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When buying a ham holder, you should take into account the following aspects:

A very important point when looking for ham holders or “jamoneros” is to know what use will be given. If you are looking for a ham holder to cut the ham that you have been given for Christmas, do not complicate yourself and buy a cheap ham holder, as you are probably not going to use it anymore.

If you’re looking for a ham holder because you always have a ham on your kitchen counter, you might want a more elaborate ham holder, one that will make the kitchen shine. In addition, that will make it easier for being cut it and clean it as well.

If on the other hand, you are a born cutter and ham does not last you even a week in the ham holder, you will look for a professional one. You have to take into account the position you have when you cut the ham, since we will make a distinction among a traditional ham holder, a vertical ham holder and a rotating ham holder. You should also bear in mind if you usually move with the ham holder. So, weight, materials and the fixing of the ham holder to the table are aspects that will facilitate the movement of the ham holder and its installation.

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