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Everything that bears the Iberico label is appetizing and the Iberico chorizo is a clear example. It is not the same when someone offers you just chorizo or Iberico Acorn Chorizo. The interest it arouses is much greater with the latter. In Spain, we are very much of Iberian cold meats. What to say about Iberico ham!

In general, the Iberico chorizo is a well-cured serrano chorizo, which is consumed cold and accompanied by bread. There are other Iberico chorizo de Cebo and different acorn-fed chorizos, fresh chorizos that can be cooked and integrated into typical Spanish dishes in a modern way.

You can check out all the different  Iberico chorizos we offer here. They are a scandal!

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Types of Iberico Chorizo

Types of Iberico chorizo that you will find in Gastronomic Spain. Depending on the breed of the Iberian pig, we can classify the Iberian chorizo. It is also important to make the distinction for the curing. On the one hand, we have the fresh Iberico chorizo or aired Iberico chorizo. While, on the other hand, we have the dry chorizo, a well-cured chorizo. The extra Iberico chorizo is the one that uses a higher proportion of lean Iberian pork than bacon.

Iberian Chorizo de Vela (candle)

The Iberico Chorizo de Vela that is characterized by having a straight shape, like a cular chorizo, but a little narrower. It is known as the Chorizo de Vela because its shape is very similar to that of an elongated candle. The diameter of the Iberico Chorizo de Vela is usually about 3-4 cm. It is a typical Spanish cold meat made from lean Iberian pork and bacon, with a smooth and delicious flavour. 

Sliced Iberico Chorizo

If you are a lover of Iberico Chorizo, you will drool with this format of Sliced Iberico Chorizo, ready and perfect to serve on the plate, or to be directly consumed. Are you the typical person who can’t stand not eating while cutting chorizo? Thanks to Gastronomic Spain and its products, this problem can disappear. Buy our Sliced Iberico Chorizo and enjoy a perfect tapa. 

Extra Iberico Chorizo

Our Extra Iberico Chorizo comes from the province of Extremadura. It is considered a horseshoe chorizo, since it is shaped as such, as well as one with the best possible quality. It is a to-fry chorizo, so prepare those chef hands and dazzle your guests with a plate of fried eggs with potatoes and this Extra Iberico Chorizo. A more than delicious dish to win their hearts. 

Iberico Acorn Chorizo

Acorn-fed Iberico Chorizo comes from the Iberian pig breed. A breed that gives the chorizo the highest quality, since it is 100%Iberian animals, without mix-breeds and with a marked lifestyle. This lifestyle, together with food and its curing, form the perfect combination to endow the Acorn-fed Iberico chorizo as one of the best Spanish chorizos and therefore, one of the most demanded. 

Where to buy Iberico Chorizo?

Finding Iberico Chorizo in Spain is relatively easy. Any supermarket has this type of Spanish product. However, abroad it is somewhat more complicated. Finding chorizo in Germany is easy, but a good cheap Iberico chorizo is already somewhat more difficult. Online stores like gastronomic Spain, offer a great variety of Iberico chorizos. If you also have Free Shipping on your purchases from 79.99€. Buying Iberico chorizo online is very attractive. 

How to eat Iberico Chorizo?

The most common way to eat Iberian chorizo is raw, with a little bit of bread. On a skewer or a tapa of Iberico chorizo or Iberian cold meats. There are recipes with Iberico chorizo, but they are not the most widespread. Get the chorizo cutting board, a glass of red wine and a good loaf of bread. Enjoy to your heart’s delight!