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Offer of the best Serrano hams from Trévelez at a good price. Different formats: whole leg, slice and machine sliced.


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Trevelez Ham

Price €130.56
7 - 8 kg

Pice Of Trevelez Ham

Price €17.93
1000 gr

Trevelez Ham Sliced

Price €4.99
100 gr

Buying Trevelez Ham Online

Buying Trevelez ham, a high-quality gourmet product, can be a rewarding experience for food enthusiasts. Trevélez, located in the Alpujarra of Granada, Spain, is known for producing one of the best air-cured hams in the region.

If you're looking for quality Serrano ham, stick with Trevelez ham. At Gastronomic Spain, we offer it in all its cuts: whole leg, 1 kg ham, and sliced.

Where to Buy IGP Trevelez Ham?

Enjoying an authentic Trevelez ham is a unique culinary experience. You can buy it online through the Gastronomic Spain online store. We make it easy for people from different parts of Europe to access this high-quality gourmet product in a convenient, safe, and economical way.

Characteristics of Trevelez Ham

Trevelez ham is a culinary delight known for its unique characteristics and quality. Trevélez, located in the Alpujarra of Granada, Spain, is known for producing one of the best air-cured hams in the region. Here are some of the distinctive characteristics of Trevelez ham:

Sensory Characteristics:

- Flavor: Trevelez ham is characterized by its delicate, balanced, and slightly sweet flavor. The combination of pig's diet, climate, and curing process influences the complexity of the flavors.

- Texture: Trevelez ham has a juicy and soft texture that melts in the mouth, thanks to the balanced distribution of infiltrated fat.

Color and Appearance:

- Color: Trevelez ham ranges in color from pink to purple-red, depending on the curing time.

- Fat: The fat infiltrated in the meat has a golden and transparent tone, contributing to the juiciness and characteristic flavor.

Presentation and Labeling: Versatility in the Kitchen:

Trevelez ham is versatile and can be enjoyed both in thin slices and in more elaborate culinary dishes, such as tapas, salads, or main courses.

Trevelez hams are usually presented with the whole leg or in smaller formats, such as shoulder cuts.

The label and the back label with the Protected Designation of Origin guarantee the authenticity and quality of the product. It has a blue label or seal that surrounds the hoof and guarantees that it is an IGP Trevelez ham.

Types of Trevelez Ham:

In general, Trevelez ham is classified into different categories based on the curing time and the quality of the product. Some common categories are:

Blue Label: Trevelez Ham

Standard product with a minimum curing time.

Red Label: Trevelez Reserve Ham:

With a curing time longer than the standard.

Black Label: Trevelez Gran Reserve Ham:

With an even longer curing time than the Reserve. It is the highest-value Trevelez ham.

These categories are mainly based on the curing time of the ham and the weight of the leg, as the larger the weight, the longer the curing time required.

The Price of Trevelez Ham

The price of IGP Trevelez ham can depend on several factors, and some of the most significant include:

Quality of Pork:

The quality of the pork used in the ham production is a key factor in the price. The selection of specific pig breeds and proper feeding can influence the quality of the meat and therefore the cost of the ham.

Curing Time:

Curing time is a determining factor in the price. Hams that have spent more time in the curing process usually have a higher price due to the intensification of flavors and textures achieved during that period.

Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) Certification:

Hams that have the Protected Designation of Origin (IGP) certification from Trevelez usually have higher prices. This certification guarantees the authenticity and quality of the product, supported by specific production regulations in the Trevelez region.

Size and Weight:

The size and weight of the ham also influence the price. Larger hams usually have a higher cost, and the price may vary depending on whether the whole piece or smaller portions are purchased.

Presentation and Boning:

The presentation of the ham, whether whole or boned, can affect the price. Boned or sliced hams usually have an additional cost due to the additional work involved in their preparation.

Origin of Trevelez Ham

Trevelez ham is a gourmet product originating from Trevélez, a picturesque town located in the Alpujarra of Granada region, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. This place is known for producing one of the most appreciated air-cured hams throughout Spain and beyond.

The Trevélez region offers unique climatic and geographical conditions that are essential for the ham curing process. Trevélez is located at a high altitude in the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range that provides a dry and cool climate. These conditions are ideal for the natural curing of ham in the open air.

The tradition of producing hams in Trevélez dates back centuries. The inhabitants of the Alpujarra have perfected over time the artisanal techniques of ham production, transmitting this knowledge from generation to generation. Pig breeding, the selection of the best pieces, and the curing process are practices deeply rooted in the local culture.

The Best Trevelez Ham, Juvilés Hams

Juvilés Hams have earned our appreciation as a supplier of Trevelez ham. The choice of the best ham can be subjective and will depend on the personal tastes of each consumer, but undoubtedly Juvilés Hams produces Trevelez ham of the highest quality.

Juviles is a locality in the Alpujarra of Granada region, a region known for its production of high-quality Trevelez ham. If Juvilés Hams has managed to stand out in terms of quality, flavor, and service, it is a good sign that they take tradition and excellence seriously in the production of this delicious product.

Remember that the choice of the best ham may also depend on individual preferences, such as the desired curing time, the amount of infiltrated fat, the presentation (whole leg or sliced), among other factors.

Ingredients of Trevelez Ham, No Colorants or Preservatives

Trevelez ham, like any other ham, is a relatively simple product in terms of ingredients. The basic ingredients are:

- Pork leg: Trevelez ham is made from the hind leg of the pig, which is one of the tastiest and juiciest parts.

- Salt: Salt is essential in the ham curing process. It is used to rub and cover the pork leg, helping to preserve the meat and develop its characteristic flavor during the curing process. A low-salt ham.

- No colorants or preservatives: none of these components are used for ham curing, nor during its production process.

Trevelez Ham with Protected Geographical Indication:

Trevelez ham has the Protected Designation of Origin, which means that its production is regulated and protected by specific regulations. This designation guarantees the authenticity of the product and adherence to quality standards.

Pig Breed Used to Make Trevelez Ham:

Trevelez ham is traditionally made from pigs of the Duroc, Landrace, and Large White breeds. These breeds contribute specific characteristics to the quality of the meat, such as the balance between fat and lean.

How to Consume IGP Trevelez Ham?

IGP Trevelez ham is a delicacy that is best enjoyed when served and consumed properly to appreciate its unique flavors and textures. Here are some suggestions on how to consume Trevelez ham:

1- Thin Slicing:

Trevelez ham should be sliced thinly to highlight its flavor and texture. Use a sharp knife to obtain translucent slices that melt in the mouth.

2- Room Temperature:

Ham is best served at room temperature to allow the flavors to fully release. Take the ham out of the refrigerator about 20-30 minutes before serving.

3- Attractive Presentation:

Present the ham slices on a plate or presentation board attractively. This not only enhances the visual experience but also makes it easier to access the ham.

4- Simple Accompaniments:

To fully appreciate the flavor of the ham, serve it with simple accompaniments such as fresh bread, picos (crispy rolls), or toast. Avoid strong accompaniments that may overshadow the flavor of the ham.

5- Pairing with Wines:

Enjoy Trevelez ham with a good wine. Dry white or light red wines can complement the flavor of the ham very well. You can also consider pairing it with a good sparkling wine or cava.

6- Ham Tasting:

Experience ham tasting, appreciating the different layers of flavor and texture. Start with the leanest slices and continue to the fattier areas to experience the complexity of the flavor.

7- Proper Storage:

Store the ham in a cool, dry place when not consuming it. It is common to use a specific cover for hams or a cloth to cover and protect it from the air.

8- Direct Consumption or in Dishes:

In addition to consuming it alone, Trevelez ham can be used in various preparations. Add it to salads, sandwiches, or enjoy it as part of a charcuterie board.

Remember that Trevelez ham is a gourmet product, and enjoying it is an experience that involves all the senses. Patience and respect for tradition in its production will be reflected in every bite. Enjoy your meal!

Where is Trevelez Ham Cured?

Altitude and Climate:

Trevélez is located at a high altitude in the Sierra Nevada, which contributes to the dry and cool climate of the region. These conditions are ideal for the process of curing ham in the open air, resulting in a product with exceptional flavors and textures.

Open-Air Curing Process:

The curing of Trevelez ham is carried out in the open air, taking advantage of the unique climatic conditions of the region. This slow and natural process, which can last between 14 and 30 months, contributes to the formation of complex flavors and a juicy texture.

Is Trevelez Ham White Legged?

The term "white legged" is generally associated with the pig breed, specifically the serrana breed, whose pigs have white hooves unlike Iberian pigs whose hooves are black.

Trevélez is mainly known for producing Serrano ham, which is traditionally made from white pigs of breeds such as Duroc, Landrace, and Large White.

Therefore, in general terms, Trevelez ham is known to be "white legged" in the sense that the term is used with Iberian hams being "black legged".

It should be mentioned that if you are looking for other high-quality "white legged" hams, you should take a look at the hams from Teruel.