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Iberian Chorizo Guijuelo

400 g.
In stock

Buy Iberian Chorizo Cular de Cebo

At Gastronomic Spain, you can buy Iberian Chorizo Cular de Cebo. More than 800 traditional Spanish products are now available in our online store, including Iberian chorizos, Serrano hams, wines, and any other product you will love for sure.

Iberian chorizo is a type of cold meat made from Iberian pork. Exceptional, gluten-free, and the perfect product.

The Iberian chorizo cular de cebo main ingredients include Iberian pork, natural casing, salt, lactose, dextrin, paprika, garlic, olive oil, and colouring, among others.

Iberian Chorizo de Cebo characteristics

The Iberian Chorizo de Cebo is offered in an approximately 400 gr. vacuum-packed style.

It is a type of Iberian sausage made from Iberian pork. These pigs are raised in captivity in the Guijuelo region with a 50% Iberian breed and fed natural feed and grains

Top-quality Iberian chorizo cular is available at Gastronomic Spain. It has been elaborated by Nieto Martín, a modest family business that is quite significant in the Spanish panorama. They blend the artisanal style with the application of modern technologies, and they are experts in traditional Iberian products with a natural curing process.

This Nieto Martín Iberian chorizo is a gluten-free Iberian product. It is categorised as chorizo cular because it is wrapped in a thick pork casing (cular). Before eating, make sure the skin is off because it is not edible.

Although it is an animal-derived casing, it has a rough flavour and a tough texture, and it is made from a portion of the big intestine and is ideal for stuffing chorizos such as this one. It’s cured for more than 4-5 months and has a good consistency. It is advised to cut it into thin slices.

Once cut, it has a brown/maroon colouring, and the lean beef and fat are clearly distinguishable in the slice because the mixture of these ingredients is not diced as finely as in other chorizos. The chorizo is ideal for sandwiches or as an aperitif.

Iberian Chorizo Cular de Cebo ingredients:

Iberian pork, salt, lactose, dextrin, paprika, soya protein, milk protein, garlic, olive oil, dextrose, stabiliser (E-451 i), antioxidants (E-316 and E-331 iii), flavouring, preservatives (E-250 and E-252) and colouring (E-120). Natural pork casing.

Allergens: Contains lactose, soya protein and milk protein. It is a suitable product for coeliacs.

Enjoy our premium Iberian product and taste good food!

*From Gastronomic Spain, we advise keeping Iberian chorizo in a cold, dry area.

400 g.

“Chorizo cular”

Nieto Martín’s Iberian product

Vacuum packed.

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Data sheet

400 g.
Iberian pork meat, Iberian pork fat, salt, lactose, dextrin, paprika, soy protein, milk protein, garlic, olive oil, dextrose, stabilizer (E-451 i), antioxidants (E-316 and E- 331 iii), aroma, preservatives (E-250 and E-252) and coloring (E-120). Natural pork casing.
Contains Lactose, soy protein, milk protein
vacuum packed
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400 gr
Nieto Martin

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Iberian Chorizo Guijuelo

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