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With Gastronomic Spain you can buy Iberico ham at very reasonable prices and receive it for free anywhere in Europe. Undoubtedly the home store of Iberian ham, if you buy it in our online store, you will receive the Iberian ham at home in UK or anywhere in Europe. 

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The best offer of Iberico ham legs at a good price

The Gastronomic Spain online store offers you the largest variety of cheap Iberian hams on the market, we help you select the best Iberico ham that suits your needs.

Buying cheap Iberian hams is no longer a luxury. If you are looking for another type of Spanish ham here you can see our catalog. Hams that will surprise you and bring Spain closer to any point in Europe. We are the leading online ham store in the sale of Iberian ham in Europe. With us you can buy a good iberico in Notthingham or in London, Gales, Cork, Free Delivery to all Europe. 

How can a iberico ham leg  make a person so happy? Skip the raw ham that they sell you in other stores for 30 euros and buy a good iberico pork ham.

Iberian ham is highly recognized in Spain, and this recognition is well deserved for its exquisite flavor. In our online store you will find the best offer of Iberian ham at a good price in all of Europe.

If you don't know how to cut Iberian ham with a knife, don't worry, we have more than 60 types and cuts of ham of all types: sliced ​​Iberian ham, whole Iberian bone-in ham leg, boneless Iberico jamón. Even if you want a whole ham, we can send it sliced ​​or boneless, so you don't have to figure out how to bone a ham at home. All vacuum packed in the format that you tell us.

If you need help on how to choose an Iberian ham, at Gastronomic Spain we have a team of professionals who will help you choose the Iberian ham that best suits your budget and the event and consumption you want to carry out. When choosing a iberian ham or shoulder, the first thing you have to do is set a budget and take into account the type of ham you want:

  • Iberian ham labels
  • Iberian denomination of origin that you like the most
  • ham curing.

Iberian ham labels

The new certifications and seals have made the Iberian ham democratize, in this way you can already compare the quality / price ratio and pay just enough. At Gastronomic Spain all Ibericos hams are certified guaranteeing that you buy an Iberian ham at a reasonable price. You can find both boneless Iberian hams and whole and filleted Iberian hams. We offer you the perfect Iberian ham for every occasion. Unlike Serrano ham, this type of Iberian pig differentiates a 50% Iberian ham, which means that it has a breed purity of 50% while a 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, also from acorn-fed Iberian pig, but it is a 100% breed. Iberian and has fed on acorn and natural pastures.

When we refer to the band of the ham, we are referring to a seal that is placed on the ham knuckle and that cannot be removed without breaking it. This seal, vitola or label certifies the quality of the ham that you have bought. When we talk about the colors of the Iberian ham labels, in the market we can find the different labels:

Black label Iberico ham:

Black label Iberian ham is one with a black band. This vitola distinctive indicates that the breed of iberico ham leg is 100% Iberian and that it has fed on acorn and natural pastures, in addition to living in freedom. It is undoubtedly the most expensive and sought-after ham. It tastes amazing.

Iberico ham red label:

The red label Iberian ham is one with a red band. This red distinctive indicates that the breed of the ham can be 50% or 75% Iberian purity, that it has been fed on acorn and natural pastures and that it has lived in freedom.

Green label Iberico ham:

The green label Iberian ham is one with a green vitola. This green badge certifies that the Iberian pig has lived in freedom and that it has fed on natural feed.

In the case of the field fattening pig and unlike the rest of the certifications, the distinctive does not mention the purity of the breed. This means that you can find top dressing hams with purity from 50% to 100% and are protected under the same label.

White label Iberico ham:

The white label Iberian ham is one with a white band. This distinctive certifies that the Iberian pig has lived in captivity, has fed on feed and that it also has a breed of at least 50% Iberian.

Characteristics of Jamón Ibérico:

As we have seen in the previous section, the Iberian ham labels will indicate their breed, their diet and whether or not they have lived in freedom. However, what they are not going to indicate is the curing characterisctic of jamón ibérico. You can see the process of making Iberian ham on our blog. In this section we are going to focus on healing Iberian ham

Curación del Jamón ibérico

We have to take into account that the salting and curing of the jamón ibérico will depend on the size and fat percentage of the pork leg.

  • Bait and field bait hams have a cure of at least 24 months. This is because they are usually hams that come from pigs with 50% Iberian breed. When crossing Iberian pigs with Duroc breed pigs, the percentage of the breed is usually reduced. For this reason, the cure will be greater depending on the size of the jamón ibérico, a ham that has more than 8.5 kg or 10 kg, may even have a cure of at least 36 -48 months, but only because of the size of the leg.
  • Acorn hams have a cure of at least 36 months, this is because they usually have a purity of breed of 75% Iberian. They are fattier hams and for that reason they need a longer curing time regardless of the weight of the Iberian ham leg.
  • 100% Iberian hams usually have a cure of about 48 months. They are hams with a higher fat content, so they need a longer curing time.

Types of Iberian ham on the bone available at Gastronomic Spain

The Gastronomic Spain online store is a specialist in the world of sausage, especially in the world of ham, whether it is Iberian ham on the bone or Serrano ham, as well as the different pork shoulders. But in this case, we are going to show you what types of Iberian ham you have at your disposal:

Denomination of Origin Iberian Ham

Guijuelo Iberico ham is the first Denomination of Origin of Iberico Ham created in Spain on acorn-fed Iberian hams. Among its most outstanding characteristics, the Guijuelo ham has its own color of acorn-fed ham, which goes from pink to purple-red, and has a shiny appearance. While its flavor is delicate and slightly salty, so the meat is fibrous and very aromatic.

The Iberian breed certificate is only given in Spain, we can distinguish 5 Denominations of Origin of Iberian ham which are:

 Jamón de Guijuelo:

Guijuelo Iberian ham is one that is protected by the Guijuelo designation of origin, located in the municipality of Guijuelo, Salamanca. Of all the Denominations of Origin it is the most commercial and widespread ham. Salamanca ham is a quality ham. The 50% Iberian breed usually predominates and among them the bait ham.

Extremadura ham:

The Iberian ham from Extremadura is an excellent ham. For many it is considered the best Iberian ham in Spain. It is made in the Extremadura pasture. The ham from the Extremadura designation of origin uses only Iberian pigs with a 75% and 100% breed.

In addition, it is not made under the protection of the name fattening iberian pigs. All the pigs of the Extremadura Denomination of Origin are raised in freedom. For this reason, we will only find black label, red label and green label hams.

Jabugo hams:

Jabugo is synonymous with Iberico jamón. The designation of origin Jabugo is located in the municipality of Jabugo, some excellent Huelva hams. This Designation of Origin protects, regulates and certifies all Iberian hams that have been made in the municipalities that are within the Sierra Aracena Natural Park.

Only those hams of Denomination of Origin jabugo are considered those that come from 100% Iberian pigs and that have been raised in Freedom.

Los Pedroches Hams:

Los Pedroches Iberian ham is regulated by the Pedroches Designation of Origin, which covers the northern territory of the province of Córdoba. Like the hams of Extremadura, the Denomination of Origin Los pedroches certifies 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams (black label), acorn-fed hams (red label) and cebo de campo hams (green label).

All certified pig hams live in freedom and in ideal conditions to make an excellent Iberian ham.

Varieties of Iberian Ham:

ibérico de cebo ham leg:

The Iberico de cebo ham leg, also known as bait ham, is a type of leg that comes from the Iberian breed pig, which is raised in captivity and feeds on natural feed, cereals and legumes that have a minimum of 50% of racial purity.

In addition, the Iberico de Cebo has a more than delicious flavor, weighing more than 7 kg and curing for at least 24 months.

Iberico de cebo de campo Ham Leg

The Iberico de cebo de campo ham leg, known as Iberico de recebo ham, is a type of ham very similar to the Iberico de cebo. Its only difference is in the way of life of the pig itself. In this case, the Iberian pig lives in full freedom and feeds on acorns and herbs at the beginning of its life and later on natural feed derived from legumes.

This field bait ham is available as a whole ham leg or in sliced ​​format, so you can choose according to your needs. Whatever format it is, it will be good choice.

Jamón ibérico de bellota ham

Acorn-fed Iberian ham (jamón ibérico de bellota) comes exclusively from Iberian pigs fed only on acorns. In addition, they combine these acorns with herbs from the pastures, and this combination of acorns and herbs makes acorn-fed Iberian ham have that spectacular flavor and texture.

The pig is of the 50% or 75% Iberian breed and lives in freedom, which means that the final product, specifically the acorn-fed Iberian ham, is delicious, fatty and with an exquisite taste.

Pata Negra ham or 100% pure bellota Ham

Pata negra ham or pure bellota ham is ham that comes from 100% race Iberian pigs. These pigs live in complete freedom and feed on natural grasses and acorns.

For many, the black leg is the Iberian ham par excellence. The best ham that exists and the most spectacular in terms of taste.

Paleta ibérica Iberian Shoulder ham

On the other hand, in the online Spanish food store of Gastronomic Spain, in addition to whole ham legs, boneless or sliced, we also have Paleta ibérica Iberian shoulders hams.

For those who do not know the difference between shoulder and ham, the ham comes from the hind leg of the pigs, while the shoulder comes from the front legs. The healing process is the same, but being, for the most part, smaller, the process is less. Still, the Iberian shoulders are just as delicious.

Properties of Iberian ham:

Does Iberian ham make you fat?

Due to the fact that Iberian ham visually differentiates fat from lean, it is thought to be a fattening product. The truth is that Iberian ham has around 11% fat. If we compare it with other meat products such as sausages, they surpass it by a landslide, reaching Sobrasada up to 50% fat. Iberian ham has calories of 112.5 kcal per 100 gr.

From our point of view, we consider that ham is a food that can be consumed on a daily basis. However, you must have a balanced, varied diet consuming the appropriate proportion of this product.

Benefits of Iberian ham

Iberian ham is a good and healthy product, among the benefits that Iberian ham provides we can highlight that:

  • It is rich in folic acid.
  • It is rich in protein
  • vitamins stand out: B1, b6 and b12, and vitamin E
  • Provides minerals such as copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and phosphorus

Iberian ham during pregnancy.

This is one of the most frequent questions asked by families who are pregnant. The main reason why pregnant women do not consume ham is because of toxoplasmosis. That can affect the baby. However, scientific studies have determined that if the ham is cured for more than 18 months, toxoplasmosis disappears from the ham, so that type of ham can be consumed during pregnancy. Keep in mind that the minimum curing period for Iberian ham is 24 months. So it could be said that there would be no problem in consuming ham.

However, from Gastronomic Spain we believe that the doctor or gynecologist is the one who has to tell you whether or not you can consume ham during pregnancy. We also believe that in the event that you consume ham, make sure that the Iberian ham is certified, that is, that it has the white band (at least) and if you buy it filleted, that they cut it immediately and see what ham proceeds.

Iberico porc recipes

The truth is that some of the main typical Spanish recipes feature the Iberian ham. We present you some of the most popular and delicious recipes that you cannot stop trying.

Iberian ham croquettes

A lifelong classic, although it is true that you can find any type of croquette, the Iberian ham croquette is one of the most popular in any bar or restaurant.

Iberico ham sandwich

I think there is nothing more popular in Spain than the Iberian ham sandwich. It is something that you want at any time of the day, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack or dinner. Our proposal for an Iberian ham sandwich: a good loaf of bread, village bread if possible, a little extra virgin oil and a little grated tomato. You will not even leave the crumbs!

Scrambled eggs with Iberico porc ham

The broken eggs with Iberian ham or fried eggs with Iberian ham is a great deal wherever you look at it. The secret for this dish to be fabulous, in addition to eating a good Iberian ham, is that the yolk of the egg is completely melted and that the potatoes are well done.