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Pata Negra Ham cut by knife

80 gr.
In stock

Buy Pata Negra Ham cut by knife Online: prepared to consume

Pata Negra ham Knife-cut is a good option to enjoy the best ham in the world without having to buy a whole ham leg. Pata Negra ham is not just any ham, it is pure bellota and 100% Iberico ham, the highest distinction of an Iberian ham. So take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the Spanish flavor from anywhere in Europe with FREE shipping.

What is Pata Negra ham knife by cut?

Pata Negra ham (jamón Pata Negra) is the most precious and delicious Iberico ham on the market. It is made from purebred Iberico porks, that is, 100% Iberico pigs without crosses.

Our Pata Negra ham comes in a knife cut format, a 80 gr format. (approx) perfect for those who cannot resist the urge to serve and consume.

If you are interested in buying a whole pata negra ham or another type of Iberico ham, you can consult our extensive catalog.

Characteristics of the Pata Negra Iberico ham cut with a knife (jamón Pata Negra cortado a cuchillo)

Among the characteristics of the Pata Negra iberico ham, we highlight its origin, solely and exclusively 100% Iberico porks raised in the wild in the pastures and fed on natural pastures and acorns.

The purebred Iberico pork is the pig that provides the most outstanding and quality hams thanks to the characteristics mentioned above. This pig is characterized by having a dark coat and a black hoof.

Does black hoof mean black label ham?

The answer is no. Other Iberico hams may have a black hoof as it is a feature of the pig, but the black label is the certification for those Pata Negra Iberico hams. A certification that guarantees its highest quality and distinction.

Another of the characteristics is the cane of the ham itself. Normally, Iberico hams pata negra tend to have a narrower shaft than the rest of Iberian hams. Another symbol that tells us if it is 100% Iberico.

In addition, thanks to the habits and diet of the 100% Iberico pork, the ham acquires a characteristic fat that provides it with a flexible and elastic texture. And it should be noted that the healing process undergone has been at least 36 months.

Pata Negra Ham cut by knife Jamones Lazo

Our Pata Negra ham cut by knife is from Jamones Lazo, responsible for the production of high-quality Iberico hams, combining the most traditional elaborations with modern technologies.

Jamones Lazo is located in Huelva.

Jamones Lazo is characterized by a completely artisan curing process, carrying out an individual follow-up on each of its ham legs.

Buy Pata Negra cut by knife ham online is the best option to savor Spanish pleasure

If you are those who like to eat well or just want to indulge yourself, you are on the appropriate Iberico hams sales website. Our Pata Negra ham is the best option to re-savor the authentic Spanish pleasure. It is a format for those who cannot wait.

Remember to open it 20 minutes before consuming it.

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80 gr. net weight

knife cut

vacuum packed

Jamones Lazo

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Data sheet

100% Iberian D.O.P. Jabugo acorn-fed pig ham and salt.
Does not contain allergens.
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
80 gr
Jamones Lazo
80 gr.

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Pata Negra Ham cut by knife