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Summer or winter, spring or autumn. It doesn’t matter the season it is because sardines and mackerel will be two of the appetizers which will always shine in every table.

We are the luckiest ever, because unlike other products, sardines and mackerel are two really rich and totally inexpensive items.

Who isn’t captivated by a slice of toast with mackerel? Or a beer under the sun with a tapa of sardines?

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Among the more than 800 typical of Spanish cuisine products, in the seafood appetizers section we will find a very extensive catalogue of products, but if we dig a little deeper, we will discover the world of the canned sardines and mackerel.

Obviously, anyone would fancy it. The point is tat buying these products outside Spain isn’t an easy task, so Gastronomic Spain is at your service. If you want to find out about every canned fish we offer, here you can check our complete catalogue.

Now we will be detailing all the products in this category which are offered by Gastronomic Spain at an inexpensive price and with FREE delivery throughout Europe.


Canned sardines are sardine preserves usually produced in oil, even though there are other variants. Canned sardines are fatty and healthy items which have plenty of Omega 3 oils. Their more powerful benefit is that they are already cleaned and the only thing you have to do is serve them straight into the plate, as an appetizer, as a sandwich or as the consumer wishes.

Sardines in Olive Oil

Sardines in olive oil combine the characteristic flavour of sardines with the soft and light touch of the best olive oil. This is how juicy and tasty canned sardines in olive oil are obtained.

Sardines in Sunflower Oil

Other of the tapas which are in the biggest demand in our country are sardines in sunflower oil. Ready and prepared for its consumption.

Sardines with Tomato Sauce

Sardines with tomato sauce are one of the least consumed appetizers, but no less pleasant. The combination of the sardines with the tomato sauce is out of this world. Try our sardines with tomato sauce and treat yourself with this tasty product.

Small sardines in Olive Oil

Small sardines in olive oil are smaller than sardines, but just as delicious. You will find between 6 and 10 pieces in the can. A very typical Spanish tapa.

Small sardines in Sunflower Oil

Just like small sardines in olive oil, small sardines in sunflower oil are smaller but equally delicious. Enjoy this typical feast and impress your friends.

Small spicy sardines

Are you a sardines lover? Are you a spiciness lover? Your combination is finally here. The so characteristic flavour of small sardines with the soft spicy touch will be key for you to enjoy.

Small Sardines with Tomato

Small sardines soaked in tomato are a good choice to combine with other appetizers such as squid in its ink or Galician style octopus. You will be delighted.


Mackerel is an oily fish also known as sarda, and in Spanish it is also called verdel or verta. Mackerel fillet is positively valued because of its flavour and the consistency of its meat. Moreover, it is a very inexpensive fish and it is easy to find in our online shop.

Mackerel Fillet in Vegetable Oil

Tasty mackerel fillet preserved in vegetable oil. Product ready and prepared for its consumption.

Mackerel Fillet in Olive Oil

Mackerel fillet in olive oil, one of the most typical preparations and an authentic Southern mackerel with a unique flavour soaked in olive oil.

Mackerel Fillet with tomato

Our mackerel fillet with tomato sauce is delicious. The perfect appetizer for any time of the day and for any dish that comes our way.

Pickled Mackerel Fillet

The novelty of the menu, the pickled mackerel fillet. One of the appetizers in biggest demand in Spain has come to stay in Gastronomic Spain.

Enjoy good food, good moments and one of the greatest pleasures: our gastronomy. Distance doesn’t matter because Gastronomic Spain will make your wishes come true. Buy your Spanish food and enjoy the most typical flavours of your homeland. The one where you were born.