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Large Torta del Casar

580 gr.
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Buy Torta del Casar and enjoy a typical Spanish cheese as a family

Our Large Torta del Casar is a Spanish cheese made from raw sheep's milk, vegetable rennet and salt. It is a different cheese than what we are used to, with a light crust and creamy inside. Definitely a scrumptious cheese.

Buy Torta del Casar and enjoy a typical Spanish cheese with your family thanks to Gastronomic Spain.

What is Large Torta del Casar?

Large Torta del Casar It is an authentic Spanish product. It is a creamy cheese made in Extremadura, on the border of the provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres, an area known as "del Casar".

This area where Torta del Casar is made 580-620 gr. It is of sandy soils, of little fertility and little thickness. Perfect conditions to result in one of the best cheeses in Spain with a Protected Designation of Origin.

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Characteristics of Large Torta del Casar by Pastoralia

Our Torta del Casar is 580-620 gr. approximate net weight. A perfect format to enjoy with family or friends.

It is a cheese made with raw sheep's milk, vegetable rennet and salt. Thanks to its ingredients and production process, it acquires a dairy and vegetable aroma, as well as an intense but delicious flavor on the palate.

It has a cylindrical shape, with substantially flat faces and rounded edges. It is made up of a semi-hard, yellowish, soft and unctuous crust. Although its greatest feature is the creaminess of its interior.

Without a doubt, Torta del Casar by Pastoralia is one of the best Spanish products. Pastoralia is in charge of the manufacture and elaboration of our Tortas del Casar with Protected Designation of Origin, as well as the main producers of Extremadura sheep and goat cheeses.

Torta del Casar with Protected Designation of Origin

Torta del Casar 620 gr. It is protected by the Protected Designation of Origin. To distinguish this Denomination, the cream cheese is surrounded by an exclusive numbered red and gold control label, which contributes the common element that differs from any other cheese with similar characteristics, guarantee of origin and tradition.

How to preserve and consume the Large Torta del Casar

According to the Regulatory Council, to maintain correct consumption and conservation of Torta del Casar, the following guidelines were established:

  1. Once you have purchased the Torta del Casar, keep in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place.
  2. The optimal moment of its consumption is within the following 15 days of the acquisition. In the case of not being consumed within this period, the Torta del Casar may be frozen.
  3. To fully enjoy the qualities of texture, aroma and taste, the Torta del Casar should be tempered around 20-21 degrees. That is, it must be removed from the refrigerator several hours before so that it reaches its natural flavor.
  4. To open it, the top crust is usually carefully cut. Later, this bark will serve as a lid and will allow it to be stored with all the guarantees.
  5. Once opened, consume within the next 15-20 days. During these days it should be kept in a cool and dry place. After this period it loses creaminess.
  6. It is not advisable to heat in the microwave as the cheese would lose its qualities that make it unique.

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580-620 gr. net weight (approx)

vacuum packed


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Data sheet

580 gr.
Raw sheep's milk, natural rennet and salt
contains raw sheep milk, liozyms

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Large Torta del Casar

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