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Serrano ham at the best price

Serrano ham is one of the most popular and loved Spanish foods around the world. It is possibly the Spanish product most longed for by Spaniards living outside Europe and the most coveted by foreigners visiting Spain. To do this, the Gastronomic Spain online store offers you a wide range of Serrano hams at a good price.

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Serrano ham is one of the most popular Spanish foods around the world. It is possibly the Spanish product. Not only Spaniards outside Spain long for it the most but also all non-Spaniards. Gastronomic Spain's online shop offers you a wide range of Serrano hams at a good price.

It is true that Serrano ham is available outside of Spain, but our experience has shown that Serrano ham on supermarket in Europe shelves is generally of poor quality. Most of the time it is already vacuum-packed, has very little curing and is machine-cut so finely that you cannot use a whole slice. In our online shop you can find a big range of Serrano ham with the best price and quality.

In our online shop for Serrano ham you will find the largest selection of Serrano ham: whole-leg ham, boneless ham, ham in piece format and all types of vacuum-packed machine and knife cuts.

When you think of Spanish food, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Serrano ham. If you are looking for a cheap Serrano ham, Gastronomic Spain has a large number of Cured ham, Serrano ham and Iberico ham at an incredible price.


Gastronomic Spain is the only shop where you can buy a Serrano ham online with FREE shipping all over Europe. In addition, you can take advantage of your order and add some of the 1,200 Spanish food products we have in our range that are virtually impossible to find outside of Spain. From the classic fried tomato sauce to cooked giblets (callos) in Madrid style, you will find everything.

We also offer you a wide range of ham holders and knives for slicing ham so that you can enjoy ham like a true gourmet.


For lovers of Serrano ham, one of the greatest pleasures is to have Serrano ham in one piece in the kitchen and to cut it at any time of the day.

Cutting ham with a knife is an art and it takes knowledge and experience to cut ham with a knife like a true professional.

However, if you have a whole piece of Serrano ham in the kitchen, you can cut it any way you want, whether it's thinly sliced ​​or diced for cooking.

In Gastronomic Spain you will find the best "Jamón Serrano" ham.

In our online shop we offer you a wide range of "Jamón Serrano" hams at a good price. Directly from Spain and with free shipping, enjoy the experience of eating a delicious Serrano ham anywhere in Europe.


The main characteristic of Serrano ham, compared to Iberian ham, is the breed of the pig and its maturation. Serrano ham is characterized by the fact that it is made from pork leg from domestic white pigs. This means that all hams that do not belong to the Iberian breed are considered Serrano ham. The properties and peculiarities of the Serrano ham mainly depend on the breed of the pigs.

Breed of Serrano Pig:

The most popular pig breeds due to their quality are those of the land breed pig, the Duroc breed pig and the Large White Pig Breed. These white pigs are the most common in the Iberian Peninsula.

Duroc pig breed:

Of all the pig breeds, the Duroc breed is the most sought after for the production of high quality white pork ham. It is also the breed of pig that the Iberian pig is most commonly crossed with.

The main characteristics of this animal are: It is an original breed from the USA and is obtained by crossing the Old Duroc pigs and the Red Jersey. This breed is characterized by the fact that their hams are better streaked with fat than other breeds. This improves the taste and quality of the ham as it becomes juicier and more tender.

Landrace pigs:

The landrace pigs are considered a maternal breed due to their gentle and docile nature. They also give more milk than other breeds and are therefore very popular as mother pigs.

Large White Pig Breed:

This breed is preferred for making Teruel ham. Originally from the United Kingdom, it is very similar to the landrace. Both in terms of the degree of growth and fat content of the ham and the nature of the pigs.

Serrano ham curing:

The curing and drying process for Serrano ham is the same as for Iberian ham. Its ripening varies according to the weight of the leg, although it takes at least 10 months. For Gran Reserva or Teruel ham with D.O. the maturation takes 20-24 months.


Teruel ham and Trévelez ham are the only Serrano ham that are certified and subject to specific quality controls. They have what is known as a designation of origin that certifies a specified minimum quality of the ham. The Teruel Denomination of Origin was the first to be introduced in Spain. This means that a product with this seal is manufactured and processed in a certain geographical area, with proven craftsmanship and specific quality standards. In other words, the Teruel Denomination of Origin is a guarantee of quality and exclusivity.

Ham with designation of origin is a product that has been manufactured with great care. It should be borne in mind that Teruel ham and Trévelez ham usually mature for more than 18 months and some can reach a maturation time of up to 24 months. These hams are known as Reserva Serrano ham and Gran Reserva Serrano ham.

Serrano ham can be found on the market for as little as 30-45 euros. In all honesty, if we are looking for a good ham, I recommend that you not buy this ham as it has not matured properly. It's like playing the lottery, usually it's a raw ham that "dries out" when sliced. In other cases the ham is hardened with hot plates. Whereby it does not ripen but simply dries out.

The most common white ham is that of the Duroc breed. The Duroc breed pig is the pig that is usually crossed with Iberian pigs. If you want to buy a raw ham at a good price, firstly you are in the right ham shop and secondly you are always on the right track with Serrano ham of the Duroc breed.

Don't let the different terminology confuse you. Like olive oil, Serrano ham has been awarded many titles. Like cellar ham, Granada ham or Iberian serrano ham. To make sure that you buy a high quality ham, always pay attention to the official certification.

Jamón de Teruel - Serrano ham from Teruel

Teruel ham, or Serrano ham from Teruel, is considered the best white pork ham. This raw ham is produced in the Teruel region, which is located on a high plateau. Only the geographical location, the resulting pressure differences and the mountain air have a significant influence on the ripening of the ham. In terms of price, this Serrano ham is in a slightly higher segment. The long maturation (18 to 24 months), the quality of the pedigree pigs, the strict quality controls and, last but not least, the excellent taste and delicate consistency of the ham, justify this sufficiently.

The Serrano ham from Teruel comes from pigs of the Duroc or Landrace breed, fed with natural feed and subject to the strict controls of the designation of origin. It is a certified pork ham with the so-called Mudejar star of Teruel on the rind. Its weight is usually around 7.5 kg. If you want to buy Teruel Duroc ham cheaply, you are in the right online shop.

Reserva ham

Reserva ham is a ham that has matured for more than 12 months. Gastronomic Spain offers you, in addition to Reserva ham on the leg, already sliced ​​Serrano Reserva ham. Whether for breakfast, brunch or as a snack, a rich ham that you will love.

The Reserva ham offered at Gastronomic Spain comes from Teruel. It is a Serrano ham with no Denomination of Origin and differs from the others in that it has no hoof. In any case, the hoof is an unimportant element when buying a ham. The maturation time of more than 12 months testifies to its quality and therefore the Reserva ham is positioned as one of the best Serrano hams on the market.

Gran Reserva ham

Gran Reserva ham is a type of ham that is of high quality without any certification. The Gran Reserva hams, which we offer as a whole leg of ham or leg, are of the highest quality, as the name suggests: Gran Reserva.

Our Gran Reserva Serrano ham matures over 17 months and comes from Teruel, the queen province of quality hams. Since it is a Teruel ham with no designation of origin, they remove the hoof. This way the hams can be better distinguished. You can find our Gran Reserva ham, as a piece of ham or in the whole leg.


st that white ham helps regulate our cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol.

Serrano ham provides about 200 cal. For 100gr each. In general, it performs better over a lot of foods, but that doesn't mean Serrano ham won't make you fat. However, if a varied and balanced diet is the basis, this gastronomic gem can be enjoyed without hesitation. Because, as with so much, there is plenty of pleasure here too.


How Serrano ham is stored depends very much on the climate. Eating a Gran Reserva ham in London is not the same as eating a Serrano ham in Finland. In our blog you will find articles on all subjects related to ham, in this case how to best store a good ham. Visit our blog and stay up to date with all the news.


Slicing Serrano ham is an art, it takes technique and practice to get it right. It is important to have suitable tools: ham holder and knife to cut the ham. You can find our ham slicing course on our blog, which you will definitely find useful.

Serrano ham is said to increase cholesterol, but that is simply a false statement. The truth i