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Pork loin, the top cold meat

The pork loin, second to sirloin, is any animal’s noblest meat. The same goes for the pig. Although when we talk about cured or dried products, things change a bit.

Cured pork loin is considered the best cold meat. You’re in luck! Because in addition to the best Iberian loin, we offer you other Spanish cold meats that you will find a delight.

There is a wide variety of cured pork loins and we are going to classify them into 3 categories: orza pork loin, lomo embuchado and Iberian loin. Next, we are going to explain each of them in further detail.

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Orza pork loin tops the list of the most demanded

One of the most demanded products by Spaniards living outside of Spain is that of the orza pork loin, the marinated loin par excellence. It is a very typical traditional village meal, especially in Castilla León, Castilla La Mancha and Aragón. It consists of cooking large pieces of pork loin in olive oil at low temperature, which is why this process is called confitar (glaze). The process last between 2 and 4 hours and the result is a very juicy tender loin that can be eaten hot or cold.

We offer orza pork loin in two different ways: in a mine format, of about 350 net grams in a can and the standard format of 850 grams. The way of preparation of both loin formats is the same: microwave them, use a water bath, or cook them in a casserole.

Never go wrong with lomo embuchado

The lomo embuchado is another typical mainland Spanish dish. It is a cold meat that comes from the pork loin, free of external fat, marinated and finally stuffed in natural pork casing, hence its name.

Imagine that you have a plate full of filleted lomo embuchado in front of you. Doesn’t your mouth water? Mine does. Although we can also offer you the cured pork loin cane from Teruel, the whole piece of cured pork loin, and if you have a cold meat slicer that can provide you with thin slices, it will be ideal for any appetizer.

Unlike the marinated loin, the cured loin has a minimum aging time of 4 to 5 months. We offer his type of pork loin, filleted and vacuum packed, divided into 100g each.

In addition, the pork loin from Teruel is another type of lomo embuchado that Gastronomic Spain offers, vacuum pack and with a net weight of 400g.

Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy!

Iberian pork loin, perfect for its fine and juicy flavour

Our Iberian loin comes from the Salamanca region, which has the ideal climate for curing hams and other cold meats. The Iberian loin comes from Iberian pigs, which are raised in the same region, and feed on natural pastures and acorns. Pigs spend between 2 and 4 months in pasture. During the careful airing process, the loin takes on its firmness, its soft reddish colour, its characteristic aroma, its juiciness and its fine flavour.

The main difference when it comes to Iberian loin, apart from the breed of the pig, is the diet it had during its growth. As with hams, we can differentiate different types of Iberian loin: the Iberian bait loin and the Acorn-fed Iberian loin.

A very important fact! Iberian pork loin comes whole or filleted and we recommend letting it air out for about 15 minutes before consuming. Regardless of the form you eat it, you are going to enjoy this great Iberian product.

Iberian bait loin

This type of fattening pork loin (lomo de cebo) is distinguished from the rest by its origin. The feeding of Iberian fattening pigs is exclusively cereal-based feed. This makes your fat much healthier than the rest. In this way, its colour, its infiltrated fat and the smell make this food a delicious delicacy.

Acorn-fed Iberian loin

Acorn-fed Iberian loin is one of the noblest parts of the pig. It is made in the same way as the whole pork loin, without the outer fat, marinated and stuffed in the natural casing. It is very rich in protein. In fact, it is recommended to take during childhood, adolescence and pregnancy. And for those who are sport lovers, it is more than recommended since it helps to develop muscle mass.

This type of cured pork loin does not leave us indifferent

The lomo embuchado tends to take second place, giving way to the Iberian or Serrano ham. However, it is still a super good quality product. A good lomo embuchado form Teruel sandwich, with its olive oil and grated tomato is liked by everyone. What’s more! I challenge all of you to introduce us to a person who doesn’t like it. I am sure that if you do not like it, it is because you have not tried the right lomo embuchado. You can find it and then try it in our online market at and then we will talk.

Much like in hams, the pork loin is a noble piece, not manipulated, since the whole piece is cured and does not have any type of additive. It is sheathed in a natural casing and left to dry for 3 to 6 months, depending on the weight and breed. The loin obtained from the Teruel pork has very good flavour. The diet it has obtained and the selection processes make this cured pork loin from Teruel stand out from the rest.

In addition, in Gastronomic Spain, we always have the Iberian pork loin and the cured loin at a very good price, in either a 400g piece or in a sliced format. That is why, if you want to enjoy a god cold meat, we provide you with this option of typical Spanish food anywhere in Europe, in an easy, fast and economical way. Don’t forget that we have FREE shipping throughout Europe. Check our conditions and…

...Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy typical Spanish food, but away from home!