell.

In Gastronomic Spain we have the best selection of Spanish cheese. There is a lot of variety and different brands and it is always at the best price. If you are interested in buying good Spanish cheese, read on and we will show you each and every one of them. In addition, we have shipments to all Europe.

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Spanish cheese is always present in our lives. We have it on breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners, every chance we get, we treat ourselves with one of the best products of the Spanish cuisine, Spanish cheese.

In Gastronomic Spain we have the following cheeses. We have FREE shipping anywhere in Europe, so take this opportunity to buy cheese at the best price and surprise your European friends with the quality of the products offered by the Spanish cuisine.


Manchego cheese is one of the most desired cheeses by the Spaniards. And with good reason, because we are talking about a cheese with Protected Designation of Origin in La Mancha.

It is a cheese made exclusively with sheep of Manchega breed milk. Its cure will depend on whether it is semi-cured, cured or old.

Semi-cured manchego cheese: cured for 3 to 6 months.
Cured manchego cheese: cured for 6 to 9 months.
Aged Manchego cheese: curing of more than 9 months.


Idiazábal is one of the most popular Spanish cheeses. It is also Protected Designation of Origin, but in this case, it is from Basque Country and Navarra. This cheese made with sheep’s milk is characterized by being a fatty cheese, with an exquisite taste and it has a minimum maturation of 60 days.

Idiazábal cheese is so delicious that it is declared a European gastronomic heritage. Among its characteristics we find: an intense, balanced, clean and consistent flavour. It has a natural rennet, as well as a spicy, bitterness-free tone.

In Gastronomic Spain you will find Idiazábal wedge and smocked Idiazábal.


Flor de Esgueva speaks for itself. It is one of the sheep cheeses that is in the top 10 of best Spanish cheese.

Flor de Esgueva is a cheese made only with raw sheep’s milk and it is matured in natural bark for a minimum of 7 months. In its tasting we can notice a sweet and cereal flavour. It is a type of cheese that is both soft and powerful.

Enjoy the Flor de Esgueva as if you were in a Michelin star restaurant.


Red wine cheese is made in many towns in Spain, but the one offered by Gastronomic Spain is typical of La Mancha. It is a type of sheep’s cheese that is bathed in red wine. It is greasy, and its paste is pressed, washed and uncooked *Available in half piece or wedge.


In addition to Manchego cheese and Idiazábal cheese, we also have other sheep cheeses such as Añejo, Pata de Mulo, Prestigio or sheep cheese bathed in oil.

Aged Sheep Cheese: from Toledo. Aged cheese is a cheese with a soft, pleasant, and buttery taste. It is made with pasteurized sheep’s milk and in order to acquire its colour in ivory tone, a firm texture and an excellent taste for our palate, it has a minimum curing of 8 months.

Pata de Mulo: this kind of cheese is made in Castile and León. Pata de Mulo is characterized by its curl shape, hence its name. It is an intense pressed Spanish cheese with an enzymatic coagulation. Its colour is ivory, although its rind tends to be yellow with ochre. It is a somewhat salty and oily cheese.

Prestigio Cheese: it is only made with sheep milk in the cheese factories of Baltanás (Palencia). Its flavour intense. Prestigio cheese has a lasting taste with hints of roasted nuts. *Available half piece or whole piece.

Sheep’s Cheese in Oil: the difference between this type of sheep’s cheese and the rest is that, this cheese is preserved in olive oil so it softens a little the strong and intense flavour, and it brings an oily taste.


Mahon cheese, also known as Mahon-Minorca cheese, comes from Menorca, as its name says. It is elaborated with cow milk and it is Denomination of Origin. It is characterized by its salting and healing and it follows the customs of the island. While its elaboration responds to ancestral traditions, being one of the pillars on which is based part of the history and tradition of livestock and culinary Menorca. *Available Mahon cheese in whole or half piece.


Paprika cheese is another of the most recognized cow cheeses in Spain. It is very popular for the reddish/orange color of its rind. It is made from cow’s milk and it is characterized by a firm and creamy texture.