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Old Cured Sheep Cheese

220 gr
In Stock

The old-Cured Sheep Cheese, from the region of Toledo, is a cheese with a soft and nice taste and a buttery flavour. This high quality cheese is perfect any time of day.

Our old-Cured Sheep Cheese is made with pasteurized sheep milk. The cheese ages 8 months until it gets the ivory colour, the firm texture and the soft and nice taste.

The Old-Cured Sheep Cheese is perfect to have as snack, as part of a cheese board, as tapa or in any other way you can come up with.

220 gr.
vacuum packed

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Data sheet

220 gr
raw sheep milk, salt, calcium chloride, lysozyme, rennet, lactic ferments
contains lactose, eggs and/or derivates

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Old Cured Sheep Cheese