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This is your SERRANO HAM with FREE shipping in Europe

Serrano ham is one of the most popular Spanish foods. It is probably the Spanish product most longed for by Spaniards living outside Europe and the most coveted by foreigners visiting Spain. To that end, the online shop Gastronomic Spain is at your service. We have an extensive catalogue with more than 800typical products of Spanish gastronomy specially for you. Because we are aware of how difficult it is to find Spanish products outside Spain. We have the solution! Cheap Serrano ham and any other product you want at the best price.

When you think of Spanish food, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is Serrano ham. Gastronomic Spain offers you a large number of Serrano hams at a great price. Even though everything that is not Iberico ham is Serrano ham, it is necessary to make several distinctions. First of all, the breed of the white pig and the curing period must be considered.