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Serrano ham at the best price

Serrano ham is one of the most popular and loved Spanish foods around the world. It is possibly the Spanish product most longed for by Spaniards living outside Europe and the most coveted by foreigners visiting Spain. To do this, the Gastronomic Spain online store offers you a wide range of Serrano hams at a good price.

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Store of Serrano ham with free shipping to all of Europe. Sale of all types of Serrano ham, leg ham, dice and sliced by knife and machine:

It is true that you can find Serrano ham outside Spain, but the experience demonstrates that the Serrano ham found in these supermarkets has low quality. Most of the time, the Serrano ham is already packaged in a vacuum, having little curing and it is so finely cut by a machine that a whole slice cannot be used. At Gastronomic Spain, you are going to find more than 60 types of different hams with the best quality and with FREE shipping to all of Europe.

At our online store of Serrano ham, you are going to find the greatest selection and all types of Serrano ham: whole ham, boned ham, piece of ham and all types of cuts by machine and knife in a vacuum.

When you think about Spanish food, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the Serrano ham. If you look for cheap Serrano ham, Gastronomic Spain has a great variety of Iberian and Serrano cured hams at an incredible price.

Serrano ham is one of the Spanish most popular and loved all over the world. It is possibly the Spanish product most missed by the Spanish people that live outside Europe and the most coveted by the foreigners that visit Spain. For this purpose, the online store of Gastronomic Spain puts at your service a wide offer of Serrano hams at a good price.

Gastronomic Spain is the only store where a Serrano ham can be bought with FREE shipping to all of Europe. In addition, you can take advantage of your order and add some of the 1200 Spanish foods that are at your disposal, which are practically impossible to find outside Spain. From the classic fried tomato sauce to calluses cooked in Madrilenian tradition, you are going to find a little bit of everything.

At our online store, we put at your disposal a great range of Serrano hams at a good price. Directly from Spain and with free shipping, enjoy the experience of eating a delicious Serrano ham in any place of Europe.

We also offer you a great range of ham holders and knives to cut ham in order for you to enjoy the ham like a real gourmet.

Types of Serrano ham offered at Gastronomic Spain:

To Serrano ham’s lovers, one of the greatest pleasures is to have a Serrano one-piece ham leg in the kitchen and cut it at any moment of the day.

Cut ham with a knife is an ability and the knowledge and experience to cut ham with it like a true professional are needed. Not all the consumers need a whole Serrano ham leg in the kitchen. However, apart from finding a wide variety of Serrano ham legs, we offer the same hams in different formats, adapted to the necessities of each consumer. In this way, you can also find: Serrano ham cubes, ham diced and sliced by a machine and knife.

Characteristics of Serrano ham:

The main characteristic of Serrano ham, against Iberian one, is pork breed and its maturing. The Serrano is characterized by being elaborated with white domestic pork leg. In other words, all hams that do not belong to the Iberian breed and have had the typical natural curing process characterized are considered Serrano hams. The features and peculiarities of the Serrano ham mainly depend on the pork breed, the feeding, breeding and curing of the animal.

Pork breed used for Serrano ham:

In comparison to Iberian ham, in the elaboration of Serrano ham, different breeds and cross breeding are used. These breeds are employed based on the reproductive ease, the fattening, breeding and the capacity that have for adapting to the climatic conditions of the Iberian peninsula. The most pork breeds employed in the elaboration of the Serrano ham are: duroc breed, landrace and large white.

Duroc pork breed:

Of all porcine breeds, duroc breed is the most employed for the production of white pork ham of high quality. It is also the pork breed that the Iberian pork is crossbred.

The main features of this animal are: it is a breed that comes from the USA and it is obtained by cross breeding the Old Duroc and Red Jersey porks. This breed is characterized by the fact that it has a good infiltration of fat, which produces the marbling. It improves the taste and the quality of the ham as it becomes more succulent and soft.

It is a robust, big pork that proliferates rapidly.

Landrace pork breed:

Landrace breed porks are considered a perfect maternal one due to its gentle and docile nature. It also gives more milk than others and therefore, they are very popular as sows.

Large white pork breed:

Large white pork breed is the favorite for the elaboration of the ham from Teruel. It comes from the UK, similar to the local variety. Both in terms of the degree of the growth and the fatty content of the ham, and the nature of the pork.

Curing of the Serrano ham:

The curing of the Serrano ham is going to be determined by the size of the pork leg and the average fat that it contains. In general, the Serrano hams, genetically, are less fatty than the Iberian ones.

The curing has to be natural, respecting the time for the salting, the curing and the drying. For this reason, we can classify the Serrano hams as the type of curing:

Cellar ham:

Cellar ham is the one that has a curing for at least 9 months. Of all the Serrano hams, this is the one who has the least curing.

Reserva ham:

Reserva ham is the one who has a curing of at least 12 months.

Gran Reserva ham:

Gran Reserva ham is the Serrano ham of the most curing, it has a curing of at least 16 months and for this type of hams are used to use the best pork legs of the best breed, habitually the duroc breed.

It is also the ham that is used to be certified due to its quality.

Serrano hams with Denomination of Origin:

The loving care, tradition, dedication and quality with which the Serrano hams are elaborated in certain Spanish regions has meant that these artisans are grouped together creating their own Denominations of Origin.

When we talk about Serrano ham, two Denominations of Origin exist that stand out by the quality of the product and the good image of the brand created over the years. These Denominations of Origin are: ham from Teruel and ham from Trevélez (Granada).

The Denomination of Origin created in both regions has the purpose of guaranteeing minimal standards of quality, developing the brand and certifying that this product is protected by the Denomination of Origin.

For this reason, ham from Teruel and the ham from Trevélez are the only certified hams through a seal or white band. (Similar to the white taf of the Iberian ham, but clearly indicating that it is a ham of white pork).


The Serrano ham is a complete and beneficial food for our organism. It is true that for many people the fat contained in each slice pays their attention, this grease is an unsaturated one that has a lot of benefits after consumption. Logically, as it occurs with almost all of the food, a balanced diet is a must.

It is said that Serrano ham increases cholesterol, but this is simply a false affirmation. The truth is that the white ham helps to regulate our levels of cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol and reducing the bad one.

The Serrano ham provides 200 calories per 100 gr. each one. In general, it works better with a lot of foods, but it does not mean that Serrano ham does not make you gain weight. However, if a varied and balanced diet is the base, this gastronomic treasure can be enjoyed without a doubt. Since, as it occurs with many things, there is a lot of pleasure here.


The way of preserving the Serrano ham depends on the climate. It is not the same eating a Gran Reserva ham from London that eating a Serrano ham from Finland. In our blog, you will find articles about all the related topics to ham, in this case how to warehouse a good ham. Visit our blog and keep you up to the date in all of the news.