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Everything that bears the Iberico label is appetizing and the Iberico chorizo is a clear example. It is not the same when someone offers you just chorizo or Iberico Acorn Chorizo. The interest it arouses is much greater with the latter. In Spain, we are very much of Iberian cold meats. What to say about Iberico ham!

In general, the Iberico chorizo is a well-cured serrano chorizo, which is consumed cold and accompanied by bread. There are other Iberico chorizo de Cebo and different acorn-fed chorizos, fresh chorizos that can be cooked and integrated into typical Spanish dishes in a modern way.

You can check out all the different  Iberico chorizos we offer here. They are a scandal!

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Sliced Iberico Chorizo

Price €2.35
80 gr.

Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota

Price €2.72
80 gr.

Iberico Chorizo Vela

Price €3.63
225 gr

Frying Chorizo Extra

Price €5.26
350 gr

Organic Iberian Chorizo Sliced

Price €5.81
80 gr

Iberian Chorizo Guijuelo

Price €8.45
400 g.

Spicy Iberico Chorizo Guijuelo

Price €8.45
400 g.

Spicy Iberico Acorn Chorizo

Price €9.90
400 gr

Iberico Acorn Chorizo

Price €9.90
400 gr

Organic Iberian Chorizo

Price €11.81
300 gr

Iberian chorizo at a good price

Great offer of Iberian chorizo from different designations of origin and Spanish regions.

We provide you with a large selection of chorizos made with Iberian pork at Gastronomic Spain. Additionally, thanks to our free delivery charges, you can enjoy them wherever in Europe.

You can discover all our types of chorizos here if you’re looking for something different.

Iberian chorizo is a perfect illustration of how anything with an Iberian label appeal. If someone asks you if you want simple chorizo or if you want Iberian chorizo that is fed on acorns, it is obviously not the same as it generates a lot more curiosity. Iberian cold meats are quite popular in Spain, and Iberian ham is a prime example!

Iberian chorizo characteristics

It is a type of cold meat made from the meat of Iberian pigs that are at least 50% Iberian breed. We may distinguish Iberian chorizo without considering the production process by the feed that the pigs consumed and the purity of the breed.

Pig breed:

Iberian chorizo (50% Iberian breed): They come from pigs whose breed is 50% Iberian.

Iberian chorizo (75% Iberian breed): They come from pigs whose breed is 75% Iberian.

Iberian chorizo (100% Iberian breed): They come from pigs whose breed is 100% Iberian and has not undergone any crossbreeding with breeds other than the Iberian.

Pig feeding:

We’ll distinguish between pigs which have eaten feed or field food.

Iberian chorizo de cebo:

They come from pigs raised in confinement and fed on natural feed and cereals.

Iberian acorn-fed chorizo:

They come from pigs raised in the wild and fed on pasture, acorns, and fruit.

Why are Iberian chorizos not certified?

Iberian chorizo is a type of cold meat created from a variety of ingredients, unlike Iberian hams and some noble meats like Iberian loin. As its origin cannot be confirmed, it is consequently difficult to certify its recipe.

Iberian cold meats are not certified for a number of reasons. Due to potential variations in the production process from one company to another and the difficulties in tracking the origin of the meats, both the designations of origin of Iberian ham and the Ministry of Agriculture believe that certification of this type of product is not necessary.

Fat can be added in greater or lesser amounts to chorizo-making mixtures, resulting in a product of lower or higher quality. Although it is a key component of chorizo, too much fat might impact its flavour and digestion.

The fact that it is a processed product, however, makes it already considerably less expensive than other Iberian pork delicacies like loin and ham. So, a certification could therefore result in a significant increase in price.

Types of Iberian chorizo that you’ll find at Gastronomic Spain

You may find a large selection of Iberian chorizos at Gastronomic Spain, which are distinguished by the type of meat used in their production, the type of curing they underwent, and the method used to stuff them.

You can see here all the different types of chorizos we offer. All of them taste delicious!

Depending on the Iberian pig’s breed, we can categorise Iberian chorizo as Iberian acorn-feed chorizo or Iberian chorizo de cebo. Also making a differentiation based on the curing procedure is also crucial. We can mention a fresh Iberian chorizo or an air-dried Iberian chorizo. On the other side, we also have dried chorizo that has been well cured. Lean Iberian pork is used in a higher percentage than fat in the extra Iberian chorizo.

Iberian vela chorizo

A variety known as Iberian vela chorizo is distinguished by its straight shape, similar to the chorizo cular but slightly narrower. Due to its shape, which is elongated and remarkably similar to a candle, it is known as “vela chorizo”. It is typically 3-4 cm in size. It has a delicate and pleasant flavour and is a classic Spanish cold meat from Iberian pork and fat.

Sliced Iberian chorizo

If you enjoy Iberian chorizo, you will drool over this style of sliced Iberian chorizo, which is ideal for serving on a plate or for eating right away. Are you the typical person who can’t stand not eating while cutting the chorizo? This issue can be solved thanks to Gastronomic Spain and its products. Purchase our sliced Iberian chorizo to enjoy the ideal tapa.

Extra Iberian chorizo in a horseshoe shape

The province of Extremadura is where our Extra Iberian chorizo is produced. Given that it resembles a horseshoe and is of the highest calibre, it is referred to as a horseshoe chorizo.

It is a frying chorizo, so get ready to prepare some fried eggs with potatoes and this extra Iberian chorizo to delight your guests. A spectacular dish that is beyond excellent.

Iberian acorn-fed chorizo Cular

The Iberian breed of pig produces Iberian acorn-fed chorizo. A breed that produces chorizo of a superior quality since they are entirely 100% Iberian animals with distinct lifestyles and no crossbreeding. This way of life, along with its diet and the curing process, create the ideal environment for the Iberian acorn-fed chorizo to become one of the best and most demanded Spanish chorizos.

The thickest portion of the pig’s intestine is used to make this type of chorizo. Despite being of animal origin, the skin cannot be eaten.

Spicy Iberian acorn-fed chorizo

The 100% Iberian breed of pigs used to produce the spicy Iberian acorn-fed Chorizo have a lifestyle, food, and curing method that are perfect for producing the greatest chorizo. The distinction is that this chorizo contains hot paprika among its ingredients, which sets it apart from the others and therefore makes it special and delicious.

Where to buy Iberian chorizo?

Iberian chorizo is widely available in supermarkets throughout Spain, so finding it isn’t too difficult. However, it is a little more difficult abroad to find these types of Spanish products. While chorizo is generally available in Germany, it might be challenging to find excellent, affordable Iberian chorizo.

We sell a wide selection of Iberian chorizo at our online store, Gastronomic Spain. If your orders start at 79,99€, you will get free shipping, so it becomes incredibly appealing to buy Iberian chorizo online.

How is Iberian chorizo eaten?

It is typically consumed uncooked with a bit of bread, on a skewer or a tapa of Iberian chorizo or Iberian cold meats. Iberian chorizo can be used in recipes; however, they are not really common. Grab a chorizo cutting board, a glass of red wine and a good loaf of bread and enjoy!