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The best store to buy IBERICO OF CEBO HAM

The Cebo Iberico Ham and the recebo ham are possibly the most popular Iberian hams, due to their affordable price and wide range. In addition to its good price, its relationship with excellent quality is a first-rate success.

So, if you have to conquer the palate of your friends, partner, or in-laws; do not hesitate to offer a first quality Cebo Iberico Ham at the best price. Shipping throughout Europe.

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Do you know what the difference is between Iberico Cebo Ham and Iberico Cebo de Campo Ham?

The only difference between a Cebo Iberico Ham and a Recebo Iberico Ham is that the former lives in captivity and the latter lives in freedom. In other words, Cebo Iberico Ham is obtained from Iberian pigs that are raised in pens, while Recebo Iberico Ham is obtained from Iberian pigs that have lived in freedom.

The feeding of both animals is cereal-based. The free-living factor makes the Cebo Iberico Ham juicier and more marbled. The certified seal that these Iberian hams carry is white for the Cebo Iberico Ham and green in colour for the Recebo Iberico Ham. 

Does the breed determine the certification of Iberico cebo ham?

The breed does not determine the certification of Iberian ham, but it will influence its price. The breed is an aspect to keep in mind when buying a Iberico bait ham. The minimum percentage of Iberian race that an Iberico ham can have is 50%. That does not mean that Iberian ham is better or worse. Since the farmers make these crosses between Iberian pigs and pigs of the durac breed to obtain different meats. As you know, a pure Iberian ham has a lot of fat, which not everyone likes. That is the main reason why races cross, in addition to lowering costs and obtaining different products to reach a larger audience.

We can find 100% pure Iberico hams, although the most common is a 50 Iberian ham. It is usually indicated on the label as it is a differential value. The flavor and texture is different. In addition to that it will influence the price of ham.