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We recognize it. At Gastronomic Spain we are very fans of Spanish Tapas. They are the essence of good Spanish eating. In Spain we know how to enjoy good food, we dedicate the necessary time to it and we enjoy it as if it were not tomorrow.

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Without a doubt, the queen of tapas is the potato omelette. Her firm passage through Spanish bars, restaurants, lounges, dining rooms and homes is unimaginable. It is like beer, wherever she goes, she triumphs.

But there is the great debate about the potato omelette: with or without onion?

Well, in Gastronomic Spain we are not going to displace anyone and, therefore, we offer both ways: with and without onion. In this way, any palate can enjoy this magnificent Spanish tapa and its authentic flavor.

In case you didn't have enough with the potato omelette, we also have the delicious natural gazpacho available. A very elaborate Spanish dish in the summer season as it is eaten cold. Like salmorejo, perfect to spread with slices of bread.

But if you are a real handyman in the kitchen, you can make your own homemade dumplings. Our dough for dumplings, available in different sizes, is a marvel. As well as the tuna filling. Although you can also make your own filling with other products offered by Gastronomic Spain.

Do not hesitate and enjoy all the cold tapas that you have at Gastronomic Spain, as well as the more than 900 authentic products from Spain.

Shipments to all of Europe. Don't let distance be an excuse to eat at home!