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The Cured Chorizo is, without a doubt, the most popular and most versatile Spanish cold meat. It is a food which we find in the majority of the fridges and pantries in Spanish households. Additionally, it is one of the Spanish foods that is most liked by foreigners and tourists and, along with jamón serrano (serrano ham), it is one of the most exported.

The white Spanish chorizo is used in an infinity of typical Spanish dishes, like in the case of Asturian stew lentils with chorizo, macaroni with chorizo and much more. So, don’t give up eating like in Spain. Buy Spanish Cured chorizo in our online shop and discover the conditions for us to send it to you for FREE to any point in Europe.

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Mini Grilled Chorizo

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115 gr

Sliced Spicy Chorizo Palcarsa

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Sliced Chorizo Palcarsa

Price €1.90
100 gr

Cured Chorizo Mini

Price €3.26
225 gr

Spicy Cured Chorizo Extra

Price €3.55
250 gr

Sweet Chorizo Extra

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250 gr


Price €3.50
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Sliced Pamplona Chorizo

Price €3.63
200 gr

Pumpkin Chorizo

Price €3.63
320 gr

Txistorra From Pamplona

Price €4.45
210 gr.

Deer Chorizo

Price €4.45
190 gr

Wild Boar Chorizo

Price €4.45
190 gr

Good priced Spanish chorizo

Great offer of Spanish chorizos from the different regions of Spain

At Gastronomic Spain we offer a wide range of Spanish white pig chorizos for you to enjoy any place in Europe, and with free shipping.

What is the Spanish chorizo?

We call Spanish chorizo to the white pig chorizo made in Spain. This is a common product one may find at the fridge or pantry of most Spanish homes. Also, it is one of the most popular Spanish products among foreigners and tourists, and as well as the Serrano ham it is also one of the most exported.

The white chorizo is used in many typical dishes in Spain such as Asturian fabada, lentils with chorizo, macaroni with chorizo and many more. So, don’t give up the possibility of eating as Spanish do. Buy Spanish chorizo in our online shop and find the terms for you to have it shipped FOR FREE to anywhere in Europe.

We say that Spanish chorizo is all which come from white pigs and is made in Spain. In other words, these are all chorizos that are not Iberian chorizos.

The main pig races from which the Spanish chorizo comes are the Duroc race, the Landrace race and the Large White race. In many occasions these races are mixed. From these pigs most of the Spanish chorizo is made.

And if you are looking for any other kinds of chorizo, we have a great variety of Serrano chorizos and Iberian chorizos. You should come to Gastronomic Spain, the best online shop regarding Spanish typical gastronomic products.

Types of handmade white pig chorizos that are perfect for cooking

We can differentiate between industrial chorizos that one may find at the supermarket and handmade chorizos. These last ones tend to have great quality and excellent taste.

Let’s differentiate them due to curation time and the later use of the chorizo. The Serrano chorizo tends to be eaten with bread and it does not need to be cooked. Whereas the fresh chorizo tends to be used in traditional Spanish dishes and it is cooked as it is the case of the fried chorizo for which the most popular kind of chorizo cooked like that is the chorizo parrillero or barbecue chorizo.

Chistorra – Txistorra

The Chistorra is a very thin fresh chorizo that comes from Navarra and it is a frying chorizo. This fried chorizo is ideal for bar snacks and traditional dishes such as fried eggs with txistorra and fried potatoes. The chistorra has a very economic price. One of the easiest recipes with this product are fried chistorra or txistorra with wine.

The chistorra is a type of cold meat from Navarre is made with fresh mince pork lean meat. Also, in its manufacture garlic, salt and especially paprika are added to the recipe which gives the txistorra its characteristic red colour, same as chorizo.

The chistorra differentiates from the chorizo due to its size as the txistorra is thinner and longer. They also differ regarding the spices used in them as well as the curation time and drying time. The chistorra being smaller it has a shorter period of curing and of drying.

Usually, the txistorra is eaten fried or baked, on the side of other dishes or snacks. Among the most popular recipes we find chistorra with wine, txitorra with sidra or fried egg with chistorra, although the txistorra sandwich or the chistorra omelet are also very popular.

Chorizo parrillero – Barbacue chorizo

The chorizo parrillero originally comes from Latin American yet nowadays it is made and eaten all over the world. Our fried chorizo comes from León and is made with pork lean meat, garlic and salt.

Usually in the South American countries they don’t add paprika to the mix, yet in Spain we cannot process the idea of a Spanish chorizo without its characteristic colour.

The fried chorizo is exclusively fried or grilled, therefore its name. although it is also known as Creole chorizo or Argentinian chorizo.

Quality branded cured chorizos

Cantimpalos chorizo

The Cantimpalos Chorizo is a cold meat made with fresh white pork meats and fats seasoned with salt and paprika as basic ingredients although it is also added to the recipe garlic and various spices such as oregano. All these ingredients are put under a process of drying-ripening unique for the Cantimpalos chorizo.

The original recipe to make the authentic Cantimpalos Chorizo is followed in an area marked by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Cantimpalos in Segovia, that way indications regarding the ingredients of the product are rigorously followed.

A true pleasure to eat. The Cantimpalos chorizo does not disappoint.

Chorizo from León

The Chorizo from León is a handmade chorizo that tends to be bought in one piece. The stringed chorizo from León, sweet or spicy, are the most popular ones. The chorizo from León has a width of 3 to 5 cm. It is curvedly shaped which it also gives it the name of horseshoe chorizo.

The chorizo from León is possibly the best Spanish chorizo. It has an economic price and great flavour. During 2019, the Chorizo from León was named “The Best Chorizo in the World”, in addition to having the “Guarantee Brand” distinctive. A cured and smoked first quality chorizo with a very careful manufacture.

You will find our Chorizo from León in two different formats, the sweet chorizo and the spicy chorizo, both delicious and perfect for any snack.

Wild boar chorizo and Deer chorizo

The wild boar chorizo, as the deer chorizo, are Spanish cold meats that come from other animals. However, it is important to mention them in this category as both handmade chorizo de caza are also added pork fat. The secret to the handmade chorizo is its fat, it is what gives it juiciness and such a typical flavour.

The wild boar as well as the deer are wild animals that live freely, they have almost no fat and that is the reason why to add to their chorizo pork fat.

The wild boar chorizo as the deer chorizo are artisan chorizos, traditional chorizos, which can be found as spicy chorizo or sweet chorizo. These are lesser-known chorizos yet with a delicious taste.

Main brands chorizo one can find at the Supermarket

There are many traditional brands that although making their chorizo in an industrial way they maintain a high-quality level. These brands are usual in supermarkets and chosen by consumers due to their flavour and right curation, and also usual in Gastronomic Spain.

Palacios Chorizo

The Palacios chorizo is 100% natural. It is made with only four ingredients: white pork meat, paprika, salt and garlic. A snack delight.

The Palacios chorizo can be found in two ways: the sweet chorizo and the spicy chorizo. Both are natural formats with no colorants nor preservatives. With no gluten or lactose.

Perfect for all tastebuds.

Revilla chorizo extra

Buy Revilla Chorizo Extra, a delight in our range of typical Spanish cold meats.

The Revilla chorizo is the typical Spanish chorizo that can be found in every house in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a white pig chorizo with its own name.

Our Revilla chorizo is perfect to be eaten in a sandwich or even as a snack, with a bit of cheese or Iberian ham. An extreme pleasure that you will not be able to give up.

La Pamplonica chorizo – Chorizo of Pamplona

The Chorizo from Pamplona, also known as Pamplonica Chorizo is a typical cold meat from the Navarre gastronomy.

The Pamplonica Chorizo, original of Pamplona is a chorizo of its own name. It comes in a thick format and the fat is showed as small shinny dots. It is perfect for it to be cut by machine. One of the most popular afternoon snacks among children and adults. Pamplonica chorizo sandwich.

This chorizo from Pamplona is characterised by being made with beef and pork’s meat, both meats thinly minced. Also, this cold meat from Navarra is stuffed in an artificial pork belly as due to being cured, it should at least a minimum of 40 mm of diameter.

Another popular characteristic of it, it’s its reddish-orange colour (carmine) that comes from its abundant paprika.

When talking about chorizo from Navarra we are talking about a chorizo with local guarantee of quality, yet is the typical chorizo one will find in every Spanish charcuterie as its consumption has spread to the whole country.

Abroad is hard to find a chorizo from Pamplona, yet at Gastronomic Spain we offer you the best selection of them.

Calabizo, a vegan and ecologic chorizo

The Calabizo is the vegan chorizo par excellence. It is a pumpkin cold meat 100% vegetal, cured and smoked with oak wood, as the conventional chorizos.

The new vegan chorizo is a natural product, with no colourants nor preservatives added. Also, the Calabizo does not need to be preserved in cold, it is vacuum-packed and it has a one-year-old best-before date.

It doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not because you will love the new vegan chorizo. Its flavour captivates anyone’s tastebuds, even the ones of those loyal to the purest of Iberian chorizo.

Chorizo and the calories that it has

One of the most influential aspects to the consumer at the time of buying a pork chorizo is the fat. The more caloric cold meat is the chorizo. This makes that people who are worried about their fitness avoid it. We recommend to eat Spanish chorizo the same as other products, the important part is to have a balanced diet and do not abuse of a product.

As a trick I will tell you that a way to make chorizo light is to prick it and boil it for 1 minute. During that time the pork chorizo will sweat most of its fat. Also, at the time of frying it don’t add oil or butter, it will fry in its own fat. This makes many of the calories disappear.


The white pig is present in an infinity of typical Spanish dishes. It is a popular product, with an affordable price and accessible to humble people since its creation hundreds of years ago. There are some recipes such as:


One of the main legume’s Spanish dishes. Lentils with chorizo is a dish that grandmothers make and that it never gets old. It tends to need fresh chorizo or air-dried chorizo used in the base onion, garlic, paprika, fried tomato and of course air-dried chorizo fry.


The macaroni with chorizo is a typical Spanish modern dish. With influences of the Italian cuisine. In it the chorizo parrillero or the main fresh chorizo is used. It is fried with some onion and a lot of fried tomatoes. It tends to be grilled in the oven with grated cheese.


The chickpeas with chorizo dish is also a traditional stew. It is very similar to the lentils with chorizo, the only difference is that this one also has parsley and some garlic too.