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Do you doubt where to buy clams, cockles, razor clams or small scallops outside Spain?

Gastronomic Spain is your best solution. In our online shop you will find the best canned fish and we will deliver it to your doorstep, carefree and with FREE shipping throughout Europe with every order over 79,99€. 

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Clams, cockles, razor clams and small scallops belong to the bivalve molluscs family and are formed by a shell divided into two valves that cover their interior.

Even though all bivalves have a shell, the characteristics of each species may vary. The shells can range from a millimetric size to one metre in length.

Their lifestyle is somewhat unusual. Their senses are underdeveloped, they usually do not have eyes, so they are able to detect the presence of light thanks to some sort of photoreceptor.

After this short introduction to what bivalve molluscs are, it is time to immerse ourselves into the products that Gastronomic Spain offers us. Let’s go!


Our natural canned clams are exceptional. They are one of the healthiest canned foodstuffs as we care for the selection of products in order to guarantee greater food security.

Canned clams are composed of salt and water. All you have to do is open and enjoy. And if you sprinkle the clams with some lemon drops, you will taste the ultimate pleasure.

They are formed by a shell which covers their body and it is often an impediment to their consumption. But the clams offered by Gastronomic Spain do not have a shell, they are ready and prepared to be served. What are you waiting for?


Cockles are other of the top canned products of our online store. Natural canned cockles come in a can which contains between 55 and 65 pieces.

Their sea flavour and their wealth in iron make cockles a very appropriate foodstuff for the famous Sunday tapas.

Their preparation is simple, they can be consumed raw, but the most common way to prepare them is steamed and seasoned with lemon drops. And thanks to Gastronomic Spain you will remember again these summer mornings having cockles with a glass of wine.

Moreover, in our online shop you will find two formats. The natural canned cockles of 55-65 pieces and the small natural cockles. Each of them will be perfect for every occasion, because, as it happens with clams, their meat has that characteristic sea flavour.


Razor clams differ from the rest because they are elongated, but they also have a shell. Their shape is very similar to that of a razor and they have a series of very thin vertical and horizontal grooves.

Their texture is very sweet, and they offer a meatier feel, like clams. There are very carefully and meticulously cooked because at any oversight they can be transformed in a rubberlike product, that is why it is important not to overcook them.


The small scallops in scallop sauce offered by Gastronomic Spain are perfect as an appetizer or as an accompaniment of a main course.

The flavour and quality presented by small scallops is far more concentrated and tastier than that of scallops (vieiras). It is considered to be one of the molluscs worthy of the best gourmets. And that is saying a lot.

But no wonder, because the combination of the flavour and texture of small scallops with the fusion of the scallop sauce is such a morsel to bear in mind as the signature dish of the year.