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In Gastronomic Spain you can find a great variety of ham holders at great price and suitable for your needs.  This type of ham holder is where ham is held to cut it without any problems. 

What's nicer than having a leg of ham held in the ham holder above your kitchen bench? Discover all the items available with shipping all over Europe here:

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Wooden Ham Holder

Price €23.96

Ham Holder

Price €17.68

Rotating Ham Holder

Price €70.32

Professional Ham Holder

Price €166.02

Professional Wooden Ham Holder

Price €68.50

Professional Folding Ham Holder

Price €87.93

Foldable Ham Holder

Price €34.29

Clamp Ham Holder

Price €61.64

Elite Plus Professional Ham Holder

Price €692.14

Elite Inox Silestone Ham Holder

Price €669.25


A great selection of wooden and metal ham holders is waiting for you at Gastronomic Spain for an unbelievable low price.

The ham holder is a key item for cutting ham in a convenient and comfortable way and Gastronomic Spain is your online ham holder shop. We offer you a wide range of products adapted to your pocket and needs.

Is there nothing better than having a ham holder on your kitchen worktop to hold a ham leg? Find all the products offered with shipping all over Europe here:

What is a ham holder?

A ham holder is a tool used to cut hams and cured ham shoulders with a knife. It serves as a support for holding the ham leg as you slice it into perfect slices with a knife. Although “jamonero” (ham holder) is the most common term for it, other names for it include “jamonera”, “portajamones”, or “soporte jamonero” (ham supporter).

To be able to cut hams and shoulders in the best way possible, a special support is required due to their morphology and type of curing. The ham holder makes it easy and comfortable to extract the ham’s meat.

When buying a ham holder, the following aspects must be considered:

When looking for a ham holder, it is important to know what it will be used for. Don’t get complicated and get a cheap ham holder if all you need it for is to slice the ham you received as a Christmas present, as you might not use it for anything else.

If you’re looking for a ham holder because you’re one of those people who constantly keeps a ham on the kitchen worktop, you might want one of a higher category. It will add brightness to your kitchen, make slicing ham simple, and easy to clean.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced ham cutter and the ham doesn’t last a week, you will look for a professional ham holder. You must consider the angle at which you cut it, because there are several types of ham holders, including: standard, vertical, and spinning. The weight, the materials, and the attaching of the ham holder to the table are factors to consider if you frequently move the ham holder around. Doing so will make it easier for you to move the ham holder around and install it in different places.

Types of ham holders that you can find:

The ham holder is a utensil that has always existed. However, since the beginning of this century, ham slicing has grown in value and even become an art form.

New versions of ham slicers have emerged, designed to satisfy the needs of various consumers, as a result of consumers’ passion of slicing ham at home.

Wooden ham holder

The wooden ham holder is the most traditional one. They are robust ham holders that normally are placed up on the kitchen worktop. There are removable wooden ham holders that are perfect for cutting ham sometimes, as well as ham holders made of more noble woods that are great for displaying in the kitchen and cutting ham frequently.

Spinning ham holder

The anchor on the hoof of the spinning ham holder includes a head that enables the ham to be turned around without having to remove it. These rotating supports (head) make cutting much easier and are very comfortable and clean. There are spinning ham holders that can be folded up and stored that have a wooden base and a metal support, so you can save some space.

Professional ham holder

They are the easiest and most comfortable when cutting ham. Normally, these professional ham holders are made of stainless steel and have great freedom of movement.

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To cut ham to perfection, a variety of ham knives are also at your disposal. Not to mention the extensive selection of Iberian and Serrano hams, as well as ham shoulders of high quality and at unbeatable prices.

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