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The Cured Chorizo is, without a doubt, the most popular and most versatile Spanish cold meat. It is a food which we find in the majority of the fridges and pantries in Spanish households. Additionally, it is one of the Spanish foods that is most liked by foreigners and tourists and, along with jamón serrano (serrano ham), it is one of the most exported.

The white Spanish chorizo is used in an infinity of typical Spanish dishes, like in the case of Asturian stew lentils with chorizo, macaroni with chorizo and much more. So, don’t give up eating like in Spain. Buy Spanish Cured chorizo in our online shop and discover the conditions for us to send it to you for FREE to any point in Europe.

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It is said that the white chorizo derives from the white pig, much like the cured ham that comes from the same breed. In other words, they are all the chorizos that are not Iberian chorizos.

The main breeds from which the white Spanish chorizo is acquired from are the breeds of Duroc, Landrace and Large White. In many cases, these breeds are crossbred. The majority of Spanish cured chorizo is produced from these pigs.

And if you are looking for other types of cured chorizo, we have available a great variety of chorizo serrano and Iberian chorizo. Your place is Gastronomic Spain, the best online store for typical products of Spanish gastronomy.


We can differentiate between the industrial chorizos that can be found in the supermarket and the homemade chorizos. These Spanish chorizos tend to be of high quality and have a great taste.

We are going to differentiate through the curation process and the use given to the chorizo. The chorizo serrano tends to be eaten with bread and not cooked. While the fresh chorizo tends to be used in typical Spanish dishes and is cooked, as in the case of fried chorizo, of which, the most popular one is the grilled chorizo o barbequed chorizo.


The chorizo from León is a homemade chorizo, which tends to be bought as a whole piece. The chorizo sarta from León, spicy or sweet, is the most popular. A chorizo from León has a thickness of 3 to 5 cm. It is presented in a curved form, which is why it is also denominated as horseshoe chorizo.

The chorizo from León is possibly the best Spanish chorizo. It has an affordable price and great flavour. In 2019, the chorizo from León was labelled as “The Best Chorizo in the World”, as well as having the distinction of “Warranty Mark”. A cured and smoked upmarket chorizo and with a more than meticulous elaboration.

You will be able to find our chorizo from León in two formats, sweet chorizo and spicy chorizo. Both delicious and perfect for any type of appetizer.


The Chistorra is a very thin fresh chorizo from Navarra and is a to-fry chorizo. This fried Spanish chorizo is perfect for pinchos and traditional dishes such as fried eggs with chistorra and chips. The chistorra has a very affordable price. One of the simplest elaborations is the fried chistorra or chistorra with wine.

The chistorra is a type of cold meat from Navarra, made from lean fresh minced pork. Additionally, during its elaboration, garlic, salt and, especially, paprika1, which gives it the characteristic reddish colour to the chistorra, as well as chorizo, are added.

Chistorra differs from chorizo by its size, since the chistorra is thinner and longer. The different spices used, as well as the curing and drying time, help to differentiate them even more. The chistorra, being smaller in size, has a shorter time, both for curing and drying.

Normally, the chistorra is eaten roasted or fired, accompanied by other dishes, or as an appetizer. Among the most popular recipes we find, chistorra with wine, chistorra with cider or broken eggs with chistorra, although the chistorra sandwich or omelette are also in high demand.


The grilled chorizo originates in Latin America, but nowadays it is elaborated and consumed all around the world. Our grilled chorizo comes from León and is made of lean pork meat, garlic and salt.

Normally, no paprika is added in South American countries, but in Spain, we do not recognise a chorizo without that characteristic colour of Spanish chorizos.

The grilled chorizo is exclusively used to be fried or grilled, hence its name. Although it is also known as Creole chorizo or Argentine chorizo.

Chorizo from Pamplona

Chorizo from Pamplona, or also known as Chorizo Pamplonica, is a typical cold meat from the gastronomy of Navarra. This chorizo from Pamplona is characterized by being made up of beef and pork, both finely minced. In addition, this Navarrese cold meat is stuffed in a natural casing since when cured, it must have a minimum diameter of 40 mm.

Another very popular characteristic is its reddish/ orange colour (carmine), due to the great amount of paprika.

When we talk about chorizo from Navarra, we are talking about a localized chorizo, but it is the typical chorizo that we can find in all Spanish delicatessen, since its consumption has spread throughout the territory.

Abroad it will be very difficult to find a good, beautiful and cheap chorizo from Pamplona. Gastronomic Spain offers the best selection of chorizos, cold meats and every type of typical Spanish products.

Chorizo Cantimpalo

Chorizo Cantimpalos is a cold meat made from fresh white and fatty pork meats, seasoned with salt and paprika, as the basic ingredients, although garlic and various other spices such as oregano are also added. All these ingredients are subjected to a drying-ripening process particular to the Cantimpalos chorizo.

Authentic Cantimpalos Chorizo, made with the original recipe, is elaborated in the area marked by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Cantimpalos, in the province of Segovia. This means that they follow rigorous indications regarding the ingredients that compromise it.

A delight for our palates. Cantimpalos chorizo does not disappoint.


Buy chorizo Revilla Extra, a delight in our menu of typical Spanish cold meats.

The Revilla chorizo is the typical Spanish chorizo that is found in all the houses of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a white pork chorizo with a revered name.

Our Revilla chorizo is perfect to eat in sandwiches or even as an appetizer, accompanied by a bit of cheese or Iberian ham. An extreme pleasure that you cannot give up.


The Spanish Chorizo is the perfect chorizo for our day to day. The Spanish chorizo is already sliced; therefore you just have to serve it and enjoy.

As the Spanish chorizo is already sliced, it will get you out of trouble. With a spectacular taste and without the need to cook it, what are you waiting for to buy it?


Wild boar chorizo, much like deer chorizo, are Spanish cold meats from other animals. It is important to mention that pork fat is added to both of these homemade chorizos. The secret is the fat, which is what gives it juiciness and such a typical flavour.

Both the boar and the deer are wild animals that live freely, they have almost no fat and that is why it is necessary to add3 the pork fat.

Wild boar chorizo, as well as deer chorizo are artisan cold meats, chorizos from villages, in which their own versions of spicy and sweet chorizos can be found. They are uncommon chorizos, with a delicious flavour.



The Calabizo is go-to vegan chorizo. It is pumpkin cold meat, 100% vegetarian, cured and smoked with oak wood, just like conventional chorizo.

The new vegan chorizo is a natural product, without added dyes or preservatives. In addition, Calibazo does not require cold storage, it is vacuum packed and has a best-before-date of one year.

It does not matter if you are vegan or not, because you are going to love the new vegan chorizo. Its flavour captivates any palate, even the most faithful to pure Iberian chorizo.


Chorizo Palacios is 100% natural and constitutes of only 4 ingredients: white pork, paprika, salt and garlic. A real delicacy for an aperitif.

You can find Palacios chorizo in two ways: sweet chorizo and spicy chorizo. Both formats are natural, without dyes or preservatives, gluten and lactose free.

Ideal for any palate.


The white chorizo can be found in a multitude of typical Spanish dishes. A popular product, at a cheap price and accessible to humble people since its creation hundreds of years ago. Popular Spanish recipes have been created, such as:


This is one of the main legume dishes in Spain. Lentils with chorizo is what can be called a grandmother’s dish that does not go out of style. A fresh or a dried chorizo is usually used for base sauce made from onions, garlic, extra paprika, fried tomato and of course dried chorizo.


Macaroni with chorizo is a more modern typical Spanish dish, with influences from Italian cuisine. A grilled chorizo or an ordinary fresh chorizo is used. It is fried with a little onion and abundant fried tomato. It is usually baked in the oven with grated cheese on top.


Chickpeas with chorizo is also a traditional stew. It is very similar to lentils with chorizo, the only difference being the addition of parsley and some garlic.