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García Baquero Reserve 12 Months Cheese, Wedge

200 gr

García Baquero Reserve 12: fruity, intense and rich in shades

The García Baquero 12 months cheese is a type of Spanish cheese of an amazing taste, intense and rich in shades. The García Baquero Reserve 12 comes in a 200 gr. (approx.) wedge, perfect for a snack at mid-day.

It is an aged cheese characterized for having sweet and fruity nuances typical of the Mediterranean, which offer an intense warmth.

This García Baquero cheese is of a special category as it has a 12-month fermentation, which makes it a first-class reserve cheese. Besides, it is elaborated by the Master Cheesemakers of García Baquero, one of the most popular brands in the cheese elaboration in Spain.

Our García Baquero Reserve 12 months has recently been awarded by the World Cheese Awards 2018 with the Gold medal and by the International Cheese Awards 2019 with the Silver medal. Some well deserved acknowledgements. 

García Baquero aged cheese sensory characteristics


It is ivory-colored with rosy and orangey shades. With a unique shine to the cut for its long elaboration process.


Fresh aroma with fresh goat milk nuances.


Its fruity Mediterranean taste with caramelized shades for its fermentation stands out. 


Creamy and consistent texture.

Recommended pairing:

  • White Wine Fermented in Barrels.
  • Red Wine Aging.
  • Lager and Porter Beers.

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200 gr. net weight (approximate)

Wedge format


García Baquero Reserve 12


Data sheet

200 gr
Pasteurized sheep's milk (min 33%), cow (min 32%) and goat (min 20%), lactic ferments (milk), salt and rennet
taric code
plastic tray thermo shield
net weight

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