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Buy online the best sausage sobrasada in Mallorca

If you are a lover of this spreadable sausage, at Gastronomic Spain you can buy a wide variety of Sobrasada de Mallorca. Unlike chorizo ​​and cured ham, which has some presence abroad. Sobrasada de Mallorca is one of those Spanish sausages that is practically impossible to find outside of Spain.

We offer you a wide range of Mallorcan sobrasadas with FREE shipping throughout Europe. If, on the other hand, you are looking for another type of sausage, at Gastronomic Spain we have a wide variety of Spanish chorizo sausages, cured spanish salami sausagessausage loin and onion black pudding and black pudding from Burgos that will make your meals as if you lived in Spain. The sobrasada is like a Spreadable chorizo.

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Tub Of Sobrasada El Zagal

Price €3.63
200 gr

Tub Of Spicy Sobrasada El Zagal

Price €3.63
200 gr.

Tub Of Sobrasada With Honey El Zagal

Price €3.81
150 gr.

Sobrasada From Majorca El Zagal

Price €4.90
250 gr

Spicy Sobrasada From Majorca

Price €4.90
250 gr

Ecological Sobrasada From Majorca

Price €5.72
150 g.

Offer of sobrassadas from Mallorca at a good price:

The widest variety of sobrassadas with free-shipping to all Europe:

The sobrassada is a cold meat very difficult to find outside Spain. At Gastronomic Spain, we are committed to bringing you Spanish food to every corner of Europe. That’s why we offer you a wide variety of sobrassadas, both stuffed and in a jar.

What is sobrassada?

The sobrassada is a traditional cold meat from Mallorca and that over the years its production has spread to the whole peninsula.

The sobrassada from Mallorca is a raw cured cold cut of pork meat and condimented with salt, black pepper and paprika. It is a typical and traditional food from Balearic Islands, where it has its origin and it is consumed in a daily way. It is characterized by its soft texture and its dark red color that is acquired by the paprika used in its production, its curing and its drying. Further on, we will describe the different types of sobrassada of Spain you can find, although I tell you in advance that you can find it both stuffed in pork intestine and in jars.

If you are a spreadable cold cut’s lover, at Gastronomic Spain you can buy a wide variety of sobrasada from Mallorca. In comparison to chorizo and cured ham, that has a bit of presence abroad, the sobrassada from Mallorca is one of these Spanish cold cuts that is almost impossible to find outside Spain.

We offer you a wide offer of sobrassadas from Mallorca with FREE shipping to all Europa. If you are looking for another type of cold cuts, at Gastronomic Spain there is a wide variety of Spanish chorizos, cured Iberian spicy sausages, stuffed loin, onion black pudding and from Burgos that we will make your meals as if you live in Spain.

Origin of sobrassada from Mallorca:

The first historical reference that is found of sobrassada from Mallorca dates from the early 15th century; around 1403, in the late Middle Ages. It has Oriental origins and as other typical Spanish products (e.g. ham), the sobrassada is elaborated with the purpose of prolonging the life of the pork and avoiding its damage.

How is sobrassada from Mallorca elaborated?

The sobrassada from Mallorca is made through pork meat, mainly from the dewlap and the back. Fatty meats are used to provide juiciness. It used to have a proportion of 65% lean and 35% fat. The black pork breed from Mallorca is used, known as “porc negre mallorquí”, which is the porcine breed from Mallorca more usual. However, other breeds can be used. As we see further on, there is a certification of the sobrassada from Mallorca obtained from any pork and the obtained one from the black pork.

The elaboration of the sobrassada from Mallorca counts with these three main phases, which we are going to explain below:

1. Diced: On this first phase, the lean is going to be diced and the pork fat until less than 6 mm in size is reached. It used to do the dice in a mechanical way, although in its origins it was made in a manual one.

2. Kneading: In the kneading phase, the ingredients that make up the Mallorcan sobrassada are going to be mixed: salt, pork meat, pepper and paprika. It is going to do the kneading in a mechanical way until an homogeneous mass and an uniform red color are obtained. No artificial coloring may be used.

3. Stuffed: The mass obtained from the kneading is stuffed in a mechanical way in natural intestine pork. It used to have thick intestines, although sobrassada candles are available, thus using pork thin intestines.

Characteristics of sobrassada from Mallorca:

As you see, the sobrassada is an atypical cold meat, although the base of this always is the same, depending on how it is elaborated we will can differentiate between one type and the other. For this reason, we are going to differentiate between the animal breed, its curing and the condiment used.

Curing of sobrassada from Mallorca:

The sobrassada is individually stuffed in the natural intestine. The intestine can weigh up to 2 kg, although the more usual format is between 500 and 600 gr. It will depend on whether it will be sold stuffed or in jars.

Once the sobrassada from Mallorca is stuffed, we will proceed to its curing. The curing time will be at least one month. Unlike other cold meats such as chorizo, loin or Iberian spicy sausage which have a longer curing time. Being the sobrassada cured for one month, we are going to obtain this juicy, spreadable and tender texture of this peculiar one.

During the curing, the sobrassada is going to acquire the characteristics and shades that make it particular: the texture of the breakable skin and that characteristic taste. In addition, during this curing phase of the cold meat, the necessary cleaning and care practices permitted by the PGI sobrassada from Mallorca are going to be applied.

Pork breed with which sobrassada is elaborated:

When it comes to making sobrassada, there are three types of pork breeds: the black pork native from Mallorca, the white and the Iberian ones.

As it is a cold meat made with finely minced and spiced meat, the difference in the genetics of each animal will give it one flavor or another. The most appreciated is the Iberian breed and the black pork (porc negre), as the genetics of the latter has a more intense flavor and it is richer in oleic acid and unsaturated fats.

Condiment used in its elaboration:

The sobrassada is characterized by its deep red color. It is due to the paprika mixed with all the ingredients. Depending on the type of paprika used in its elaboration, a more neutral or spicy taste is going to be obtained.

One of the more usual modalities when it comes to consuming the sobrasada from Mallorca is the mixing with sugar or with honey. It is a very pleasant contrast. The great popularity of this product has led the manufacturers themselves to make sobrassada with honey, a sweet sobrassada ready to eat.

Benefits of sobrassada from Mallorca:

The sobrassada is a oily cold meat that is recommended to consume with moderation. However, it provides a lot of benefits such as:

1. It is a food very rich in vitamin B3

2. It does not contain sugar

3. It contains vitamins A, K and B9

4. It is considered one of the foods with more sodium

Mallorcan sobrassada’s Regulatory Council (PGI):

The PGI of sobrassada from Mallorca is a regulatory council which is in charge of protecting and certifying the sobrassada from Mallorca certified as such. There are two protected certifications:

1. PGI sobrassada from Mallorca: It is the sobrassada from Mallorca elaborated from any pork breed, without including the black pork one.

2. PGI sobrassada from Mallorca of black pork: it is the sobrasada of black pork from Mallorca elaborated from the native black pork in the Balearic Islands.

Offer and types of sobrassada from Mallorca:

A wide offer of sobrassadas from Mallorca exists. Gastronomic Spain has a wide variety of sobrassadas from Mallorca, we encourage you to taste ours:

Stuffed sobrassada from Mallorca:

The sobrassada from Mallorca with P.G.I*, comes in a whole piece and with all the taste from the Balearic Islands. This cold meat has a spiced taste very delicious and special.

*Protected Geographical Indication

Spicy sobrassada from Mallorca:

If you are a sobrassada and spicy lover, this product will be the star of your dish. The spicy sobrassada from Mallorca, also with P.G.I, is for the most daring. The traditional taste of the typical sobrassada de Mallorca, but a little bit spicy.

Sobrassada “El Zagal” in jar format:

The sobrassada “El Zagal” presents the same characteristics of the previous ones, but it is sweet like the sobrassada from Mallorca and it comes in a jar format.

Ecologic sobrassada from Mallorca:

Due to the new food trends and the care of the origin of the product and the benefits for human consumption, the ecologic sobrassada from Mallorca has appeared. This certified sobrassada that organic products have been used both in the feeding and in the preparation of the sobrassada. This sobrassada is in great demand.