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If you want to become an expert ham cutter this ham holder is essential for you

In Gastronomic Spain you can find a great variety of ham holders at great price and suitable for your needs.  This type of ham holder is where ham is held to cut it without any problems. 

What's nicer than having a leg of ham held in the ham holder above your kitchen bench? Discover all the items available with shipping all over Europe here:

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What is a ham holder?

The ham holder is perfect for holding the leg of ham and being able to cut it in perfect thin slices. It is also known as jamonero support or portajamones, although its most common name is ham holder. 

At the time of purchasing a ham holder you should keep in mind the following aspects: 

One of the most important aspects is the intended use of the ham holder. If you are looking for a ham holder to cut the ham you got in Christmas, just keep it simple and choose one of the cheaper ham holders because you won't be using it anymore.

If you are looking for a ham holder because you always have a ham in your kitchen, you will probably want a ham holder of higher category that will make your kitchen shine and it will make the task of cutting the ham and cleaning the holder easier. 

On the contrary, if you are a natural cutter and a ham only lasts you a week, you might want to get a professional ham holder. You have to consider your posture when you cut the ham, as we will distinguish between a traditional ham holder, a vertical ham holder and a rotating ham holder. You also have to consider if you usually move around the ham holder because the weight, the materials and the fixation of the ham holder to the table, are aspects that will make it easier for you to move the ham holder and install it in other places.

Rotating ham holder

It is like any other ham holder but with rotating supports (head) to rotate the ham on the holder without having to move. It allows the ham to be turned completely around in an easy, clean and comfortable way.

Professional ham holder

This ham holders are the most comfortable when it comes to cutting the ham. Usually, these professional ham holders are made of stainless steel and have great freedom of movement.

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We also have available a wide range of ham knifes to perfectly cut your ham. You shouldn’t miss either the catalogue of Iberian ham and serrano ham, as well as ham shoulders and picnic ham of excellent quality and unique price. 

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