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Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso

250 gr.
In stock

Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso made with raw milk

Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso is made from raw Manchego sheep’s milk since it is under the Protected Designation of Origin. It is matured fro between 3 and 4 months on the farm located in Tembleque (Toledo) and has a creamy, lactic taste with a mild intensity.

You can buy our Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso wedge of 250 gr. vacuum sealed and available for shipping all over Europe.

What is Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso and its characteristics?

Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso is a type of Spanish cheese with Protected Designation of Origin which means that:

• It comes from a specific place, normally from a region.

• The quality and characteristics must be linked to the geographical environment.

• The production phase must take place in the specific geographical area.

In this case, Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso is exclusively made from raw Manchego sheep’s milk. It has a maturing process for 3 to 4 months in the Finca La Prudenciana, located in Tembleque (Toledo), and it is characterized by its creamy, lactic taste, with a persistent aftertaste and mild intensity.

It comes in a 250 gr. vacuum sealed wedge. Buy HERE other Manchego cheeses.

Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso Ingredients:

Raw Manchego sheep’s milk, salt, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments. Non edible ring

4º and 12º. Before consumption, remove the packaging at room temperature (20º). Once cut, it is recommended to spread olive oil on the cut side of the cheese, wrap and refrigerate.

Artequeso: more than a simple cheese

Artequeso is located in La Prudenciana farm in Tembleque. This farm started as farmers and stockbreeders, but years later they began to transform the milk into cheese in a natural way. It was not until the 1980s that Artequeso was born.

Artequeso is the main company that produces exclusively a handmade Manchego cheese with raw Manchego sheep’s milk and has the Protected Designation of Origin.

In addition to Artequeso, there are two other lines, Buenalba and Finca La Prudenciana. Both are also made from raw milk, but they offer a different experience: adding complements such as wine or rosemary.

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250 gr. net weight

Format: wedge

Vacuum sealed

Raw milk

Protected Designation of Origin


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Data sheet

250 gr.
Raw milk from Manchega sheep, salt, animal rennet from Spanish lambs, egg lysozyme E-1105 and lactic ferments. Non edible rind.
Contains lactose and egg
Artequeso Buenalba

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Manchego Mild Cheese Artequeso